Do Not Go To Jail

Citizens Association for Responsible Gun Ownership
Citizens Association for Responsible Gun Ownership

CARGO Rockwall Gun Club – What’s in a name?

When engaging a criminal perpetrator with your legally owned, legally licensed carry handgun, you face two TWO to FOUR battles.

First: the battle for your life. You fire on a person threatening you.

Second: you may have another battle with a law enforcement person who just doesn’t believe civilians have the right to keep and bear arms.

Third: law enforcement may judge you in the wrong, arrest you, toss you in jail and then a prosecutor may decide to prosecute you, based on charges brought by the arresting officer.

Fourth: family members of the deceased perpetrator will very likely sue you.

Your first battle is a matter of circumstances and your judgement.

All three of the succeeding battles are a matter of what comes out of your mouth after you kill the perpetrator who threatened your life, starting with the 911 call.

What should you say? What should you NOT say?

Battles two and three can be costly. Very costly. Bail bond, criminal lawyer, lost revenue from being off work, emotional trauma to yourself and your family.

Battle four will be the most costly.

How does one prepare in advance to manage these battles?

CARGO Rockwall Gun Club serves to educate citizens and law enforcement officers on pertinent law and behaviors.

CARGO: Citizens Association for Responsible Gun Ownership

CARGO Rockwall was spawned from our parent organization CARGO Wylie just over one year ago.

One of our goals is to foster civil, respectful relations between citizen and law enforcement. Another goal is to educate both parties on pertinent law. Along the way, our volunteer experts teach various firearm subjects from selection of appropriate concealed-carry firearms, to gun accessories, to ammunition. We also teach what to say, what not to say and how to behave before and after the shooting incident.

We are citizens serving citizens. There are no dues or costs of any kind to participate.

You can connect with CHL instructors, federally licensed firearms dealers, law enforcement officers and attorneys.

We meet every SECOND THURSDAY of every month in the private dining room of the Soulman’s Bar-B-Que in Rockwall between Applebee’s and Lake Pointe Church on the eastbound frontage road of I-30.

Join us a little before 6:00 pm to go through the serving line. (This is how the owner pays expenses for our free meeting room.) Then find a seat in the private dining room. Formal presentations begin promptly at 6:00 pm and end promptly at 7:00 pm.

Stay as long as you wish after 7:00 pm to visit with CHL instructors, firearms dealers, law enforcement officers, elected officials, prosecutors and attorneys. The mix of experts varies, depending on real world schedules.

Questions or comments?


John White

An Expanding Universe? Truth and Facts

universe not expanding

What is Truth?

Truth defined: “that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality”
Fact defined: “a truth known by actual experience or observation; something known to be true”

A preacher I knew many years ago often said, “Truth is the way things really are.”

As recorded in the Bible, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Regardless your worldview, this is a very bold statement, for if false, then everything written thereafter is likewise false. If true, however, then everything written thereafter is likewise true.

In very early history, there was general belief the earth was the center of the universe. Copernicus disproved this notion, to some degree. He proved the Sun is the center of our solar system.

Fast forward to this century, the year 2014

“Physics professor John Hartnett, with Australia’s University of Adelaide, studied the locations of some 400,000 galaxies from the 2005 Sloan Digital Sky Survey and was astounded to see a surprising form and pattern in how they’re arrayed, all with Earth at the center.

“As if the galaxies preferred to lie at some periodic spacing out from the Earth,” Hartnett explains in the documentary

“This is sort of like saying that our galaxy is somewhere near the center of the universe, and when you look at the galaxies arrayed all around us, they’re on sort of like gigantic shells,” he added.” – source:

Yes, you may object, the above story comes from Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). Well, let’s complement the above with a news article from a secular publication “Universe is Not Expanding After All, Controversial Study Suggests”

“Contrary to the prediction of the Big Bang theory, they found that the surface brightnesses of the near and far galaxies are identical.

“These results are consistent with what would be expected from ordinary geometry if the Universe was not expanding, and are in contradiction with the drastic dimming of surface brightness predicted by the expanding Universe hypothesis.

