Bill Hybels Endorses Obama Immigration Reform – An Open Letter

Bill Hybels 

Hybels Introducing Obama at American University


Senior Pastor 

Willow Creek Community Church 

67 East Algonquin Road 

South Barrington, IL 60010 

Subject: Immigration Reform and Your Endorsement of President Obama


I reference my remarks to a C-SPAN video titled “Obama Remarks on Immigration at American Univ.” 

President Obama and your fellow Democrats, with respect to the presence of undocumented aliens, incorporate a number of important issues as “immigration reform” 

You spoke warmly of Latin American members of your church and how in a moment of time you discovered they were unlawfully living in these United States. 

That “recurring triad, a mandate from God” to show “appropriate concern for widows, orphans and aliens” is, in fact, valid. My wife and I wholeheartedly agree with you and we have served Latin Americans in our community for many years as distributors of food and clothing and working in medical clinics whose sole purpose is to provide medical care for them. 

I suggest you a division of issues: (1) border control, also known as national security and (2) illegal alien residents. 

Bill, calling illegal alien residents immigrants is oxymoronic. Only Cuban refugees are permitted to enter this country without prior permission of the US Government. 

Illegal aliens, you see, are, well, illegal. That means, unlawful, here without prior permission of the US Government. Surely you believe Hebrews 13:17 don’t you? If yes and under the law it’s a no-no to enter this country without prior permission of the US Government, then do you agree that someone is, well, violating a Biblical mandate? 

Immigrants, by definition, are folks who move from one country to another to become citizens of the country to which they move. Here a lot of laws come into play, but a discussion of them would probably only bore you to death. 

Here in Texas, as well as in New Mexico, Arizona and California illegal aliens cross the international border by the tens of thousands. 

Among their number are girls and women who undergo a brutal rape by “coyotes” who then hang their undergarments on “panty trees”. These defenseless girls and women are destined to be sold as sex slaves – yes, Bill s-l-a-v-e-s. 

Illegal aliens are bankrupting cities, causing crime waves of rapes and robberies as far north as Washington State. Along the way, they become majority inmates in jails and prisons. 

Illegal aliens, not legal immigrants, crowd out legal resident children from our schools. As nearby to me as the Dallas Independent School District, as much as 80% of school student populations are Hispanic – nothing wrong with that – but most are illegal aliens – plenty wrong with that. Their presence has a deleterious effect on the quality of education and the cost of operating public schools. 

You see, Bill, the way legal immigration works, is we set standards for immigrants to minimize the financial impact on American society and we establish quotas to assure assimilation of legal immigrants into our society. 

Radical, racist Hispanics in Southern California are actually calling for armed takeover of lands they claim as Mexican territory. Children of illegal aliens pledge allegiance to their native country Mexico, even placing the Mexican flag above our flag, you know, a flag with 50 stars on a blue field with red and white stripes. I’m sure you will remember when you see one. 

We Americans have always welcomed productive, law-abiding immigrants. You mentioned Nikola Tesla, a Serbo-Croatian, one of my heroes of industry. Nikola, you may not know, invented some of the most important things in the history of the world: AC Power, transformers, radio and fluorescent lighting. When George Westinghouse was in competition with Thomas Edison to provide the Niagara Falls power generating equipment, Tesla gave his patent rights to Westinghouse as a selfless sacrifice to his beloved new country. 

On the other hand, no, we do not want neither more free-loaders nor criminals. 

We who live along the US/Mexico border have one solitary priority: SEAL THE BORDER. No one I know has any interest in denying food or medical care for illegal aliens. 

It’s not that we are disinterested in the welfare of Mexican citizens, it’s a simple matter that we think we ought to care for our own citizens, first. By the way, that principle is also in the Bible – Galatians 6:10. We are commanded to care for the poor, orphans, widows and aliens – but we take care of our own people, first. 

My wife and I readily care for all these others, but not at the expense of our family. We care about the folks in nearby Dallas, but we care for the folks in Rockwall, first. We care about the folks in Mexico, but we care for Americans, first. 

