Spotlight on Central American Immigration: That Giant Sucking Sound in Washington

Why a Massive Migration?

A people don’t arbitrarily migrate from one country to another. Two forces work to motivate them to migrate. Our present circumstance, whereby Central American children flood over our southern border, likewise has to forces at work.

One force impels them to migrate. Extreme poverty, no opportunities, unimaginable crime and government corruption comprise the impelling force. Obama’s open promise of “amnesty” is the force that draws them to our country.

To Central Americans, opportunity for work and a decent life are ‘givens’ in this migration equation, but a promise of ‘amnistía incondicional’ gives them a place to go.

Illegal immigration is nothing new. It’s been going on since pre-Civil War days. Before June 2012, the usual and customary practice was to immediately deport ‘indocumentados’ back over the border. A big change came about in 2012 when this sitting Democrat president announced amnesty for all illegal aliens now in country.

By Bob Dane, Kristen WilliamsPublished August 15,

By Bob Dane, Kristen WilliamsPublished August 15, (click on image above for full story from Fox News)


This lazy August morning while many Americans are on vacation blissfully detached from current events, one of President’s Obama’s most radical transformations of the American landscape takes hold. A lawless, unlegislated illegal alien amnesty becomes reality today as the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) begins to officially accept applications (no personal interview required) from almost 2 million illegal aliens seeking “deferred action.” – Fox News

Think of this ordinary scenario. A lady in your town invites your family to dinner at her home on a certain day, at a certain time. You pack up the family, appetite and all, and drive right over to that hostesses home with reasonable expectation of your family being fed and welcomed.

Instead, the man of the house turns you away, saying you are unwanted and have no business darkening his doorway.

Let’s transfer that scenario to our present immigration crisis. Barack Hussein Obama effectively INVITED any and all Central Americans to come on over for “dinner”. Those “dinner guests”, expecting a warm welcome and a satisfying experience are met, instead, by angry mobs of people who behave angrily, telling those otherwise invited guests they are unwelcome.

What’s the cure, brother?

The only way we can turn this incoming tide of human misery into an ebb tide is to make it unlawful for Obama to grant amnesty. Period. That’s where we start and start we did. Texas Senator Ted Cruz introduced a bill to do just  this. Listen to this short interview of the Senator on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.

Naturally, Senate Democrats want to give Obama more BORROWED money, money we don’t have, money our grandchildren and great grandchildren will have to repay. Senator Cruz understands the issues and he knows what must be done FIRST – block Obama stroke-of-the-pen amnesty.

What to do

Public protests may make you feel better. They most certainly give us a very positive emotional feeling, but, my friends, let’s remember we are a nation of laws. The way you change policies is you change law.

Contact your Congressional Delegation. Tell them to back Senator Cruz’s bill.

Senator John Cornyn contact information


517 Hart Senate Office Bldg.
Washington, DC 20510
Main: 202-224-2934
Fax: 202-228-2856

Senator Ted Cruz contact information


185 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 202-224-5922

Congressman Ralph M. Hall contact information


2405 Rayburn H.O.B.
Washington, DC 20515-0001
Tel No: 202-225-6673
Fax: 202-225-3332

Speaker John Boehner contact information


H-232 The Capitol
Washington, DC 20515
Tel No: 202-225-0600
Fax: 202-225-5117

Senate Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid


522 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington , DC 20510

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Spotlight on Central American Immigration: Honduras

It seems a vociferous association of Americans clamor for immediate deportation of unaccompanied Central American children seeking refuge in the U.S.A. What would be the inevitable outcome of immediate, unconditional deportation of these children?

Let’s consider the analogy of a sinking boat. When the device or devices with which you expel water from a sinking boat perform at a lesser rate than the rate of water flowing into the boat through a breach in the hull, your boat will inevitably sink. To the bottom. I know from experience this is true.

If, however, you elect to plug the breach in the hull, voila! Your boat does not sink. To the bottom.

