2015 RISD Bond Election Development Data

These documents serve to inform Rockwall ISD voters on the 2015 school Thomas Jefferson - public debt is the greatest of the dangersbond election.

Rockwall ISD Third-Quarterly Report

3Q14 Rockwall ISD PPT Growth committee PDF

Rockwall ISD Bond Planning Committee – Executive Summary

Bond Committee Worksheet Master PDF

Brochure Front Side

2015 Bond Brochure front PDF

Brochure Back Side

2015 Bond Brochure rear PDF

Recent History of Rockwall ISD Bond Elections

The last two bond elections for Rockwall ISD were in 2006 and 2007.

  • The 2006 bond was split into three propositions:
    • Proposition 1 (passed) $62,550,000
    • Proposition 2 (failed) $10,851,000
    • Proposition 3 (failed) $6,825,000
  • 2007 bond (passed) $198,150,000
  • 2015 bond under consideration $256,816,107

The 2015 bond election is 1-1/3 times greater than the 2007 bond election.

Geography Presently In Service for High Schools

Rockwall High School (top is west direction)
Rockwall High School (top is west direction)

Rockwall-Heath High School

Rockwall-Heath High School (north up)
Rockwall-Heath High School (north up)

Rockwall ISD Budgets – 2012 and 2013


Proposed STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) High School

The district uses a name for this program that sounds a lot like an educational ideology most of us mistrust – CORE.

Click on image for official website
Click on image for official website


As more information becomes available, I’ll be adding resources.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

The Castro-Obama Nexus: America on a Collision Course Toward an Undesireable Ending

Univision personality Jorge Ramos interviewed Fidel Castro in 1991 in the city of Guadalajara, MX at the first Latin-American Summit. In the video linked here [http://ow.ly/T4lBD] Jorge interviews Juan Reinaldo Sánchez, one of Fidel Castro’s former bodyguards, who describes a life of luxury on two ‘keys’ the south side of Cuba opposite Havana. In the photo of Castro, the newsman with a microphone on the right is (young) Jorge Ramos.
Fidel Castro (left) Jorge Ramos (right) 1991 Summit
Fidel Castro (left) Jorge Ramos (right) 1991 Summit
Juan Reinaldo Sánchez authored a book titled “The Hidden Life of Castro”, available from Amazon.com [http://ow.ly/T4mLz].
Tell all book by former Castro bodyguard Juan Reinaldo Sánchez
Tell all book by former Castro bodyguard Juan Reinaldo Sánchez
Juan remarks that Fidel Castro’s public discourse is very different from his private discourse.
Before his ascent to power over Cuba, Castro was a “constitutional lawyer” who never argued a case before a court, but complained in a letter to the Cuban Supreme Court that Batista was not following the Cuban constitution.
Who today somewhat mirrors Castro’s actions while at the head of government? I think of one man: Barack Hussein Obama who was also allegedly a “constitutional lawyer” that never practiced before a judge, at least to my knowledge.
In both cases, once in control of the executive seat of government BOTH ignored their respective constitutions.
While Barack Obama and family enjoy a life of luxury with their many vacations, another parallel to Fidel Castro’s life of luxury. In this linked article from the Washington Examiner [http://ow.ly/T4o2s] titled “Vacationer in chief: Tens of millions spent on 38 Obama holidays“. Naturally, WE personality Paul Bedard says George Bush spent as much time in Crawford, TX. That is true, but George Bush did not waste money on lavish resorts; he stayed at his own home, the Texas White House.
Castro's mansion and personal playground
Castro’s mansion and personal playground
Before he was elected, Obama was “Christian”. After his election, he showed himself to be Muslim and he publicly declared “the United States of America is no longer a Christian nation“.
Also, before he was elected, Obama declared marriage is between a man and a woman. Now, he forces unholy sexual activity onto our population, aided by his Supreme Court appointees Kagan and Sotomayor.
As he approaches his last year in office, Obama follows Castro in two other “executive actions”.

First, his leftist Attorney General Loretta Lynch who took office with the aid of Republican-In-Name-Only Washington insiders like Mitch McConnell, Ayottte, Cochran, Collins, Flake, Graham, Hatch, Johnson, Kirk, and Portman. Take note: Neither Texas senator voted for her.