The year you invited Jimmy Carter to speak, I stayed away. Later, at an international leadership summit, you hailed Obama as the right man in the White House, something that suggested to me a “yellow dog Democrat”. 

Your endorsement of Barak Hussein Obama’s plan to legalize millions of illegal aliens who will become Democrat voters says to me you will readily support abortion. Any man, who does not respect the life of an unborn child, will have no respect for our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

You see, Bill, when you endorse someone without qualification, you embrace all his values and actions. 

Over the years, I have participated in your Leadership Summits at Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall, an affiliate of the Willow Creek Association. Never will I participate, again. 

John White 

Rockwall, Texas

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24 thoughts on “Bill Hybels Endorses Obama Immigration Reform – An Open Letter

  1. leo evans

    this is wrong, what bill is saying let every one become a citizen and pay more taxes. Nearly all of these people will qualify for billions in earned income tax credits, example, you pay in $200.00, but get a $7000.00 refund, some one else will have to pay for this, this cost is not here now and we do not need it. Bill why don’t you triple the amount of you taxes and donations to help pay for this.

  2. Jay

    I attend Willow Creek and I couldn’t have said it better myself. I want a pastor who’s sole activity is bring “irreligious people to God”. Why not leave the politics to politicians, and keep the pastors job for what it is. Your community does not agree with your values. Romans 13 instructs to respect the authorities that God has placed before us, and to follow the laws of the land. You can’t overlook the parts of the bible that contradict your opinion.

  3. Sam

    I caught the end of Bill Hybels’ talk and couldn’t believe it! Yes, let people (like Hybels’ grandparents) immigrate to our country, but legally!!!
    Bill, you should be ashamed of yourself for encouraging people who’ve broken the law. Illegal immigrants are fugitives! I was an active participant in your church years ago and now wonder just how sound all your teachings were. I am so sad to see how you stand with Obama on such a terrible and illegal matter.

  4. Dick

    My wife and I are also members of Willow Creek, or should I say were members. We fully agree with the contents of this letter and the comments of Jay and Sam. We can no longer support this church, and for what we thought it stood for. The separation of Church and State works both ways, and pastors should keep their politics private.

  5. George

    I have a question for those who go to Willow Creek. If your pastor supports a man of from a party that supports abortion and gay rights why do you go there? Does the Bible not talk about tose two issues and what it says does not agree with what they want and talk about? Does Hybels not preach to keep the numbers up? Don’t offend anyone wo they won’t leave? He talked at one of his leadership summits in an interview with former President Clinton and the issue of abortion. Clinton thinks and believes that it’s not only okay but that all women have the right toabort/murder/terminate the baby. Is that in the Bible anywhere? I’ve read it and never saw it1 If I missed it somewhere then let me know where it is. Hybels is way out there and why you all continue supporting him and his church is beyond me. Is the Gospel preached there? And when I mean Gospel I mean the plan of Salvation EVERY Sunday not once every 3-4 months? Why are we trying to fit into who and what the world wants instead of what God tells us who and what we are to be. He’s called us to be Sanctified which means seprated from the world. To be in it but not of it! Is that too hard to understand? For those of you who still go to Willow Creek listen to what is being taught and preached and see if that is what the Bible says or what they think it says. One more thing here….when he preaches does he say “the Bible says….” or is he saying “I think that…..”? If he’s preaching what he thinks then he’s not preaching the Bible. If he’s preaching the Bible says….. then he is. I don’t go there and if I lived up there I still wouldn’t go there. You want to know what it’s like to hear a sermon from a man of God preaching God’s word go to and you will find plenty of sermons there about the blood of Jesus!

  6. Dawn

    The people posting negative comments are completely missing the point. Bill is not blindly endorsing Barack Obama. He is supporting ONE of Obama’s proposed policies by stating his concern for the plight of immigrants. There is a difference.

    My opinion is that if you are truly a Christian, you would be concerned about the well-being of ALL people, not just those who are like you. I support you, Bill. Please continue to follow God’s promptings and don’t let the naysayers get to you.