“Of course, you can hypothesize that galaxies were much smaller, and thus had hundreds of times greater intrinsic surface brightness in the past, and that, just by coincidence, the Big Bang dimming exactly cancels that greater brightness at all distances to produce the illusion of a constant brightness, but that would be a very big coincidence,” Mr Lerner said.” source:

“Haven’t you known, haven’t you heard
that the everlasting God, Adonai,
the Creator of the ends of the earth,
does not grow tired or weary?
His understanding cannot be fathomed.”
Isaiah 40:28 CJB

Soli Deo Gloria

John White

Obama “Normalizes” Relations With Cuba – Good or Bad?

16 April 2015

Obama has never met a despot he didn't like
Obama has never met a despot he didn’t like

El Tourismo Sexual Cubano (Sexual Tourism in Cuba)

Initially, self-righteous Fidel Castro in his chosen role of ‘communist god of Cuba’ decreed prostitution “counter revolutionary”. But, on collapse of his grand benefactor, the Soviet Union, the economy went down the toilet. Castro vehemently denounced President Bush in 2004, saying President Bush’s claims of government-sanctioned prostitution were false. Well, it would seem that settles that. I know better. As a missionary to Cuba, I have seen potbellied men from North America and Europe in the company of teenage girls. It’s a sight seared in my memory, one that arouses anger in me.

La Sida (Translation: AIDS)

Scientists reported in January of this year (2015) a virulent infection found in Cuba that rapidly becomes full-blown AIDS within three years. [Source: ScienceDirect – CRF19_cpx is an Evolutionary fit HIV-1 Variant Strongly Associated With Rapid Progression to AIDS in Cuba]

Caribbean Conundrum

Presently, Colombia is the number one destination for sex tourists, even over Thailand. American men freely take advantage of girls and boys hungry for money. It’s unlawful there, just as it is here, but money talks big time in impoverished societies.

When Cuba opens to free travel, American sex tourism will equal or exceed that of Colombia.

What’s The Point?

Juvenile prostitution, along with adult prostitution, flourishes in Cuba, despite the fact it’s unlawful. Removing barriers to free travel and free trade between the USA and Cuba will further exacerbate the exploitation of vulnerable poor people in Cuba while equally exacerbating rampant sexually-transmitted diseases (STD) here in our country.

If we truly wish to provide relief from poverty to Cuban citizens, simply remove the annual quota on visas. That would bring industrious, creative people who love America to our shores.

What’s Obama’s true motivation for this action? I wrote about that on Christmas Day, 2014.

Obama’s Cuban-Venezuelan Connection – Why He Ends the Cuban Embargo: my opinion

I call on my Congressman John Ratcliffe and my two U.S. Senators, John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, to assiduously oppose Obama’s actions that will serve only to harm both Cuba and the USA.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Economic Outlook: Downside UP/Upside DOWN

8 April 2015

Economic Cycles

Economic cycles are nothing new. Not at all. From ancient times until today widespread droughts mark them. Economists attempt to predict them – the causes and effects. Wars add appropriate punctuation.


Joseph foresaw by divine revelation a great depression in Egypt. His boss accepted Joseph’s counsel. Subsequently, Joseph’s prescribed preparation saved alive countless souls, including his own family.

Russian economist and statistician Nikolay Dmitriyevich Kondratyev (1892-1938) reduced his historical study of economics to a fifty-year economic cycle known today as the Kondratief Wave. Who was this man? According to the Encyclopedia Britannica:

Nikolai-KondratievKondratyev [alternate spelling – Kondratieff] attended St. Petersburg University. He was a member of the Russian Socialist Revolutionary Party from 1917 to 1919. From 1920 to 1928 he taught at the Timiriazev Agricultural Academy and was director of the Institute for the Study of Business Activity. He established contact with foreign economic agencies, and in 1924 he lectured in the United States and Great Britain. During this period he helped to develop the first of the Soviet five-year plans, as well as devising methodology for the analysis of economic factors that would stimulate Soviet economic growth.

For all his contributions to the science of economics, he was awarded imprisonment and execution. That’s right, they killed the messenger. Leftist governments want only agreement. They truly don’t want facts, real science and history to get in the way of their Utopian agenda. Why was he executed? Stalin ordered the execution because his academic work propounded that the capitalist system would not collapse as a result of the great depression of 1929.

rabbi jonathan cahnComing up to date, let’s consider the prophetic writings and warnings of one Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. Rabbi Cahn has written two best-selling books that provide an interested reader “good reads” on history and current financial prospects: The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah.