Effectively, it was Republican left-leaning senators who allowed Lynch to assume her office of chief law enforcement officer of the Untied States of America. Loretta now sets up a program by which she will take control of municipal law enforcement departments in various American cities, in conformance to United Nations Sharia-compliant global policing initiative. Reference: Breitbart [http://ow.ly/T4qus]

Second, Obama says he will be using “executive actions” to confiscate personal firearms. Reference: NewsMax “Obama Working on More Gun Control Executive Actions” [http://ow.ly/T4qWJ]
How will your local sheriff and chief of police respond? Will they submit to unconstitutional executive actions or will they uphold their oaths of office to secure your rights?
Ask them. These are legitimate threats that demand legitimate answers from your local law enforcement heads.
Yes, there are indeed parallels between Castro and Obama. They rule on parallel tracks that collide with Christian civilization. America is being fundamentally transformed into Obama’s vision. Will you stand idly by while America goes to hell in a handbasket?
Only divine miracles can save us. Therefore, it is of utmost importance we seek the aid of whom Benjamin Franklin called Father of lights. This Father of lights is El Shaddai, the Almighty God who is an ever-present help in time of need.
All who call on Him shall be saved.
John White
Rockwall, Texas

Was Fidel a Prophet? I Write – You Decide

5 October 2015 AD
Castro quote - the US will dialog with us when it has a black president and a Latinamerican Pope dated 1973
Is Fidel Castro a prophet? Consider this Spanish-language news report from Televisa Noticeros a Mexican news service titled “La profecía de Fidel Castro” (Fidel Castro’s Prophecy) and published July 24, 2015.
The phrase in the photo translates to English:
Instead of commenting on the story, I translate the article for your own consideration.
Begin translation
“The phrase was published by the Argentine writer Pedro Jorge Solans in the Argentine portal “Journal of Carlos Paz”.
“Through the report entitled “Cuba through changing times: The end of the blockade?” The journalist also picked up the story from the mouth of Eduardo de la Torre, a taxi driver in Havana, who was a university student in 1973.
“According to the report, back in 1973, the Cold War, Fidel Castro had just returned from a visit to Vietnam and was in an international press conference, when a reporter named Bryan Davis, a British newsman, asked: “When do you think it will be possible to restore relations between Cuba and the United States, two countries as far away from one another [idiologically] despite their geographical proximity?”
The journalist said that Fidel Castro stared at him and then said to him and the other journalists present in the room: “The United States will come to talk to us when they have a black president and the world has a Latin American Pope.”
“Solans said some journalists hid behind wry grins and others, among whom was Davis, made gestures signifying they believed somewhat moderately unbelievers.”
“Sloans noted that some reporters grimaced, hiding behind wry grins; others, among whom was Davis, made gestures of unbelief.”
“The conference continued as if Davis’ question had been misplaced. At that time, they were only interested in Vietnam.
“In this year of 2015, facing the restoration of diplomatic relations, breaking down the last wall of the Cold War, over 40 years later, the words of Fidel Castro at that 1973 have been classified as a forewarning.”
End translation
If a true prophecy, two elements are now in place to confirm its veracity.
If a true prophecy, two elements are now in place to confirm its veracity.
Is the above prophecy by Fidel Castro a true statement? I have no resources dating back to 1973 to confirm its veracity. But, from what I know about the history of Cuba and the structure of state communism on that island prison, this story is totally credible to me.
So much that happens in Latin America never sees the light of day in American news stories, simply because so much of what happens south of us is wholly inconsistent with the life we Americans enjoy within our own borders.
I published my opinion of the Obama-Castro detente and why it happens now one year ago in a blog titled Obama’s Cuban-Venezuelan Connection – Why He Ends the Cuban Embargo: my opinion
Castro reading Obama's book "Dreams of My Father" in Spanish
Castro reading Obama’s book “Dreams of My Father” in Spanish
Unmistakeably, the Castro brothers and Barack Obama mutually admire one another. Fidel’s nickname? “The Crazy One” His life goal? “Glory and fame”
This video provides an excellent introduction to the person, the character of Fidel Castro.
As Fox News says, I report. You decide.
John White
Rockwall, Texas

Target: Christians – A story of selfless sacrifice and courage at Umpqua Community College

2 October 2015 AD/19 Tishrei 5776

While Chris Harper Mercer slaughtered Christians at Umpqua Community College, wounding those who did not confess the name of Jesus Christ, there was a real man on his way to confront evil.