    1. George

      DAwn We know he’s not doing this blindly. He’s doing it knowing what he’s doing. This is political and his caring for clinton and clinton’s behavior while he was President and now he’s hooking up with obama don’t add up How can any Pastor who preaches God’s word be in full support and backing of a President and a party who’s platform goes totally against the Bible and what it teaches? HUH?? There is no gray here it’s black and white! We’re seeing Chicago politics and how it runs maybe you all think it’s hunky doorie but the rest of us don’t! You pastor supports Democraps and in doing that he supports thier policies such as abortion, gay rights, redistribution of wealth all of which are anti Bible and have an agenda that is not Godly! This is MARXISM! Wake up and start to think for yourself and STOP being a troll! Does Bill when he preaches preach the plan of Salvation EVERY SERMON? If not then he’s not who you are saying he is! There is no middle ground here and obama could and does care less about Christains! As far as the well-being of people that’s NOT the Governemnts job to do! Read the Bible there is nothing in there about Government taking care of people! Not anywhere!

      1. Chicagophil

        please don’t talk about stuff you have no knowledge about. I guess you finished Highschool, right? So even if you failed on Marxism back then go and look it up on Wikipedia. You have no excuse anymore. Knowledge is just a click away. You are talking like a teenager about an ideology that you once heard of but never really understood.
        I know what Marxism is – I’ve experienced it myself in East Germany. It’s such a terrible and dangerous political principle that has caused so much damage. It must be avoided at all cost.
        But there is not even a slight sign of Marxism in current US politics.

      2. RockwallConservative Post author

        Chicagophil, thank you for renewing my warnings about Obama’s Chicago-style Marxism. Apparently, you are serving duty for the re-elect Obama campaign.

        Your pseudonym is “Chicagophil”, suggesting you may live in Chicago. However, it’s worth noting your email address is out of Germany.

        If, in fact, you ever lived in East Germany, then it’s reasonable to say you know nothing about Marxism, apart from the aspects of living in a welfare state. East Germany, while a colony of the now defunct Soviet Union, lauded Marxism and communism. You would have been taught the many wonderful benefits of Marxist society, but never told the truth.

        Thanks again for publicizing my article. American voters must know the truth.

    2. Jay

      To say I dont support my church or Bill Hybels (on matters that follow the Bible’s teaching) is missing the point. Did Bill discuss his decision to introduce Obama with the Elders – “NO”. I firmly believe that we are to take care of the immigrant and widows like the bible instructs us and Bill has been talking, but to not condone the fact they are here illegally goes against Romans and respecting the laws and people God has placed before us. Everything Hybels does represents Willow Creek Church – whether he likes it or not. Have you noticed he never prefaces the word immigrant with illegal or legal. Do you support undocumented marriages? Where do we draw the line?

      1. Sam

        Dawn, we are NOT missing the point; you are. Personally, if Bill or anyone else supports even one – yet any more – of Obama’s policies, proposed or enforced, I think it’s too many! But, to the matter at hand, like George and Jay said, Bill just says “immigrant” without using legal or illegal. As far as a true Christian, a true Christian is subject to it’s rulers and authorities. Though Obama and his cronies may be the present rulers, the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc. are our rulers, are our authorities. And, ultimately, the Bible is our Ruler/Authority. (And yes, we ARE a Christian nation, at least that’s how it was founded!) Does God condone breaking of laws?!!! These ILLEGAL immigrants are breaking the laws of the United States of America. Do we have compassion for ALL people – Red,Yellow,Black,White – of course! But, we need to follow the Laws. Let’s take care of the poor in our country who are here legally – United States citizens! As far as encouraging Bill to keep following God’s promptings, if I were he, I’d 1st question if the “promptings” I am receiving are from God!! If he would do that, he’d clearly realize that they can NOT be as the above contributors so eloquently stated (verses from the Bible).
        George – I did not check out your link yet, but you are right. It IS of utmost importance that the way of salvation be taught EACH Sunday. It is with very, very deep regret that I say my family and I stayed too long at Willow. We were there early 90′s+, and while several of my relatives supposedly came to faith while there, they never really grew much. Now, a couple of deaths later, I am concerned, especially for one loved one, that she really did get saved…. Anyway, I agree with what you said.
        BTW, kudos to John for your letter in the 1st place; thank you!
        God help us!