Sometimes breaches are too great to patch, so ship captains have been known to head for shallow water to save passengers, crew and cargo. Our ‘ship of state’ has nowhere to go. We are the port of last resort.

One “patch” to our “hull” has been attempted by means of a border fence. How well has that “patch” worked thus far? I think the following photograph answers the question.

Immigrant climbing border fence near San Diego, California
Immigrant climbing border fence near San Diego, California

Former AG Janet Napolitano said of the effectiveness of a border fence, “You show me a 50-foot wall and I’ll show you a 51-foot ladder at the border. That’s the way the border works.” That’s the way the border works.

Let’s look at the other end of this “human pipeline” to discover a cause of this flood of unaccompanied Central American children to our “port of last resort”.

Headline in (Honduran news service):

Mother of young children murdered in La Pradera: “I fled in order that they would not kill my other two children”

"[Single mom] Wendy Castellanos is the mother of two children who died at the hands of criminals; receiving no government support she was forced to make the difficult decision to migrate from Honduras and leave behind her life and family to safeguard the lives of his two eldest children."
“[Single mom] Wendy Castellanos is the mother of two children who died at the hands of criminals; receiving no government support she was forced to make the difficult decision to migrate from Honduras and leave behind her life and family to safeguard the lives of her two eldest children.”

Keneth, 7, and Anthony, 13, were the two children of the young mother, who has still not overcome the cruel nightmare that began when Anthony passed away on Sunday, April 27.

In moments of despair, Wendy publicly requested asylum in another country, but not having received it, she packed her bags and is currently undergoing the ordeal of undocumented immigrants en route to the United States.

The La Presnsa news team found Wendy with her two eldest sons in one of the shelters for migrants in the town of Arriaga, Mexico.

Wendy Castellanos and her children, sitting on the curb of the support center, showed on her face tiredness and the pain of her wounded feet from the long walks.” – La Prensa news article

Wendy’s story is by no means unique. In fact, hers is a very common tale. Not all the children flooding over the border are unaccompanied by parents.

Juan Orlando Hernández, President of Honduras, attributes lack of opportunities as one part of the migration problem
Juan Orlando Hernández, President of Honduras, attributes lack of opportunities as one part of the migration problem

We in the luxurious United States of America have only scant understanding of life in brutal third-world countries like Honduras. Our “poor” don’t flee to other countries because we give them free or rent-subsidized housing, food stamps, unemployment benefits, free to reduced cost medical care and free cell phones. How does this compare to life in Honduras? Our “poor” live better than most Honduran business owners. Cowboy philosopher and political commentator Will Rogers appropriately said, “We are the first nation in the history of the world to go to the poor house in an automobile.

Back to the vociferous complainers, I see you standing atop overpasses. Your angry sentiments flow easily through social media. Populist politicians, ignorant of pertinent issues, flame the flames of discontent. But, out of all the xenophobic yelling and flag waving, nothing happens. Why? Complainers don’t want to know why a problem exists; they simply demand it go away. Real life doesn’t work that way. Never has.

Zig complainers from pinterestZiglar wisdom seems appropriate.

Some people find fault like there’s a reward for it.”
“You cannot solve a problem until you acknowledge that you have one and accept responsibility for solving it.”

You know there’s a problem, so I ask, “What’s the cure, brother?”


I say it’s time to learn cause and effect. You can’t affect change unless you know the cause of the problem.

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¿Hay una crisis fronteriza? Sí. ¿Existe una solución? Sí.

¿Hay una crisis fronteriza? Sí.

Link to English version:

Toda crisis tiene 3 cosas:

  1. una solución,
  2. una fecha de caducidad y
  3. una enseñanza para tu vida

Hay tres preguntas que responder:

1 – ¿Vas a ser un respondedor o un reaccionario?

2 – ¿Estás esperando el día en que se resuelva la crisis, o estás mirando hacia atrás para fijar la culpa?