Mass murderer was an adherent to Islam, a hater of all things Christian
Mass murderer was an adherent to Islam, a hater of all things Christian – He’s graveyard dead today

Students were stupidly instructed to “hide and duck down”. One student didn’t follow “orders”. Instead of cringing in fear of his life, Chris Mintz charged the shooter. Wounded by seven bullets, Chris survived. Police successfully killed the shooter.

Sheriff John Hanlin pledged to never mention the name of the shooter and he urged news reporters to follow suit. Sheriff Hanlin does not want to give the shooter any glory by mentioning his name.

The Sheriff Refuses to Name the Killer to deprive him of notoriety
The Sheriff Refuses to Name the Killer to deprive him of notoriety

Now, allow me to mention again the name of Chris Mintz, 10-year Army veteran from North Carolina. This man exemplified American courage and the true self-sacrifice of his own life in defense of fellow students. What Chris did was not a reaction, but an act of love for his fellow students.

This Army vet ran TOWARD danger, not AWAY from it
This Army vet ran TOWARD danger, not AWAY from it – He lives today!

Though found badly wounded with two broken legs, Chris survived.

When faced with life-threatening situations, you are more likely to come out alive by fighting back than by cringing in fear.

I find it interesting. Chris was willing to die for the cause of rescuing fellow students. Jesus was willing to die for the cause of rescuing all mankind.

As it is written, there is no greater love than to lay down your life for your friends.

no greater love


UPDATE: Chris Mintz recovering in hospital – “With a smile from his hospital bed, an Army vet who was shot 7 times confronting the Umpqua Community College shooter, thanked everyone for their support this morning. Chris Mintz was stationed at JBLM for awhile. Yesterday, when he told the shooter it was his son’s 6th birthday, the gunman shot him two more times. But Mintz is going to survive. He undoubtedly saved lives by charging at the shooter.” – Read more: http://www.kirotv.com/s/news/live/

John White

RISD Bond Election – Is this a good time to add public debt onto our backs?

1 October 2015 AD/18 Tishrei 5776its getting better all the time

Is it, as the Beetles sang the song, “getting better all the time“? Barack Obama would have you believe this to be the case.

Democrat voters don’t require information to elect a president. All they require are words for their itching ears. “Hope and Change” and “Yes we can!” were two mantras that drove Democrat voters to madly worship this president.

Back to the issue at hand: Are things getting better?

Well, the facts run contrary to Obama’s statements and those phony unemployment numbers emanating from his politicized Dept. of Labor.

According to the Wall Street Journal, citing data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, while overall productivity is way up, wages have not followed.

WSJ: The Typical Male U.S. Worker Earned Less in 2014 Than in 1973
WSJ: The Typical Male U.S. Worker Earned Less in 2014 Than in 1973

“The typical man with a full-time job–the one at the statistical middle of the middle–earned $50,383 last year, the Census Bureau reported this week.

“The typical man with a full-time job in 1973 earned $53,294, measured in 2014 dollars to adjust for inflation.

“You read that right: The median male worker who was employed year-round and full time earned less in 2014 than a similarly situated worker earned four decades ago. And those are the ones who had jobs.” – WSJ 18 Sept. 2015 http://ow.ly/SSLsh

Investors, capitalists, moms and pops, rich and not-so-rich, who put money into the stock market, are reaping gains, but wages are not following.

Compounding the financial misery to the average worker, ObamaCare rates have dramatically increased and increases in 2016 and 2017 will suck the life out of family budgets. Why are rates going up? Insurance companies are actually paying out more than you are paying in. For example, Blue Cross of Texas which received $2.1 billion in premiums, but claims totaling $2.5 billion resulted in a medical loss ratio of 119%.

Forbes: Why Are The 2016 Obamacare Rate Increases So Large?
Forbes: Why Are The 2016 Obamacare Rate Increases So Large?

