Pro-life Voter Alert! Beware of Last-Minute False Attacks on Dr. Bob Deuell


Pro-life Voter Alert!

Beware of Last-Minute False Attacks.

Texas State Sen. Bob Deuell, a pro-life family physician, authored the most courageous pro-life bill in decades (SB 303), which would defend the sanctity of human life with new tal-endorses-bob-deuellprotections for patients and families facing end-of-life decisions. Sen. Deuell’s pro-life bill was supported by the Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission, Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops, and Texas Alliance for Life.

The Texas Senate passed SB 303 by a wide margin. Unfortunately, a powerful Houston-based political action committee and others conspired to attack this and other new pro-life legislation. Now, these same groups are engaged in a last-minute attack campaign against Sen. Deuell in a shameless effort to mislead pro-life voters and defeat the strongest pro-life legislator in Texas. Don’t let them succeed.

This video explains exactly what SB 303 would have done to help families protect their loved ones near the end of life.

Texas Alliance for Life proudly endorses Dr. Bob Deuell for re-election to the Texas State Senate in District 2.

We urge pro-life voters in District 2 to bring your family and friends with you to the polls to support Dr. Bob Deuell. Vote early on Monday, May 19, through Friday, May 23. Election Day is Tuesday, May 27.

The above posted from email alert from Texas Alliance of life and was used without the permission of TAL PAC.

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Status Quo Has to Go – A Call for New GOP Leadership

America, from the beginning: Immense Geography, Fixed Resolve on NOTHING LESS than Independence

RINO’s Turn on the Tea Party. Did you see this Coming?

An excerpt from The First Salute, by Barbara W. Tuchman, Ballantine Books, pages 177-178

The only change the British war ministers made [in 1778] was to name a new Commander-in-Chief of British forces in America. Sir William Howe, whose heart was not in the fight, was replaced by Sir Henry Clinton, who was not an improvement. The appointment of Clinton — a cousin of the Duke of Newcastle, manager-in-chief of political patronage — was not unrelated to his having the right ‘connections.’ It gave direction of the war in the field to a man of neurotic temperament, whose constant hesitation always made him reach decisions too late for the event that required them.

“Within three months of his appointment in May, 1778, Clinton’s survey of the elements of the situation — its immense geography, the fixed resolve of the rebels on nothing less than independence, … and the absence of active support by a large and eager body of Loyalists which the British had counted upon — left the new Commander-in-Chief with little enthusiasm and no illusions. Almost his first act, as he tells in his postwar narrative, was to solicit the King for leave to resign, on the ground of the ‘im¬practica-bility’ of the war. Refused in his request, Clinton became unhappy … from recognition … that the war was unwinnable. The means were too limited for the task. He complained of delay in promised reinforcements, which left him without adequate forces and ‘without money, provisions, ships or troops adequate to any beneficial purpose,’ while being constantly prodded for more vigorous action here, there, or anywhere by Lord Germain, the war minister at home, his ministerial chief whom Clinton disliked and distrusted.

” ‘For God’s sake, My Lord,’ he wrote in one exasperated outburst, ‘if you wish me to do anything, leave me to myself and let me adapt my efforts to the hourly change of circumstances.’ By September, 1780, he writes flatly to Germain his opinion of the ‘utter impossibility of carrying on the war without reinforcement.’ This was wishing for the moon. Imperial Britain did not have the population to match the extent of her dominion, nor the funds to spend on more mercenaries, whose further employment would, in any case, have risked rancorous fury in the [British Parliamentary] Opposition. Reinforcements would not be forthcoming. It was the old — and ever new — condition in war of ambitions outreaching re¬sources.