Rabbi Cahn makes a compelling case for the Biblical seven-year cycle known by Jewish Bible students as the Shemitah. A year of Jubilee marks the fiftieth year that follows the seventh Shemitah.

Rabbi Cahn uncovered the 50-year Jubilee/Shemitah cycles from his studies of the Bible and ancient Jewish wisdom.  Economist Kondratieff derived his theory of what is now known as the Kondratieff Wave from history – and probably a lot of common sense.

click on image for full size
click on image for full size

Some would say the credit cycle (expansion and contraction of access to credit) causes the economic cycles described above. The Bible indicates this cycle is ordained of God. Regardless your point of view, the cycle is real and it’s going to dramatically affect our lives. This year.

Where Are We Now?

2015 is a Shemitah year. This present Shemitah year (Jewish calendar) ends September 13, 2015. Regardless world events, we’ll see no change in stock markets, because the 13th is a Sunday. Monday will be another story. You see, the Jewish year of the Jubilee begins September 14, 2015.

Jews marked the first Jubilee in the year 1367 BC. Will Jubilee 2015 be the last?

Better question: Are you prepared for a dramatic economic downturn? Now, I appeal to you not to send me to the firing squad to join Mr. Kondratieff. Never shoot the messenger.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee. – Pastor John Donne

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Further Reading – Added April 9, 2015

Chicago Credit May Be Cut To Junk

Saudi ‘to borrow to finance soaring deficit’, says report

Swiss Government Becomes First Ever To Issue 10Y Debt At A Negative Yield

Jamie Dimon warns next crisis could see ‘more volatile’ markets

RISD Legislative Agenda – Opposition to Charter Schools is a Political Position

25 March 2015

What is the most fundamental role of government?

Do you know?

The second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence states:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men…

A flyer sent from our Rockwall ISD stated the district’s position on various fiscal and political issues within its legislative agenda. I draw your attention to one item: Funding Charter Schools.

Oppose voucher programs that remove funds from public schools

Point Number One

My former pastor Larry Lea would say, “Sometimes something has to be said.” As I see it, something has to be said, now.

First and foremost, those tax dollars don’t belong to the school district. The money isn’t “state public school funds”, but moneys collected via taxation for the education of all children resident in area. Those tax dollars are OUR dollars, as in “we the people”, we the taxpayers within the Rockwall Independent School District and elsewhere in the great state of Texas. We elect school board trustees to represent the interests of taxpayers, not the pecuniary interests of school administrators.

biz v govt cartoon
Second Point

Full disclosure: My children are all grown with children of their own. Some of my grandchildren attend public school and some are in home schools. None are in charter schools and I don’t expect they ever will be.

With the above statement in mind, I have no “ax to grind” on the issue of charter schools. However, I do have an “ax to grind” on the matter of the worldview of elected school trustees and hired school administrators.

On the subject of those unalienable rights, the “pursuit of happiness” means exactly what?

As for property rights, they were at the heart of the dispute which led to the American Revolution. When Americans at the time listed the rights of man, they often said “life, liberty, and property.” Boston’s 1772 “Rights of the Colonists” were typical: “Among the natural rights of the colonists are these: First, a right to life; secondly to liberty; thirdly to property.” As with happiness, this is not a right to property itself, but a right to use one’s talents to acquire property, and to use it as one sees fit, as long as one does not injure oneself or

School revenues come from two sources: state treasury tax revenues and local (school district) property taxes. Rockwall ISD is building a backlog of debt that will never be paid off. We are facing debt obligations that will go out approximately 50 years.

Third Point

We live – at least we used to live – in a free-market economy where competition brings out the best in everything. Not some things. Everything.

Charter schools represent competition, even more so than private schools. Over in Dallas, many parents opt for charter schools like Uplift – Williams Prep over public schools for reasons apart from scholastic testing.


Perhaps uniforms are the reason. Perhaps not. Perhaps discipline and order are the reason. Perhaps not. Perhaps all the above. Chief among reasons is the desire of poor parents to give their children a boost out of poverty. Note the percent eligibility for free lunches.