Rate increases in other states will be prohibitively higher than Texas. Look at the situation in Maryland. “CareFirst Blue Cross of Maryland is asking for a 34% rate increase on its PPO plan and a 26.7% rate increase for its HMO. CareFirst has an 80% market share in the Obamacare exchange and only 30% of the eligible Maryland market has signed up on the exchange.” – Forbes http://ow.ly/SSMDV

I submit the above for your consideration ahead of the 2016 quarter-billion-dollar RISD bond election. Have you adequate information on this matter? After the housing “bubble” pops, what happens to property taxes, unemployment, etc?

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Pope Pontificates on Immigration – Good for the Goose, Good for the Gander

25 September 2015 AD/12 Tishrei 5776

Pope Francis Says USA Must Be "Compassionate" Toward Immigrants
Pope Francis Says USA Must Be “Compassionate” Toward Immigrants

To listen to Pope Francis and third-world leaders, one gets the impression our country is the least tolerant, most restrictive, least welcoming, harshest host country on the face of the earth.

How does immigration work for the Vatican?

Vatican City Immigration Wall Keeps Out Illegal Aliens
Vatican City Immigration Wall Keeps Out Illegal Aliens

Pope Francis attacks capitalism, promotes global warming-cum-climate change, berates us for our allegedly harsh immigration policies. Listening to his complaints against immigration to our shores, one can assume he opposes fences or walls on our southern border. Meanwhile, the most restrictive immigration policies are where? Yes, Vatican City.

Few women hold citizenship in Vatican City. Very few. Only a little over half of Vatican City’s population hold citizenship. Oh, Pope Francis has his token religious refugee: a mother, father and two children who are Melkite Greek Catholics who requested asylum in Italy.

As you can see in the above photo, an anti-immigrant wall around Vatican City has been standing immigration policy of that sovereign state.

Mexican President Nieto Calls for US Changes in Immigration Policies While Mexican Immigration Policies Remain Highly Restrictive
Mexican President Nieto Calls for US Changes in Immigration Policies While Mexican Immigration Policies Remain Highly Restrictive

First of all, let’s clear the air around illegal immigration over our southern border. Over half of all illegal aliens coming from that direction are OTM’s – Other Than Mexicans, as DHS refers to them. The majority of present-day illegals coming toward us from the south are from Asia, including Chinese.

President Nieto actually DEPORTS more Central Americans than does President Obama.

Mexico’s policies toward U.S. citizens who wish permanent residency in Mexico.

“Foreign citizens cannot own land within 100 km of the borders or 50 km of the sea; however, foreigners can have a beneficial interest in such land through a trust (fideicomiso), where the legal ownership of the land is held by a Mexican financial institution.” Of course Mexican immigrants to the United States can own land outright.”

Curiously, I find the desire of Americans  to live in Mexico puzzling. Why?

Mexico ‘welcomes’ new U.S. immigration reform push, but continues to enforce some of the most restrictive policies in the Western Hemisphere. Today, a large sector of Mexican citizens wish to leave, but due to an improving Mexican economy, fewer trek northward.

What’s the truth about treatment of illegal aliens now residing in this country? Most now live in air-conditioned homes, some privately owned, most rentals, still others in public housing. They typically all have cell phones, jobs, and they eat well. Our country is peppered with community clinics where illegal aliens can receive top-notch medical care. This last fax I know first hand. My wife and I have volunteered over the years in such clinics, specifically here in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex at Mission East Dallas and Hope Clinic where our clients are treated with respect and high-quality medical services at very little cost to the clients. I’ve been medically treated in a Cuban government-owned free clinic. I can authoritatively say our north Texas clinics are immeasurably superior to socialistic clinics.

The so-called ‘friends’ of Job had all the answers to Job’s problems. Or, so they thought. At the end of the book, God declares them all out of order and proves the point by restoring to Job all he lost and doing it in spades.

A Biblical principle you find in Galatians 6:10 applies to our immigration and social service policies: Do good to all, but first to Americans. A nation that does not put its citizens in first place is a nation soon to go under.

Mexico is for Mexicans, first. Vatican City is for Vatican citizens, first. The United States of American must be for Americans, first.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Volkswagen Latest Casualty of Big Government – How does this affect you?