3 – ¿Estás dispuesto a aprender la causa de la crisis o vas a optar por ser voluntariamente ignorantes?

3 – Are you willing to learn the cause of the crisis or will you choose to be willingly ignorant?

Rahm Emanuel, mientras que el jefe de gabinete del presidente, dijo cínicamente, “Nunca dejes que una buena crisis se desperdicie.” Sabíamos lo que quería decir. Emanuel entiende que es en el momento de crisis que la mayoría de los cambios se puede efectuar. En toda crisis hay una oportunidad para el cambio en ambos lados del conflicto.

“La oportunidad de fortalecer a nosotros mismos contra la derrota está en nuestras propias manos, pero la oportunidad de derrotar al enemigo es proporcionada por el enemigo mismo.” – Sun Tzu, el arte de la guerra

Respondedores sabios serán parte de la solución, pero los reaccionarios agravarán la crisis.

En una reciente reunión sobre la crisis de la frontera, el Gobernador Rick Perry invitó al presidente Barack Obama a visitar la frontera para ver de primera mano la gravedad del problema. ¿La reacción del presidente? El presidente de los Estados Unidos de América se rió en voz alta y se rió entre dientes. ¿Puede haber alguna duda en cuanto a la locura mental de este hombre?

A menos unidos en propósito, el Congreso no puede hacer nada. Los republicanos controlan la Cámara de Representantes, mientras que los demócratas controlan el Senado.

A medida que el final de la Primera Guerra Mundial 2 se llegó, la locura de Hitler se hizo evidente para que todos lo vean. Por último, con los generales del ejército entendieron que tenían que detener la lucha o la totalidad de Alemania sería destruida.

Legisladores demócratas como Texas congresista Henry Cuellar van en contra de la dirección del partido para defender los intereses comunes de sus electores. Congresista Cuellar reconoce que esta crisis fronteriza afecta negativamente a todos los tejanos, ya sea demócrata o republicano.

Cuando “La Nave del Estado” se hunde, no marca la política de la tripulación del buque. Ustedes van a trabajar juntos para salvar la nave y las vidas a bordo. Nuestra nave del Estado, los Estados Unidos de América, está sitiada por una avalancha de inmigrantes que fluyen sin cesar en cruz de nuestra frontera sur. La mayoría son refugiados que huyen principalmente los países centroamericanos. Otros son traficantes de drogas,  traficantes de sexo, terroristas y otros.

He llegado a la firme sospecha a nuestro presidente de la incompetencia mental. Es, por lo tanto, imperativo que los demócratas y los republicanos trabajar juntos para resolver esta crisis y aún más a proteger contra futuras crisis fronterizas.

En el vídeo de arriba (entrevista en inglés), el gobernador de Texas Rick Perry dice: “Este presidente, voy a sugerir, es totalmente, absolutamente, ya sea inepto o hace algunas decisiones que no están en el mejor interés de los ciudadanos estadounidenses.”

La América que amamos está en crisis. Por lo tanto, para preservar nuestra república y nuestra libertad, debemos unirnos – demócratas trabajando junto a los republicanos – para desarrollar una solución en la que ambas partes se ponen de acuerdo. Esta solución debe ser constitucional y en armonía con nuestra historia común.

Al trabajar como un solo pueblo, podemos acelerar la fecha de caducidad de esta crisis.

Si estamos dispuestos a examinar la política exterior del pasado, vamos a aprender de nuestros errores, en relación con el apoyo financiero de los regímenes represivos de América Latina.

Por ejemplo, ¿por qué nuestro gobierno proporciona ayuda financiera militar para el país de Guatemala, un país que se masacre a sus propios ciudadanos para apoderarse ilegalmente de sus tierras? Hablo acerca del dique hidroeléctrico Chixoy masacre.

Nuestro lema nacional es E Pluribus Unum – un pueblo unido.