This particular charter school serves as an example because I know Williams Prep. This school has been one of our customers several years and, no, I have no financial interest in Uplift Education or any of its schools. My company associates have enjoyed doing business with this school due to the politeness and respectfulness exhibited by students and staff.


Rockwall administrators and trustees have no business OPPOSING school opportunities outside the Rockwall Independent School District. We do not elect our trustees to engage in politics. We elect trustees to be stewards over our tax dollars and district property and to oversee district administration .

I point to the prescribed duties of RISD trustees, as posted on the official website.

“Texas law grants the seven-member Board of Trustees exclusive power to govern and oversee the management of public schools, including authority to levy and collect taxes, buy and sell property, exercise the right of eminent domain, accept donations, charge fees, and adopt employment policies.”

Absent are the duties of lobbyists. Also absent is a mandate to campaign against the interests of families not residing in our district. Borrowing from Sin City’s slogan, what happens in RISD, should stay in RISD.

Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston parents must be the best arbiters of what’s best for their children. Adopting a political position in opposition to charter school funding tramples the rights of our fellow Texans. Trustees should bring to mind the most fundamental role of government – securing the rights of citizens.

John White

Rockwall, Texas

Contact your Rockwall ISD trustees: 

My endorsement of Mayor Jim Pruitt for re-election

May 2015 city elections draw near so it’s time to count our blessings of low taxes, fiscally conservative government and outstanding leadership. Early voting will be held Monday, April 27 thru Tuesday, May 5 (excluding Sunday) at the Rockwall County Library, 1215 E. Yellow Jacket Lane.

jim pruitt for mayor sign - Copy

Please join us Tuesday, April 14, 2015 aboard Sail With Scott’s “Harbor Lights”, 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Harbor Lights will remain at The Harbor boat docks, 2047 Summer Lee Drive here in Rockwall.

John White

212 Years Confusing SCOTUS Opinions with the Supreme Law of the Land

Are Supreme Court rulings valid law?

What says the Constitution?

Article VI (Roman Numeral 6 for low information people)

“This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.”

Let’s break it down.

  1. in first place, the Constitution is the supreme law of the land
  2. laws made in accord to the Constitution are the supreme law of the land
  3. treaties ratified by the Senate are the supreme law of the land

Am I missing something here? Where in Article VI does it say federal court rulings become the supreme law of the land? Nowhere. Never. Not now. Not ever. How is it, for over 212 years we Americans have tolerated and accepted as supreme law ‘case law‘?

U.S. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT)
U.S. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT)

From the Washington Examiner: “Sen. Mike Lee rips Supreme Court justices, Congress for ‘subversion’ of Constitution”, by Paul Bedard | APRIL 3, 2015 | 7:51 AM

“Conservative constitutional expert Sen. Mike Lee blasts Congress, Supreme Court justices and the White House for treating the nation’s founding document as a “nuisance” and subverting the document to create essentially illegal programs including Obamacare.”

“The truth is that our Constitution is being subverted by many of the very people who have solemnly sworn to protect it.” Overall, he said Washington treats the document as “a nuisance.” source:

Lawmakers, like sheep wandering about without a shepherd, accepted the 1803 decision from Marbury v. Madison where SCOTUS, led by Chief Justice Marshall, assumed constitutional authority to judge a law passed by Congress AS PER ARTICLE VI. This was truly the very first of many instances of “case law” – law created out of whole cloth, thin air. NOTHING in Article VI authorizes SCOTUS decisions to be the Supreme Law of the Land.

Elena Kagan recently stated the liberal position on court rulings. She said each case had to be viewed in the whole context of the Constitution. Should we then consider speed limit signs in the whole context of a journey across America? No.

The Constitution is unambiguous, written in clear language and underwritten by the Declaration of Independence, Federalist Papers and voluminous writings from our founding fathers.


Article V was incorporated for the sole purpose of reserving authority to amend the Constitution to the states. This brief but powerful article provides two means for proposing amendments and one means for ratifying them.

An Article V Convention of States Project​ is well underway. This will be our opportunity to restore Original Intent to federal government’s interpretation of the Constitution.

Various ill-informed groups like the NAGR fear a convention. I encourage you to read Article V for yourself. It’s not complicated. It’s not ‘rocket science’ and you don’t need an interpreter.

Learn more about the Convention of States Project in 4 easy steps

John White​