24 September 2015 AD/11 Tishrei 5776

Global Warming, Benghazi, Iran Nuclear Deal, Operation Fast & Furious
Adding to the ’round table’: Global Warming, Benghazi, Iran Nuclear Deal, Operation Fast & Furious

Automobile Manufacturer Cheats to Satisfy Federal Regulations

Fox News: Volkswagen CEO Quits Over Emissions Cheating Scandal

Fox Business: Volkswagen CEO Resigns Amid Emissions Scandal

Here’s what happened. Somewhere in the line of authority at Volkswagen, someone made a decision to have a software means to defeat emissions testing. Manufacturing enterprises, particularly very large ones, put a lot of pressure on employees to meet deadlines and cost projections. Ultimately, it’s all about upholding “shareholder value”. In this case, shareholder value suffered and will continue to do so for a season.

Why would Volkswagen decide to install “defeat devices” to evade clean air standards? Why would any decision maker choose to get around U.S. federal emissions standards?

Let’s start with automobile dealers and work back to the factory

2012 report to the American Automobile Dealers Association by the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) describes the effects of overburdensome federal regulations on dealerships.

  • (Page-1) “…the average dealership incurred $182,754 annually in federal regulatory compliance costs for regulations pertaining to employment, business operations, vehicle financing, sales, marketing, and vehicle repair and maintenance. These regulatory costs comprised 21.7 percent of the average dealership’s 2012 before-tax net profits, or nearly $2,400 per dealership employee. Regulations pertaining to employment, accounting, and vehicle financing made up more than 63 percent of the estimated federal regulatory compliance costs.
  • (Page-1) “The $3.2 billion spent on regulatory compliance in 2012 was passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices; resulting in an estimated economic cost (total of lost sales revenues and lost consumer plus producer surplus) to light vehicle dealerships of $7.7 billion, and a 10,550 reduction in direct dealership employment. The overall impact on the U.S. economy—including direct, indirect, and expenditure-induced effects—is estimated at $10.5 billion in lost economic output and more than 75,000 fewer jobs in 2012. Every $1 increase in a dealership’s regulatory compliance costs results in $3.28 in lost output in the U.S. economy and a net loss to the U.S. Treasury of $0.44.

The CAR report of 2014 indicates ever increasing costs of compliance.

When considering both new and used vehicle sales, the mean cost per vehicle is $100. While this figure does not seem very large, the average dealership would have needed to sell 106 new and used vehicles in 2012 to recoup its regulatory compliance costs.

Impact of Federal Regulations on Automobile Manufacturers

A 2012 study commissioned by Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI) reports (page 29):

“The annual number of economically significant regulations affecting the manufacturing sector has grown by approximately 80% since 2009 after maintaining a relatively stable level between 1995 and 2007, and the number of non-major regulations has been generally growing since 2004 with a clear acceleration after 2009. While the figure shows a dramatic drop in the number of non-major regulations after 1993, this is an illusion because, in September 1993, President Clinton issued Executive Order 12866, which modified the OIRA regulatory review process. In particular, EO 12866 focused OIRA’s review on major or “significant” regulations,34 (i.e., those having an annual impact of $100 million or more on the economy), a measure that greatly reduced the agency’s review of non-significant regulations.”


As government grows, liberty diminishes. As government grows, so do taxes to support it.

Nameless, faceless bureaucrats not elected by the People work tirelessly and endlessly to create ever more onerous regulations that drive Americans to find ways around those regulations.

A book authored by Harvey A. Silverglate, “Three Felonies A Day: How The Feds Target The Innocent”, we learn how each of us is probably committing as many as three federal felonies each workday.


The average professional in this country wakes up in the morning, goes to work, comes three felonies a dayhome, eats dinner, and then goes to sleep, unaware that he or she has likely committed several federal crimes that day. Why? The answer lies in the very nature of modern federal criminal laws, which have exploded in number but also become impossibly broad and vague. In Three Felonies a Day, Harvey A. Silverglate reveals how federal criminal laws have become dangerously disconnected from the English common law tradition and how prosecutors can pin arguable federal crimes on any one of us, for even the most seemingly innocuous behavior

Fascism and tyranny are inversely proportional to the size of government. Isn’t it time to tell Congress to pare down the size of federal agencies and eliminate all that do not conform to constitutional enumerated powers.

John White
Rockwall, Texas