“Believing his field army in New York to be too few in numbers (which seems to have been a case of nerves, since he well knew that Washington’s army, suffering from shortages and mutinies, could not attack), and alarmed by ‘threatening clouds . . . which begin to gather in all quarters,’ Clinton became prey to ‘the deepest uneasiness’ and, like [Prime Minister] Lord North, repeatedly peppered the King with his wish to be relieved of the chief command and to turn it over to Lord Cornwallis, who was conducting the campaign in the South. Now in his uneasiness he not merely asked, but ‘implored’ His Majesty to be relieved of the high command, and on a third occasion, his plea becomes a ‘prayer’ for release. Though he was clearly not a general for the bold offensives wanted by the King, he was retained. King George, in his passionate conviction of righteous conquest and confidence in bold action, was left to depend for his chief lieutenants, one in the political and one in the military field, on a pair of reluctant coachmen, each of whom wished only to let go of the reins and descend from the coachman’s box. That is not the way wars are won.”

Take note of the very last sentence: “That is not the way wars are won.

It’s time to raise up bold, educated, conservative leaders to replace “reluctant coachmen” now heading – hindering, actually – the Republican Party.

Open Letter to Senator John Cornyn – Stand Down Your Circular Firing Squad

Sen. John Cornyn

517 Hart Senate Office Bldg.

Washington, DC 20510

Reference: Circular Firing Squad Formed Around Todd Aikin

Senator Cornyn,

I remember well when you and others at the top of our party pledged your support of Charlie Crist who has come out endorsing BARACK OBAMA. I remember, too, listening to a radio interview of Marco Rubio by Glenn Beck. Beck said to Rubio, “The last time I looked they (GOP leadership) have all the money.” Rubio thoughtfully replied: “Yes, and he last time I looked, we (the people of Florida) have all the votes.”

Sarah Palin joined your circular firing squad around Mr. Aikin. Some of my Facebook friends also fell into agreement with you after Sarah Palin put in her “two cents worth”. But, for the record, God gave me enough ‘gray matter’ to form my own opinions.

Senator Cornyn, I did something you haven’t done: I actually looked into the track record of Todd Aiken and found him to be an honorable, pro-life candidate from the great state of Missouri.

If you wish to take a break from that circular firing squad, I suggest you listen to this 11-minute interview of Todd Aiken by Mike Huckabee.

Mike Huckabee interviews Todd Aikin
Click on the image above to hear 11 minutes of audio as Mike Huckabee interviews Todd Aikin

Let’s keep our eye on the prize, Mr. Cornyn. Your track record at picking winners isn’t as remarkable as you think. In fact, it isn’t remarkable at all. The people of Missouri will pick their Senator, not you or your senatorial election committee.

Perhaps the choice before Missouri voters is unclear to you. I suggest the choice is very clear and I expect Todd Aikin to be seated in the US Senate come January.


The Rockwall Conservative

Conservative Aikin or the Obama admirer, Claire McCaskill?
It’s an easy choice for Missouri voters: Pro-life Conservative Todd Aikin or pro-abortion liberal Claire McCaskill who backs Obama approximately 90% of the time?

Judge’s Mom Chose Life

For You did form my inward parts; You did knit me together in my mother’s womb. I will confess and praise You for You are fearful and wonderful and for the awful wonder of my birth! Wonderful are Your works, and that my inner self knows right well. — Psalm 139:13-14

Mississippi passed a law requiring abortionists to be certified in obstetrics and gynecology, as well as to have admitting privileges at a local hospital.

Abortion profiteer Jackson Women’s Health Organization filed suit in federal court to block enforcement of the law and federal district court judge Daniel Jordan entered a temporary restraining order, setting a hearing for July 11, 2012 to see if the order should be extended.

“In this case, plaintiffs have offered evidence — including quotes from significant legislative and executive officers — that the act’s purpose is to eliminate abortions in Mississippi,” Jordan found.

“They likewise submitted evidence that no safety or health concerns motivated its passage. This evidence has not yet been rebutted.” [Source: Reuters – Federal judge halts Mississippi abortion law]

In the state of Mississippi, what woman would use any doctor for her OBGYN exams who is not certified in obstetrics?

Another question: are there doctors in Mississippi certified in obstetrics? By the count of website, there are 137 obstetricians and gynecologists near Jackson, Mississippi.

According to the website of Jackson Women’s Health Organization, this organization provides “Complete Annual GYN Exam” for $95, PAP smear, sonogram and abortion-related exams. If they have no one on staff “certified in obstetrics and gynecology, as well as to have admitting privileges at a local hospital”, who performs these low-cost exams – janitors?