En ocasión de una crisis nacional anterior, dijo el padre fundador Benjamin Franklin: “Todos debemos quedarnos unidos, o seguramente todos vamos a colgar por separado.” (Este dicho tiene un matiz de humor en inglés.)

Is there a border crisis? Yes. Is there a solution? Yes.

Is there a border crisis? Yes.

Versión española:

All crises have three things:

  1. a solution,
  2. an expiration date and
  3. a lesson for your life

There are three questions to answer:

1 – Will you be a responder or a reactionary?

2 – Are you looking forward to the day when the crisis will be resolved, or are you looking backward to fix blame?

3 – Are you willing to learn the cause of the crisis or will you choose to be willingly ignorant?

Rahm Emanuel, while chief of staff to the president, infamously said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” We knew what he meant. Mr. Emanuel understood that it is at the moment of crisis that the most change can be effected. In any crisis there is opportunity for change on both sides of a conflict.

“The opportunity to secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.” – Sun Tzu, Art of War

Wise responders will be a part of the solution, but reactionaries will exacerbate the crisis.

In a recent meeting over the border crisis, Governor Rick Perry invited President Barack Obama to visit the border to see firsthand the severity of the problem. The president’s reaction? The president of the United States of America laughed and giggled. Can there be any doubt as to the man’s mental insanity?

Unless united in purpose, the Congress can do nothing. Republicans control the House of Representatives while Democrats control the Senate.

As the end of World War 2 came near, Hitler’s madness became evident for all to see. Finally, his army generals understood they had to stop the fighting or all of Germany would be destroyed.

Democrat lawmakers like Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar go against party leadership to uphold the common interests of his constituents. Congressman Cuellar recognizes this border crisis negatively affects all Texans, whether Democrat or Republican.

When the ship of state is sinking, you don’t check the politics of the ship’s crew. You will work together to save the ship and lives aboard. Our ship of state, the United States of America is under siege by a flood of immigrants flowing incessantly over our southern border. They are chiefly refugees fleeing Central American countries, drug smugglers, sex traffickers, terrorists and still others.

I have come to strongly suspect our president of mental incompetence. It is, therefore, imperative Democrats and Republicans work together to resolve this crisis and further guard against future border crises.

In the above video, Texas Governor Rick Perry says, “This president, I will suggest, is totally, absolutely either inept or is making some decisions that are not in the best interest of the American citizens.”

The America we love is in crisis. Therefore, to preserve our republic and our liberty, we must unite – Democrats working alongside Republicans – to develop a solution upon which both parties can agree. This solution must be constitutional and in harmony with our common history.

By working as one people, we can accelerate the expiration date of this crisis.

If we are willing to revisit past foreign policies, we will learn from our mistakes, with respect to financial support of repressive Latin American regimes.

For example, why does our government provide military financial aid to the country of Guatemala, a country that would massacre its own citizens to unlawfully seize their land? I speak of the Chixoy hydroelectric dam massacre.

Our national motto is E Pluribus Unum – A People United.

On occasion of an earlier national crisis, founding father Benjamin Franklin said, “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

Refugees? Indeed, They Are

Under the rule of law and under the administrations of Democrat and Republican presidents and Congress. Persons fleeing the dire poverty, hunger, crime and corruption of El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua have been classified and received in this country as LEGAL REFUGEES. Refugee Act of 1980 was reauthorized in 2002, years before Obama came to office. Why did Congress bring forth this law? For all the reasons I have been stating. I didn’t “invent” this law; it’s the law. So, all you demanding we follow the rule of law, I ask, “What’s your plan?” Are you so ready at the drop of a hat to become outlaws to the extent you violate the Supreme Law of the Land?

As for you ‘experts’ on Mexico, Central American nations are NOT Mexico. Mexico is doing quite well, thank you.

Okay, now I’m ready to hear, “But, I don’t care what the law says.” Go ahead. Who goes first?