    3. joni

      I know that we need tobe concerned about the well-being of ALL people. YES. But this is about ILLEGALS, in stead of legals.

      I agree to help illegals with food, etc. Yes.
      But legalizing them??? NO.
      I do not hate illegals, but they need to know that GOD can bless them in their own country.
      If they wanna come to US, come politely with permission/visa.
      Otherwise, they will not teach their children to respect the law here.
      If we have compassion without boundary, why don’t we invite all poor people from Africa, China, India to come to US illegaly.

  7. Sam

    BTW, has anyone found the transcript of what Bill said? I haven’t. Hate to do it, but I will take the time to type out his misguided speech/introduction if necessary.

  8. Steve

    “All the people saw this and began to mutter, “He has gone to be the guest of a ‘sinner.’” Luke 19:7 Still rings true…

    1. George

      Steve what’s your point here? Bill is not Jesus! Besides as a “leading pastor” one does not approve of abortion or those who support abortion! Bill has done this when he was “Bill Clinton’s spiritual advisor”. I’ve heard him and his interviews with him at those “leadership summits”! As pastors of the church we sould never associate with the likes of those even if it’s “of a good kind” How can one say that with the policies that obama has implemented that any of them are good? No one that is a Bible believing believer who LIVES for Jesus! The I’ll preach to tickle their ears so that I keep my numbers up does not follow into that catagory! Besides Paul talks about that in Timothy!

  9. joni

    I’m a member of Willowcreek church, and I came to America in 2005 using worker visa (H-visa) and if I don’t have greencard, in 2011 I have to go back to my country, or kicked out from US. As a believer in Christ, I don’t want tobe illegal here because I believe, God can bless us wherever we are.
    Sadly, some illegals immigrants in Willowcreek church might not be taught that God will bless them wherever they’re, and they do not have tobe in USA. Also, they’re not taught that they MUST obey the law, though the law is not perfect.

    I know what compassion is, but compassion without BOUNDARY can be manipulated by other illegals later on.

    It’s also sad that foreigner professionals, who’re here legally, but his visa is expired, must and MUST go back to his country, while the illegals are protected. Very sad that Willowcreek does not see this.

    Pastor Bill, was your endorsment from God?
    I respect you as the man of God, but disagree with your endorsement of legalizing illegals.

    1. John White

      Joni, thank you for your frank comment. To most American voters and law makers, the proposition is seen as an “all or nothing” situation. They do not readily divide one issue from another, choosing to lump many issues into one, calling it “immigration reform”. If we allow the Democrat majority to embark on a path of “immigration reform”, they will irreparably harm citizenship and immigration policies forever. I appreciate the difficulty one goes through to get a visa to this country for whatever purpose: work, tourism, medical care or education. Yet, our immigration policies do work quite well. It has been my chosen task to educate my fellow voters on the issue of border control. Our federal government has documented evidence of illegal entry by agents of al-Qaeda, the Muslim terrorist organization sworn to destroy America. Over recent years, drug crime and official corruption threaten to topple the government of Mexico. Even now Mexican criminals smuggle girls and young women into the USA to be sold as sex slaves, forced into prostitution. I and many other leaders insist on border security as a foremost priority. Thank you, again, and I hope Pastor Bill Hybels will at least read your comment.