No, it was not a Democrat president, but a Republican that appointed Daniel Jordan to this court. It was George Bush, sadly to say.

Elections have consequences. Appointments of judges who are ignorant, accidentally or intentionally, of our nation’s Christian foundations also have consequences.

President Ronald Reagan
“I notice that all of the people who support abortion are already born.”
President Ronald Reagan

Reverence for Life – Gatekeeper of Conservative Movement

“…is it surprising that today we have become so morally blind (for wickedness blinds) that we save the baby whales at great cost, and murder millions of unborn children?”
~ Alice von Hildebrand, The Privilege of Being a Woman, p.24

Political Discernment

If an Indiana Jones fan, you’ll remember that scene where the gentleman selected the wrong cup, drank from it and rapidly disintegrated into a pile of dust. Afterward, the old knight remarked, “He chose poorly.

How can one reliably discern which political candidates will best serve you? Well, if you’re an atheist, anarchist or homosexual, any ole candidate will do. But, if the bookends of your world view are the Old Testament and the New Testament, or if you have only one of those on which to pin your life perspective, you probably have a set of values characterized as the Judeo-Christian ethic.

According to the Bible, the Word of God, every word, is right “to those who have found knowledge”. So, how does this work for me? How can I discern candidates whose values align with my Judeo-Christian worldview?

A Brief Tour of the Bill of Rights

Before we go further, let’s review an important phrase in the Declaration of Independence.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. ~ Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776

Life, an unalienable right? Yes, life. Let’s also consider this simple phrase.

We the People of the United States, in Order to…secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. ~ Preamble to the Constitution

By omission of some words I intentionally draw focus to one word: Posterityall future generations. Our posterity is all our future generations, all the unborn Americans. All life is precious, a gift from God.

The Bill of Rights is based on the Right to Life. For example, the Second Amendment wasn’t added to assure us the right to “keep and bear arms”. It was added because within the scope of the Right to Life we have a right to self-defense. The whole of the Bill of Rights exists to support this Right to Life: liberty, freedom from self-incrimination, preservation of property essential to preservation of life, and so on.

The Bottom Line on Endorsements

I have learned an important truth: first and foremost, if a candidate is genuinely pro-life, he or she will have the best chance of getting everything else right.

A second factor is spiritual life. Is the candidate a faithful member of a local church or synagogue?

Third: what is the candidate’s track record? To what office(s) has the candidate been elected? What is his/her record on volunteer service? How has he/she participated in LOCAL leadership by way of political party or community organizations? What have they published?

Almost as important to me as the first is knowledge of history – not education (degrees), but knowledge.


2012 elections are upon us. People rapidly latch onto one favorite candidate or another. The Bible admonishes, “lay hands suddenly on no man…”. Let’s be thoughtful about whom we support for public office. Furthermore, let’s not allow ourselves to fall victim to the “halo effect”.

Above all, keep in mind we are vetting candidates for the PRIMARY races, not the general election. Your favorite may not make it through the primaries.

Sen. Bob Deuell Champions Life

Good News!

Sen. Deuell (SD-2) authored a bill, SB 1854, to re-authorize the Women’s Health Program which will otherwise ‘sunset’ in September 2011. This bill, if enacted, restricts funds from family planning providers that have affiliates that perform abortions.

SB 1854clearly instructs authorities to enforce this provision. It provides that if lawsuits challenge this provision and prevail, then funding will be removed

Texas State Senate District 2
Senator Bob Deuell - SD2

altogether. In the past the authorities have been reluctant to deny funding to Planned Parenthood on the basis on probable lawsuits.

Currently over 5,000 care providers can provide family planning services to low-income women. These 5,000 care providers make family planning services more accessible to women in small secluded communities than do Planned Parenthood facilities.

The challenge to volunteer organizations is to connect low-income women to these providers.

Action Item – 1

Please contact one of Senator Deuell’s offices and thank him for authoring SB 1854.