For your reference: THE REFUGEE ACT of 1980

Also for your (legal) reading pleasure, a concise history of the region in question, if you truly want to craft an educated opinion:

Finally, also for your (legal) reading pleasure and edification, official U.S. Government policy on the matter of REFUGEES from the Central American countries affected: Temporary Protected Status

Why Would Anyone Want to Leave Guatemala and Migrate to the U.S.?

10 July 2014

This week in Chiapas State of Mexico, Mexican and Guatemalan presidents agreed that Mexico will issue temporary “Border Worker and Regional Visitor cards to Guatemalan citizens” to facilitate migration through Mexico.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Guatemalan president Otto Perez Molina meet 7 July 2014 in Chiapas State
Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Guatemalan president Otto Perez Molina meet 7 July 2014 in Chiapas State

Article in Spanish from El Universal:

Article in English from DC Gazette:

What’s behind this agreement to further exacerbate illegal immigration by Guatemalan citizens? Revenge. Pure and simple.

This story goes back to the early 80′s when Guatemala constructed the Chixoy Dam using World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank funds.

Chixoy Hydroelectric Dam
Chixoy Hydroelectric Dam

During development of this hydroelectric dam, 3,500 people were permanently displaced, 33 Mayan communities were destroyed and 445 Guatemalans who refused to leave were murdered by the Guatemalan government in what is known as Río Negro massacre.

The Guatemalan government has murdered hundreds of thousands of its own citizens
The Guatemalan government has murdered hundreds of thousands of its own citizens

“In 2010, following intense international pressure, the Guatemalan government agreed to pay reparations to those who survived the ordeal. These reparations included land grants, $154.5 million in monetary compensation, paved roads and construction of health centers and schools, along with smaller items.” – The Tico Times

As you can imagine, those agreed to reparations were never made. Subsequently, our government suspended all military aid to Guatemala. Now, the Guatemalan government is angry with us.

Guatemalan president at Jan. 29, 2014 press conference to protest U.S. withholding of military aid
Guatemalan president at Jan. 29, 2014 press conference to protest U.S. withholding of military aid

And so goes a continuing story of U.S. funded Central American Rulers: we give them money to help their people, but they stuff it into their pockets and the people be damned.

The people of all Central American countries are desperate people. They are desperate for just government, desperate for economic stability wherein they can raise and nurture their families and they all experience residual pain from the brutal murders of their loved ones at the hands of various ‘mandatarios’.

Mural on school wall commemorates children slaughtered by their government. In all there have been over 200,000 ‘desaparecidos’. Over 100,000 refugees fled to Mexico and over 1,000,000 have been displaced from their homes.

Perhaps this will better explain why Guatemalans will do whatever it takes to escape from their own country.

Open Letter to Senator Feinstein: First Amendment Cites FIVE Freedoms

7 July 2014

Honorable Dianne Feinstein

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-CA
Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-CA

331 Hart Senate Office Bldg.
Washington, D.C. 20510

Senator Dianne Feinstein, I understand you are teaming with Senators Durbin and Schumer to promote an amendment that would essentially nullify the chief freedom of the First Amendment to our Constitution – the Freedom of Speech.

Our First Amendment features guarantees of five freedoms:

  1. Freedom of religion
  2. Freedom of speech
  3. Freedom of the press
  4. Freedom of assembly
  5. Freedom of petition

Herewith I quote the First Amendment in toto:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Take note that the Freedom of Speech is distinct and separate from the Freedom of the Press. The former is for all citizens; the second just for “professionals”. Capice?

Contrary to your statement, the First Amendment RIGHT of Freedom of Speech is not a privilege, but a right.

For your convenience, I point to the linked terms highlighted in blue. Find definition, amplification and explanation of those terms, by clicking on them. I trust you find this helpful to enlighten you on the history and purpose of the First Amendment.

