North Korea: China’s Muppet Show

18 April 2012

This morning, I read an article on foreign policy by Josh Rogin who writes, “China may be helping North Korea develop long range ballistic missiles that could reach the United States, and one Republican congressman wants the Obama administration to do something about it.”

China may be helping North Korea? This war that will never end, the Korean War, was from its genesis until this day a surrogate war between communist China and the U.S.A. and is a legacy of the communist ideology birthed in the Soviet Union.

Just to be clear on the point of the unending war, World War II was the last legal war fought by American military personnel. Truman didn’t want a declaration of war and called it a ‘police action’. For what it’s worth, including the Korean conflict, American blood has been sacrificed time and again in places like Vietnam, Grenada, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan without formal declaration of war. Declared or no, we are at war with China and have been in a state of war since 1950.

One could make the case that the Vietnam War was an extension of the Korean War. The two conflicts differ in that China continues to threaten us through their North Korean hand puppets, a type of Muppet Show, as in “Muppets Take Korean Peninsula”. Above the line, we see North Korean ‘muppets’; under the line are the Chinese puppet masters we don’t see. Meanwhile, down in Vietnam, we have new allies who value our friendship and fear their bully neighbor to the north.

Under no circumstances will we ever enjoy peace and commerce with North Korea. Therefore, no degree of pandering will ever endear us to them.

I suggest we confront the puppet masters instead of talking with the ‘muppets’ in North Korea. Only when China realizes a direct threat of nuclear retaliation will Chinese communist leaders de-fang North Korea’s militarized monster.

For further information I suggest the following books and articles:

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“Black Friday” – What’s in a name?

Throughout the year, retailers run on slim margins, often “in the red“. “Black Friday” is an accounting expression, not psycho-babel. It’s the day of the year when retailers, particularly the retail giants, move out of red ink into the black.

At this point in time, our actual unemployment rate is approximately 12.6%. One would assume workers would be eager to do whatever it takes to keep a job, wouldn’t you? Then, what’s to be said about a petition by a Target Stores employee to “save Thanksgiving“?

A building socialist storm threatens their existence. The Communist Party USA promises “a world where people and nature come before profits. That’s socialism. That’s our vision. We are the Communist Party USA.” Blindly ignorant socialists imagine a world free of capitalism. How does socialism differ from capitalism?

The differences are distinct and striking. A dictionary definition of socialism is “a political and economic THEORY of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole“. Why call socialism a theory? Simple: it’s NEVER been proven to work.

In contrast, the dictionary definition of capitalism is: “an economic and political SYSTEM in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state“.

Note key difference between socialism and capitalism – THEORY vs. SYSTEM.

Socialism will forever remain an economic and social theory. Nonetheless, socialism lives in America, a nation that has fought wars to preserve freedom, freedom socialists urgently wish to take away from you.

I offer the following links for your edification.

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Meet the Teacher – Mentor and Confidant to Pres. Obama

For those too young to remember, back in the 60’s, there arose a subversive and violent group called the Weather Underground. Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn appeared on the scene as part of the anti-war movment, a movement that demanded immediate withdrawal of troops from Vietnam.

The Weather Underground evolved through the Revolutionary Youth Movement (RYM), a wing of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). Along the way, Dohrn admitted she was “a revolutionary communist”. How does a popular high school cheerleader and honor student come to hate her country? I don’t know either, but she did and still does. Back to her husband.

EAG-TV (Education Action Group on YouTube) recently filmed Bill teaching Occupy Chicago protesters. A new generation of communists threaten your freedom? Communist and convicted domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, tutor and friend to your radical left president, Barack Hussein Obama, is mentoring a fresh batch of communists.

So, you thought communism died when the USSR collapsed? No and it’s very much alive here on our soil. Visit links below to learn more.

Requiem for Democracy: Mel Zelaya Returns

Freedom Left Out

The Obama administration, in concert with leftist Central American and South American regimes, successfully broke the back of the Honduran economy – Mel Zelaya will return to power.

Facts – A Synopsis of Events

The Honduran constitution limits presidential terms to one four-year term. Leftist President Mel Zelaya, a man who gained his wealth in timber, became close friends with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. They two share common goals – they want to be dictators for life.

Honduras is a constitutional democracy, a government modeled after our own: Legislature branch, Executive branch and Supreme Court. Chavez conspired with Zelaya to hold a “referendum” on his re-election, an unlawful act. To this end, Chavez printed counterfeit ballots for a Honduran election. Zelaya’s party holds power in the Legislature and the Supreme Court. It was his own political party that kicked him out of office with assistance from the military and booted him out of the country.

Obama, working overtime to appease presidents of socialist countries, the likes of Lula (Brazil), Chavez (Venezuela), Ortega (Nicaragua), Castro (Cuba), Morales (Bolivia) and Correa (Ecuador), denied foreign aid and stifled Honduran tourism to break the back of one of the only two Latin American friends we had, Columbia the other.


 Today, it was announced that leftist Zelaya had reached some unspecified agreement with the ruling party to return him to the office of president.


 It is hard to understand the foreign policy of this administration.

They send their diplomats to Cuba to see how they can work with those who have been oppressing the Cuban people for 50 years, and they send their diplomats to Honduras to put pressure on those who defended the Honduran Constitution and democracy, refusing to let Honduras become another Cuba or another Venezuela.

Maybe having a foreign policy that works with anti-American tyrants and puts pressure on those who are pro-American and want democracy, is the only way a U.S. president can win a Nobel Peace Prize.

In that case, I hope that this is the last time that a U.S. president wins such a prize, otherwise, we could end up losing our biggest prize of all: Our own freedom.

The Real Cuba – 30 October 2009

It is hard to understand, indeed, how far left the government of the United States of America has swung. God, have mercy on America. – JW 

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