Obama’s Welfare Plantation

Senate Panel Kills Government Healthcare Plan

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 3:10 PM

Excerpt from News Story about the so-called Government Option

One option under consideration would reduce the number of individuals and families eligible for federal health coverage subsidies to those earning less than 400 percent of poverty, or about $43,000 for a single person and $88,000 for a family of four, officials said, commenting only on condition of anonymity. The subsidies are designed to make insurance more affordable, and account for a significant percentage of spending in the bill.

Unpack the Option

Think about the THREE numbers mentioned: 43,000, 88,000 and 4. What do they represent? These numbers represent the boundaries of Master Obama’s plantation. You think not?

An individual of $43,000 or less taxable income would receive subsidies. Another person who earns $43,001 will be heavily taxed by the IRS, whether he buys insurance or not. If this person, who may be in the age range 16 to 24 years, is single, a student or in some other pursuit common to young Americans, healthy, no history of family disease and eager to purchase a home or lease an apartment, perceives he is at low risk of needing medical insurance, may decide he does not need the coverage. He has higher priorities for his meager funds. By the way, unemployment of the age range of 16 to 24 years is presently at 52%.

If he fails to purchase insurance, the IRS will levy a huge fine and he may be sentenced to jail – think debtor’s prison. How does a young person, anyone for that matter, pay a $25,000 fine on $43,000 annual income? Furthermore, how does he earn anything while imprisoned? (read more about this)

Bottom Line – Government-mandated Insurance is unconstitutional. All the jibber-jabber in Washington about “healthcare overhaul” is a subterfuge for a government takeover of the entire medical industry: doctors, nurses, therapists, pharmacists, hospitals and emergency services – EVERYTHING. Everyone will be on welfare at some point in time, if the Democrats and their community organizer take over our healthcare system, just as it is in Cuba. He will control the salaries of everyone. His politburo will decide who lives or dies, how many children a family may have and limit family size by forced abortions (that’s the importance of the number 4 mentioned above).

Awaken Americans

God ordained and established this nation. He gave us wise and learned men to craft our Constitution. They fashioned the nation as a republic, not a democracy – A REPUBLIC, a government that follows the rule of law, not a democracy that is nothing more than mob rule, majority rule.

Democrat lawmakers ignore the rule of law, they ignore the Constitution. The Democrat party leader, Barak Hussein Obama, a man of dubious birthright, a man who conceals his academic record and prefers to work in the shadows with his appointed czars instead of allowing the Congress to vet cabinet officers, demands that lawmakers accept his radical agenda.

Meanwhile, what are his priorities? BHO is in Copenhagen lobbying to get the Olympics for Chicago, while our military commanders in Afghanistan nervously await a decision to send more troops. Obama spoke once with Gen. McChrystal one time in seventy days.

Take Action – Contact your congressional representatives and do it several times each week until we defeat the greatest threat to our freedoms we have ever known. Click on the links below to express your opinion about government-run healthcare.

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison

Sen. John Cornyn

Congressman Ralph M. Hall

My Opinions

  1. I perceive forced abortions on families under $88,000 annual combined income. If they have more children, it may be impossible to afford even government insurance. By including elective abortion as a covered item, many families will choose abortion over a huge fine and possible jail time.
  2. Obama cares nothing for ACORN. He will readily abandon the organization to further his agenda – nationalization of economy, establishing a utopian state where we are “citizens of the world”.
  3. Although he has not publicly, as yet, stated his political and philosophical values, I firmly believe Obama is a communist. He surrounds himself with communists, avowed communists mentored him and one of the communists (Bill Ayers) may have actually written his book for him.
  4.  Obama conceals his academic record because the truth would alienate even his most ardent supporters. Harlem lawyer Percy Sutton claims that Islamic radical Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour asked him to write a letter to Harvard Law School to endorse Barak Obama. Sutton says al-Mansour, a Saudi citizen, was raising money for Obama. Hear his testimony on YouTube.com Video: Obama and Khalid Mansour
  5. We are approaching the point of no return. If we Americans, in particular Christians, do not fast, repent and pray, according to 2 Chronicles 7:14, our nation is lost. America is the last nation on earth to defend Israel. As you pray for America, remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
  6. Obamacare will corral all but the ruling oligarchy onto a ‘welfare plantation’ similar to Cuba’s healthcare system.
  7. The struggle to preserve America continues until we restore reasonable, pro-American lawmakers to public office in the 2010 elections.

Leadership vs. Politics – Where’s the Church?

Life Chain 2009

October 4, 2009 is the day Christians from around Rockwall will unite at the southeast corner of Ridge Road and Interstate 30 to form a “Life Chain”, a silent witness to pregnant women who may be considering aborting their babies. Wanting to engage many fellow believers in Jesus Christ (Christians) in this one and a half-hour exercise, I sought permission of my pastor to set up a poster in the lobby of our church to publicize the event, hoping to recruit believers from my own congregation.