Your amendment attempts to nullify freedom number 2 (see above list). This is an unconstitutional amendment, Senator, as per the first clause of the First Amendment: “Congress shall make no law…”

I call upon Texas Senators Cornyn and Cruz to resist and openly oppose this amendment.

I invite you to withdraw your poorly conceived amendment.

As a citizen of this great country and a blogger, there is nothing you do can stop me from exercising my Freedom of Speech. This blog posting is one of hundreds, an exercise of my Freedom of Speech.


Rockwall Conservative
Rockwall, Texas

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A Little Bit of Texas History – Gun Control

Citizens Association for Responsible Gun Ownership
Citizens Association for Responsible Gun Ownership

Gun Control Phase 1

The first time gun control was imposed, the government came to disarm us Texans. Not our U.S. federal government, but Mexican government. You see, Texas was Mexican territory. In the beginning, the relationship between Texans and Mexican government was very much like a fairy tale. “Once upon a time, there was an idyllic relationship between government and gun owners”, but they didn’t live happily ever after.

What happened?

After Mexico won independence from Spain, it became a constitutional republic modeled on the United States of America. In fact, the official name of Mexico is Los Estados Unidos de México –  The United States of Mexico. Texas had two founding fathers: Stephen F. Austin and José Antonio Navarro. In the early days of the empresarios, Navarro was instrumental in establishing the Mexican constitution of 1824 that was (I believe, but haven’t benefit of original documentation) based on the 1787 U.S. Constitution, including the Bill of Rights.

As time progressed, a tyrant arose to power. Generalissimo Antonio Miguel Lopéz de Santa Anna, commonly known as Santa Anna, ignored the rule of law, repealed the Mexican constitution of 1824 and took control of the government. This newly self-anointed dictator knew he had to disarm the Texans in order to subjugate them. There was the matter of this little canon provided the people of Gonzales, Texas to ward off attacks from hostile Indians.

ComeAndTakeItFlagCutting to the chase, Santa Anna sent forces to Gonzales to take possession of the canon, but those colonists refused to turn it over. Instead, they defied Santa Anna’s forces to “come and take it”.

That canon was buried to prevent Mexican forces from capturing it as settlers fled toward Louisiana. A few years ago it was found on the river bank and today sits in the Gonzales museum alongside a replica.

By the way, what was Santa Anna’s immigration policy toward the anglo settlers? It was essentially, “Kill them all”.

Moving quickly forward in history, Texas became a state and later seceded from the Union to join forces with the Confederate States of America. Unless you were raised on a desert island, you no doubt know the South lost, slaves were finally emancipated and the Republican government of the Union side imposed “reconstruction” on all former Confederate states. In Texas, “reconstruction” endured from 1865 to 1899.

A New Sheriff In Town

Pretty much throughout the formative years of Texas, the Texas Rangers served in various ways as statewide law enforcement. During “reconstruction”, the federal government replaced the Texas Rangers with the Texas State Police. Everything would have been okay, but for one little bitty detail: the Texas State Police employed freedmen, blacks, and this didn’t go well with the whites, as you can imagine. But, there was more. There was the sitting reconstruction governor Edmund J. Davis – Union army officer and [audible gasp!] a Republican. Learn more about Gov. Davis from TSHA online.

In a nutshell, the Reconstruction Republican government passed “An Act to regulate the keeping and bearing of deadly weapons” on April 12, 1871. Basically, this law prohibited the carrying of any weapons, other than rifles and shotguns, off one’s property. After Democrats regained control of state government in 1872, they repealed most of the Republican legislation.

Prior to 1868, concealed weapons were the choice of criminals. Therefore, anyone doing so was suspect and for good reason. There were no laws prohibiting open-carry of firearms. The Fourteenth Amendment was ratified in 1868, but oddly Gov. Davis had the state constitution amended to deny gun rights to blacks. It was indeed a tumultuous time.

Topsy Turvy Law

Today’s general population considers a concealed weapon “okay”, but an openly-carried handgun a “threat” – precisely the opposite of pre-Civil War common sense law.