The Honorable Bob Deuell
P.O. Box 12068
Capitol Station
Austin, Texas 78711
(512) 463-0102
(512) 463-7202 fax
18601 LBJ Freeway, Suite 400
Mesquite, Texas 75150
(972) 279-1800
fax (972) 279-1065


Action Item – 2

Contact a pro-life organization. Ask how you can serve the cause for life.

Concerned Women for America – Texas (Ann Hettinger – State Director)

Texas Alliance for Life (Dr. Joe Pojman – Executive Director)

The Heidi Group (Carol Everett – Director)


Fellow Patriots:

My friend and fellow patriot Brenda suggests citizen action on the Democrat power grab, the so-called “health care” legislation that passed in the Senate and will surely make its way through the House of Representatives.

As Brenda points out, actions by the Democrat majority are unconstitutional. Our remedy is nullification by the states.

John White


Hi John and All:

I trust everyone is as alarmed as I am at the power grab by this government.  According to Michelle Bachman, representative from Minnesota, the federal government has taken control of 30% of private business in the last seven months. With health care representing over a sixth of the U.S. economy, all we need to ring the death knell for our individual liberties is for government to take control of that too.  The “land of the free” will become a dim memory.  Obama’s health care bill will bring billions in additional costs, damage to Medicare and extreme penalties for not buying insurance.  According to the article below, Texas is not yet on board with states seeking to nullify this socialistic health care bill.  I wonder why.  We need to be!!

Please e-mail your state representative, state senator and Governor Perry to ask them to pass legislation protecting us from this strong arm take-over by the federal government.  Use these e-mail links.

Collin and Rockwall Counties State Rep. Jodie Laubenberg

Rockwall County State Senator Bob Deuell

Collin County State Senator Florence Shapiro

Texas Governor Rick Perry –

Christmas blessings,

Health Care Nullification Legislation

A reading of the Constitution through the original understanding of the Founders and Ratifiers makes it quite clear that any national health care plan, or national public option, is not something that was delegated by the People to the Federal Government in the Constitution.

However, the courts, politicians and many commentators have interpreted (and re-interpreted) the Commerce Clause, the general Welfare Clause and Necessary and Proper Clause in ways not intended by the Founders so as to justify such programs under the Constitution. They are most certainly wrong. A number of states are considering legislation to effectively nullify any future national health care plan.

For more click here:


I owe special thanks to Brenda for interrupting her Christmas holiday to alert us. For you outside our Rockwall/Collin county area, please follow this link to find your State Representative and you State Senator.

Texas House of Representative

Texas State Senate

Merry Christmas and “God bless us, everyone”


Texas State District 89 Representative
Jodie Ann Laubenberg
Texas State Senate District 2
Bob Deuell
Texas State Senate Disctrict 8
Florence Shapiro
Governor of the State of Texas
Gov. Rick Perry


Mrs. Johnson,

Reading your words “It’s hurting the spirit of this country what outsiders might think of large portions of the country behaving as if the president of the United States were illegitimate”, I genuinely agree that having an illegitimate president is indeed harmful to our country.

Perhaps the better question to ask is, “is he the legitimate president?” Barak Obama conceals his academic records, his tuition, as reported by Percy Sutton, was funded by a Saudi Prince, he surrounds himself with avowed anarchists, communists and sexual perverts, has expended over one million dollars fighting lawsuits that demand he produce an original birth certificate. Why do you marvel that our people suspect him to be illegitimate?

You went on to say, “As far as African-Americans are concerned, we think most of it is [racism].” Gary S. Paxton wrote a song that had this simple idea: what we loathe, we typify. Now, the idea behind that phrase is this: when we typify a group of citizens classified by race, national origin and the like, we loathe them. Mrs. Johnson, fellow Texan, you walk a thin line here. Whom do you loathe? All white people? All black people? Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani told me he believes 75% of all black Americans are actually conservative. I wrote about black American conservatives, Black Conservatives – Red-Blooded Americans, did you read it? I hope you will. I think your name should be on there as well.

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, I ask you to reshape your worldview from the perspective filtered and dominated by race to a perspective of patriot. You and I live in the greatest nation in all the history of mankind. Until recent years, this nation honored God, family and the rule of law. We are the only nation to which peoples from every tribe and tongue try to break into. For all our faults and imperfections, we Americans, without respect to our race or national origin, enjoy the more liberty than that found in any other nation.