Here is an excerpt of the response: “We will, of course, continue to preach an uncompromising prolife message, but we do not promote activities that may be perceived as political or events where we do not have any control over the content of the message.”

WWJD? Far be it from Jesus to offend anyone! According to the leadership of my church Jesus was WAY out of line when he rebuked Pharisees and Sadducees and even called them “whited sepulchers”. The way Matthew wrote, he left no room for doubt about the nature and substance of a fetus – it is a child! What was Jesus’ attitude toward children? He revered them, wanted them close to him and proclaimed them the very composition of the kingdom of heaven. You see, like it or not, Jesus by default is a member of the church, in fact He is the church.

Words Have Meaning

One dictionary says a leader is a person who leads – someone with “commanding authority or influence”. That same dictionary describes a politician as “a person engaged in the art or science of government: one actively engaged in conducting the business of a government”.

Every heard of church government? Who conducts the business of church government? Are you with me? Yes, the head of church government is, by definition, a politician. My pastor is a politician and a leader. He says he doesn’t want to be perceived as “political” – I say, “It’s too late, because by definition you are a politician”.

Talking about “going beyond our walls” is very different from actually “going beyond our walls”. As in a classroom atmosphere, where teachers have the liberty to advance philosophies and theories that may not stand up in the real world, so it is with the local church. Out here in the real world, people who dare to lead place their lives and reputations at risk.

All this reminds me of a company training session thirty some-odd years ago. Our instructor inaccurately described critical features of a major product. When corrected by our knowledgeable team leader, the instructor indifferently shrugged his shoulders as if to say, “So what?” The team leader said to him, “You need to come out into the field where you can lose your job.” I invite ALL church leaders to come out into the field where you can lose your job. Clearly, Jesus’ model for leadership is to publicly exercise “commanding authority and influence”. His command was “go”, not “ya’ll come”.

My Little Role

Our annual church leadership training espouses ideas like “leading up”, “leading where you are”, etc. I am not a politician – I make no policies with respect to church or civil governments. I desire neither fame nor political office. My myopic perspective is really very simple: I see the world around me going to hell in a hand basket and I KNOW what Jesus would do. In a very imperfect way, I seek the goal of Jabez’s prayer: influence in my community by the hand of God.

Influence derives from two Latin words en and fluere – to flow in. You cannot be influential if you are not there. By “there” I mean outside the church walls.

I wonder if God is as frustrated with contemporary church as I am.

Statesman vs. Herdsman

Broadly speaking to all church leaders: what is your role? Are you a statesman for the Kingdom or a herdsman? A great darkness comes upon our nation. Forthcoming legislation will make unlawful any statements that declare unholy behavior like sodomy or pedophilia evil.

A few church leaders boldly call out evil in our society, openly challenging “wickedness in high places”. Locally, Pastor Stephen Broden is an acting statesman for the Kingdom of God who publicly speaks against evil in civil government while equipping Christians to be salt and light in the nation.

Courageous pastors around the nation are rising to challenge IRS rules used by anti-Christian activists who use those rules to silence church opposition to wicked practices.

Pastors and Priests: what will your role be? Will you be a statesman or a herdsman?


In the revolutionary years of our fledgling nation, preachers served the roles of Fox News, Drudge Report, Rush Limbaugh and internet news sites. Americans heard more about current events from preachers than any other source. Preachers educated the people on what they were fighting against (tyranny and idolatry) and what they were fighting for (the Kingdom of God). When the British Parliament passed the 1766 Declaratory Act, preachers understood its blasphemous assertion that the British King superseded the authority of God. The American Revolution was a spiritual event.

In modern-day America, the state follows the Declaratory Act of 1766 in that it imposes limits on churches organized as non-profits under IRS rules. Current legislation will further limit and criminalize admonitions against sodomy, pedophilia, and a host of other evils.

A few things from my point of view: (1) revival is for the church not the lost, (2) God’s judgment comes on the church before it falls on the unbelievers, (3) with respect to community leadership, I see very little difference between churches and I know of none in my community that fulfill a leadership role outside the “box”. I sense our nation rapidly approaches a point of no return and the only hope our nation has is for the church to be the church God intended it to be. Bill Hybels rightfully says, “The local church is the hope of the world.” A life preserver is only relevant to a drowning man. At this moment in time, US citizens hear debates about socialized medicine, same-sex marriage, one-world currency and pros and cons of abortion. I think the fear of appearing “political” could be better characterized as a fear of man. It is not possible to separate civil and spiritual leadership. We are, today, engaged in a spiritual battle whose importance overshadows the American Revolution. Now, as then, the struggle to save America is a spiritual event.