As you can see in the map below, all states surrounding Texas allow unrestricted open-carry of handguns, except Oklahoma requires a permit.




Let’s communicate with Texas lawmakers this next legislative session to push for open-carry of handguns. The time to start is right after November general elections. There will be hearings in Austin, so please consider making the trip down to testify FOR open-carry of handguns.

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A Little Bit of Texas History – Early Texas Immigrants

Some were first Spanish citizens. Later, they became citizens of Mexico. 1 served as Spanish governor of Texas from 1767 to 1770. 100 fought alongside Sam Houston at the Battle of San Jacinto. Mexican forces cut the throats of 14 of them at the Goliad Massacre. 11 died at the battle of the Alamo. 100% of them were Catholics who suffered persecution for their faith. Who were these early immigrants to our state? Hint: The Republic of Texas established Refugio and San Patricio counties on St. Patrick’s Day, 1836. 

marker irish immigrants in refugio

Natives of Ireland were among the first settlers in Spanish-ruled Texas, and the story of the Irish in Texas is in many ways coincident with the founding of the republic and the development of the state. The heritage of the Irish seems in retrospect to have peculiarly suited their migration to a new land, for the English dominance of Ireland must have been to the new colonists in Texas a close parallel to the oppression they eventually found in the new country. It is not surprising that as many as twenty-five Irishmen probably signed the Goliad Declaration of Independence, that four signed the actual Texas Declaration of Independence, and that 100 were listed in the rolls of San Jacinto, comprising one-seventh of the total Texan force in that battle. Probably the first Irishman in Texas was Hugo Oconór, who became governor ad interim of Texas in 1767. Though his national origins are uncertain, Oconór was almost certainly Irish, as his name suggests. His success in reinforcing San Antonio against raiding Apaches was a notable contribution to the further settlement of that region. Philip Nolan, a native of Belfast, Ireland, was said to be the first Anglo American to map Texas. Whatever his real mission in Texas, Nolan’s activities so aroused Spanish authorities that he was killed by a force sent to arrest him in 1801. James Hewetson and James Power, along with John McMullen and James McGloin,qqv were the first Irishmen to receive empresario contracts from Mexico, successfully settling the areas now comprising Refugio and San Patricio counties. Hewetson accompanied Stephen F. Austin to Texas on his first trip in 1821, and many Irishmen were counted in Austin’s Old Three Hundred. De León’s colony at Victoria also included several Irish families, and it should be noted that all of these contracts, except that to McMullen and McGloin, called for the settlement of Mexican as well as Irish families, specifically Catholics. Some writers have maintained that the southern grants were made only to the Irish to form a buffer zone of devout Catholics between Mexico and the northern Anglo settlements, but it now seems clear that the McMullen-McGloin colony was adjacent to the Power and Hewetson colony only by sheer coincidence. During the days of the republic the two colonies were on the frontier that saw the worst possible hardships for settlers. In the Texas Revolution such Irishmen as Francis Moore, Jr., John Joseph Linn, Thomas William Wardqqv and the four empresarios named above all played important roles. James Power used his influence to seat Sam Houston at the Convention of 1836. Eleven Irishmen died at the battle of the Alamo and fourteen were among those with James W. Fannin, Jr., at the Goliad Massacre. Appropriately, Refugio and San Patricio counties were among the first established in Texas after the revolution; the date was March 17, 1836, Saint Patrick’s Day.

