Honduran Hold-Up

Honduran Holdup

It seems US Democrat leadership no longer supports constitutional democracies. Case in point: Honduras.
The Honduran constitution allows only a single term for presidents. Zelaya, a Chavista, wanted to override the constitution to be re-elected to a second term. Venezuela provided unauthorized and unlawful ballots for a Honduran “referendum” on Zelaya.
To gain valuable perspective, it is helpful to know that Zelaya was deposed by the joint efforts of the Army, the congress and Zelaya’s own liberal party. Zelaya is too liberal for his own liberal party – imagine that.
Now, the Obama administration works to re-instate a despot, Zelaya, who undermines the rule of law in Honduras. Well, Hugo Chavez did say he thought Obama was more to the left than he (Chavez) and Fidel Castro.

Looking At It Another Way

Let’s say Obama decides to become emperor for life of the good ole’ USA. He disregards the rule of law, undermines electoral process with fake ballots and begins to take on the persona of a dictator. The liberal party, the majority party, unites with the Army and Democrat party leadership to oust him.
Wait a minute, here!! Come to think of it, this is exactly what is going on. That is, Obama disregards the rule of law, undermines the electoral process with fake ballots (think ACORN) and has begun to take on the persona of a dictator.
One can only dream, but our Democrats have gone so far over to the dark side, like Darth Vader, they can never turn back. Hold on now. Now I remember. In the end, when the evil emperor tried to enlist Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, father of Luke, did turn to the light side and destroyed the evil emperor!

One Can Dream

Okay, now here is a set up for this drama. The evil emperor, played by Pres. Obama, attempts to seduce Luke, played by Congressional Republicans, to come over to the dark side. Darth Vader, played by Congressional Democrats, re-affirms his loyalty to the evil emperor, but at the last moment, when Luke absolutely refuses to give in to the emperor’s seduction, Vader turns and finishes off the evil one, saving Luke, played by Congressional Republicans.
After all, the Bible says “your old men shall dream dreams” (Joel 2:28, Acts 2:17)

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