  10. Frank Moeller

    When I first saw Bill’s introduce I sent an e-mail requesting an explanation for endorsing Obama’s agenda. I could not believer endorsing any of Obama’s agenda because of his inability to keep any of his promises. Bill responded with a reply. He quoted me verses in the bible of widows, orphans and aliens but failed to quote the verses that said to obey the laws of the of land. When I ask him which laws I had to to obey I got no reply.
    As I investigated further I founded Lynn Hybels posted an article on Jim Waslis’ blog in which she stated that after Bill received a call to introduce Obama they talked it over and she encouraged him to go. In one of his e-mails he stated he discussed with the Elders. They must have been on vacation in Michigan with Bill and Lynn.
    For those who don’t know who Jim Wallis is, he is an Obama appointee for faith based initiatives. In his younger days he was a member of SDS which was predecessor to the weather underground. He has praised Castro, Chavez and other socialist dictators. At this point I was convinced beyond a doubt that Hybels is a Marxists. After I sent one last e-mail telling him not to answer it and was tired of having my intelligence insulted. I told him as an Engineer by profession we had a saying that I thought fit him to a tee, if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with B.S.
    After 15 years I will no longer attend Willow.

  11. RockwallConservative Post author

    Brent, I’m sorry, too. Scripture says “Do not be so deceived and misled! Evil companionships (communion, associations) corrupt and deprave good manners and morals and character.” (1 Cor. 15:33).

    With respect to leadership mechanics, Bill Hybels knows and practices them well. I think the problem arises from his environment: Chicago, unions, Democrats, etc.

    While at my former church of many years, I attended several leadership conferences, but Hybel’s incorporation of very liberal speakers, some extremely so, Democrats like Jimmy Carter, David Gergen and secular leadership “experts” that are most likely Democrats, too, caused me to cease attending his conferences.

    My former pastor agreed with me on pro-life and other conservative issues, but, he said, “it’s not a deal killer for me”.

  12. Scott Shealy

    Hi John… I go to Willow Creek and am repulsed by his constantly assaulting us with his liberalism. Recently they had a handicapped man go up on stage… and get within a few feet of Heather larson while she was preaching. He was met by a rush of security, and properly ushered from the stage.

    My question to Willow was, “Why do you have a right to defend yourself from undocumented stage visitors… and our nation does not have a right to defend its borders??”

    1. RockwallConservative Post author

      Bill needs a genuine “Come to Jesus” moment in his life. He’s done much in the way of leadership development, but Bill Hybels remains a “yellow dog Democrat”. At his first international leadership conference, shortly after Obama’s electoral triumph, he remarked to an international audience, “Now that we have the right man…”. I know this to be true because several leaders from my church were in Africa participating in the leadership conference where they heard this statement and related it to me. It’s time for a revival of the “Black Robed Regiment” to reintroduce true leadership to American churches and there is a rising chorus of pastors, like mine (Robert Morris of Gateway Church, Southlake, TX) who boldly teach Biblical truth and the way it relates to present-day circumstances. Thanks, Scott.

  13. Philipp von Kunhardt


    well it seems after all you don’t know it all, do you. I am not affiliated at all to the Obama campaign, even though I live in Chicago. I am German and lived for 43 years in West Germany. However, I travelled to East Germany quite a bit. Does this already make me a Marxist? Well, I guess you have an opinion on that, too, don’t you.

    In fact I made a good fortune in Cologne and Stuttgart. I invested a part of it in the US. My business in Germany is still running and expanding and so is the US entity. I set up a company in Chicago and hired employees. Just to clarify what I think about Marxism.

    You know, Joe, I like a discussion on fair level. What’s bothering me is that most people that commented on this blog entry are basically really strong at ‘judging’. Since I am German I don’t have the right to vote, which is ok. So I don’t really have to get involved in any kind of political discussion. The only thing that really concerns me is how quick people are with judging here. Judging in a way that is absolutely strange to me. It reminds me of the radical islam movement all over the world: Judging without looking at the facts. And not really being interested in the facts, either. Emphasizing ‘Hussein’ as Obama’s middle name is already part of that judgmental behavior. Saying I am somehow close to Marxism is, too. Saying that Bill Hybels indirectly supported abortion – the same thing.

    Jesus was not a Republican, I don’t know whether you already knew that. He wasn’t a Democrat either. He left it to us to decide for ourselves. Surely he wouldn’t vote for either party as all are sinful and have wrong elements in their program.

    Be careful with judging, people – this might break your necks:


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