The 1850 census listed 1,403 Irish in Texas; ten years later the number was 3,480. Notable Irish-born Texans in the nineteenth century included William Kennedy, whose book The Rise, Progress and Prospects of Texas (1841) encouraged immigration to the new republic; Richard W. Dowling, whose company of all-Irish Confederates repulsed the Union fleet at Sabine Pass; Peter Gallagher, a Texas Ranger and later an organizer of Pecos County; Samuel McKinney, an early president of Austin College; and John William Mallet, first chairman of the University of Texas faculty. Irish colonists in Texas endured the same problems of education, farming, and economic hardship as did other settlers, though perhaps with better success, considering their proximity to hostile forces. The descendants of generations who had long fought and died for their civic and religious liberties, the Irish were quicker than most to recognize incursions upon their rights and to defend against them. In 1980 572,732 Texans described themselves as of Irish descent. The Irish were third among those claiming European ancestry, following English and German. [Sources: TSHA, Williamson County Historical Museum, The Texas Almanac]

Hugo Oconór, Spanish Governor of Texas 1767 to 1770
Hugo Oconór, Spanish Governor of Texas 1767 to 1770

John White

Flood of Humanity – A story for those who do choose not to be willingly ignorant

As a flood of juvenile humanity overflows our southern border, alarmed citizens react and respond.

Those who react, do so angrily with public protests, demanding tighter border control and calling for sending them back to “where they came from”.

Regarding unaccompanied minors, protesters want them sent back to their parents. Well, what if one or more parent already lives here in our country? Better still, what if the child has neither father nor mother to return to?

Those who respond to the crisis volunteer to serve in order to assist overwhelmed border control officials to get relief from disease and suffering.

If you are still reading at this point, I invite you to learn about the whys and wherefores of this historic northward migration of unaccompanied children and children accompanied by their mothers.

I see three aspects to this unprecedented national migration: humanitarian, political and criminal.

On the political aspect, this sitting president intentionally catalyzed the migration using an adaptation of the Cloward-Piven Strategy to overwhelm social services. After president Obama announced his intention to bypass Congress to grant ‘amnistía‘, anxious families immediately began finding ways to get their children to Eldorado (the golden city). We know how to deal with this issue: IMPEACH this outlaw, anti-American president and his cabinet.

On the criminal aspect, Mexican criminals take advantage of this wave to move drugs, arms, money and sex slaves across our southern border. It has been reported Muslim terrorists also take advantage of the confusion to slip in unnoticed. Obviously, concentrated, well-equipped law enforcement is the only way to combat this aspect of unlawful border incursions.

I draw your attention to the humanitarian aspect. To this end, let’s examine a few factors.

Who are they?

This chart shows distribution by country of undocumented aliens captured along our southern border.

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This next chart shows more specifically the nations from which accompanied and unaccompanied minors flee,

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Last of all, WHY they flee their home countries to make an uncertain and perilous journey across Mexico to find a way into the “land of the free”.

A number of high-quality documentaries tell the stories of various immigrants from Central America. I recommend “Which Way Home” available on Netflix and other online on-demand providers.

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Which way home trailer no.1 

Which way home trailer no.2 

This documentary follows three children who make a dangerous trek through Mexico en route to the U.S. border, hoping to reunite with their parents.

Last of all, let’s look at legal status of some of the kids.

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All those from eligible countries like El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua enjoy Temporary Protected Status (TPS) afforded by current U.S. immigration law.


Will you react or respond? I believe our choice to either react or respond to this human crisis. Choosing to react, is to say these unwanted persons are “illegal immigrants” and, I must say, this is a legal argument. However, choosing to respond to this unprecedented influx of persons, is to recognize they are refugees.

The status of refugee is a well-defined term recognized by international law to which the U.S. government subscribes.

“…owing to well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality and is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country; or who, not having a nationality and being outside the country of his former habitual residence as a result of such events, is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to return to it.”

Learn more about the International Refugee Law via this link: 

From the Bible we learn Jesus and his family were refugees from a murderous king (Matthew 2:13-15). Friends of the Apostle Paul, Aquila and Priscilla, were refugees from oppressive Roman government (Acts 18:2).

O LORD, my strength and my stronghold, And my refuge in the day of distress, To You the nations will come From the ends of the earth and say, “Our fathers have inherited nothing but falsehood, Futility and things of no profit.” - Jeremiah 16:19