I respectfully ask you to be a lawmaker who will uphold her oath to protect, defend and preserve the Constitution of the United States of America.

Quite frankly, many of my fellow Americans, people of all races and skin colors, are alarmed at the destruction of our beloved America. There is no doubt in my mind you do not share the president’s values, while you and I share common values. I hope you will join us to save our country from fiscal and moral bankruptcy.

The Rockwall Conservative


 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                   CONTACT:  Janet Poppleton

November 5, 2009     




WASHINGTON, DC . . .  As the House of Representatives moves closer to a vote on health care reform, Rep. Ralph Hall (R-TX) voiced strong opposition to the Democrats’ plan that includes a government-run option, costs more than $1 trillion, cuts Medicare by $500 billion, increases taxes by more than $700 billion, does not exclude federal funding of abortions, and could lead to the loss of 5 million more jobs. 

“The Democrats’ bill seeks to achieve universal health care coverage through a government-run plan, government subsidies, higher costs for families, small businesses, and senior citizens, and through a massive expansion of the federal deficit,” Hall said.  “This partisan bill was crafted behind closed doors and ignores constituents’ concerns voiced at numerous town hall meetings held over the past months.”

On October 29, 2009, the House Democratic Leadership introduced H.R. 3962, the Affordable Health Care for America Act. The 1,990-page bill will cost a minimum of $1.055 trillion over the next 10 years and will likely increase after the first decade, according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office.  

H.R. 3962 will increase premium costs for families and employers, cut Medicare benefits and will increase the federal deficit.  The plan includes an employer mandate of acceptable coverage or imposes up to an 8 percent payroll tax, and it also imposes a new $153 billion surtax on small businesses.  The bill would not explicitly deny the use of taxpayer dollars to fund abortions, and it lacks language that would ensure illegal immigrants would be excluded from receiving government-run health care benefits.

“The Republican alternative takes a commonsense approach to health care reform,” Hall said.  “It seeks to rein in health care costs and reduce health care premiums for families and small businesses to make health care more affordable for more Americans – without cutting Medicare, without increasing taxes, without causing job losses and without adding to the federal deficit.  It also explicitly prohibits all federal funds from being used to pay for abortions.”

 The Congressional Budget Office stated that the House Republican bill would reduce the deficit by $68 billion over 10 years and would reduce health insurance premiums for small businesses, individuals and employer coverage.  The main provisions of the Republican bill include Association Health Plans and allowing states to establish interstate compacts, a State Innovations grant program to provide incentives to reduce premiums or reduced the uninsured, increased federal funding for high-risk pools and reinsurance programs, and improvements to Health Savings Accounts.  The bill achieves savings from medical liability reform, administrative simplification, a pathway for follow-on biologics and fraud prevention.

“Our goal is to reach as many Americans as possible who want and need health care coverage by making this affordable – by attracting competition between insurers, not by government mandates,” Hall said.  “The Republican bill is a step in the right direction.  As the Speaker and the House Democrats push for a government overhaul of the health care system, I will continue to listen to my constituents and support reform that protects their best interests.” 

# # #

Obamacare: Republican Alternative Reduces Healthcare Cost

These four new fact sheets comparing the 219-page GOP alternative with Speaker

GOP Alternative Best

 Pelosi’s 2,032-page government takeover of health care are now being posted at

 Fact Sheet: Speaker Pelosi’s Government Takeover of Health Care Will Destroy Small Business Jobs

 Fact Sheet: Speaker Pelosi’s Government Takeover of Health Care Will Hurt Seniors

Been waiting long?


 Fact Sheet: Federal Funds Will Be Used to Pay for Abortion Under Speaker Pelosi’s Government Takeover of Health Care

 Fact Sheet: GOP Alternative Helps States Reduce Health Care Costs

 Please encourage members to share them with anyone in America who may be able to

Waiting in line for "Obamacare"

 use them.

 Matt  Lloyd

Communications Director

House Republican Conference

Congressman Mike Pence, Chairman