Mirror site: http://community2.myfoxdfw.com/_Leadership-vs-Politics-Wheres-the-Church/blog/859156/78592.html

Life Chain Rockwall

Life Chain – Rockwall

October 4, 2009

2 to 3:30 PM

Southeast corner of I-30 & Ridge Road


Stand with thousands of pro-lifers throughout the USA and Canada. Be a light in a darkened world as you help put an end to abortion through prayer.

  • This is a family event
  • Water, lawn chairs, umbrellas and strollers are welcome.
  • Rain or Shine. (in case of deluge, we reschedule for October 25th)
  • We will have ready-made signs on hand for you. Signs proclaim “Abortion Kills Children”, “Adoption – the Loving Option”, “Jesus Forgives & Heals”, “Lord, Forgive Us and Our Nation”, “Abortion Hurts Women”, “El Aborto Mata a Niño’s”, “Life – the First Inalienable Right” and “Pray to End Abortion


For more information

Contact Rockwall Life Chain Coordinator Johanna Runnels



Rated G for all audiences

Not a protest, but a silent witness …

Mugged in Mesquite

An Honorable ManThe Eleventh Hour

Paul Pecena (pesh-nuh), 1982 Rockwall High School graduate, returned from duty in Afghanistan in late January of this year. One normally thinks of National Guard duty as summer exercises and monthly meetings, but Lt. Col. Paul Pecena’s military experience has been as lively as any active-duty soldier. Jerry Hogan, author of The Military View, wrote an interesting summary of Paul’s military career through August 2008.

Since 1988, Paul has served dual roles as soldier and Mesquite Police Officer. His country called on his service for peace-keeping in Kosovo and on fronts of the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. Stateside, he served in recovery duty following three disasters: space shuttle Challenger, Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and Hurricane Rita in Houston.

Paul and his family live in my Rockwall neighborhood and faithfully attend my church (Lake Pointe). Anyone who even casually knows this man and his family would easily discern irregular behavior by Paul – you would think.

Nightmare Friday

Friday night, although not feeling well, Paul decided to report to work with the Mesquite police department. En route, his health deteriorated. Apparently, his condition caused him to drive unstably, motivating a citizen to follow him to the police station. The department called for an ambulance and a paramedic’s examination found nothing more than low blood sugar (71). At this point, Paul was feeling very ill and only minimally able to communicate. At this point, any reasonable person would get him to a doctor – you would think.

Instead of taking him to a nearby hospital, the Mesquite police department charged him with DUI and threw him into a cell. The Pecena nightmare grew darker when a captain and a lieutenant announced charges had been filed and advised his wife to get an attorney for Paul. Paul’s condition improved when given a coke and something to eat. Around 1:00 am, the department released him from jail and allowed him to drive himself home.

Now, I have known a lot of people arrested for DUI – people who got that way from using drugs or drinking alcoholic beverages. Never have I known of such a person being released from jail and allowed to drive themselves home after a short incarceration. Obviously, the Mesquite police department came to recognize that Paul was not abusing either alcohol or drugs. The fact they released him and allowed him to drive an automobile after charging him with DUI proves that – you would think.

Mesquite PD suspended Paul Pecena from the department, pending results from a blood test performed at his request. He also invited, requested, actually, a search of his car and his home. The search of his car produced no evidence of wrongdoing.


If the Mesquite police department will mug “one of their own”, an innocent man, what treatment does an innocent citizen expect? In Mexico, the people say, “If you get mugged, don’t call the police or you will be mugged twice.” It looks to me like Mesquite is a lot closer to Mexico than the map would suggest.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Black Conservatives – Red-Blooded Americans

Star ParkerStar Parker Founder and President of CURE

Excerpt from Star’s biography

“Star Parker’s personal transformation from welfare fraud to conservative crusader has been chronicled by ABC’s 20/20; Rush Limbaugh; Readers Digest; Dr. James Dobson; The 700 Club; Dr. George Grant; the Washington Times; Christianity Today; Charisma, and World Magazine. Articles and quotes by Star have appeared in major publications including the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and The New York Times. Recently she co-hosted an episode of The View with Barbara Walters, and her testimony went around the world on the television show of the Reverend Billy Graham.”

LloydMarcusLloyd MarcusArtist, Conservative Leader

Excerpt from Lloyd’s biography

“His childhood began in a Baltimore ghetto. He grew to manhood in the 1960s. He is an artist, singer, production designer and musical producer, all professions frequently inhabited by leftists. Even his hairstyle – his hair is long and usually woven into a tight ponytail – bespeaks avant-garde.”


Claver T. Kamau-Imani – Pastor, Conservative Leader, Christian Politician

Claver T. Kamau-Imani leads a house church in Houston, Texas and he is an emerging conservative influence who works to induct Christian people of color into the Republican party. He calls his mission “leading the second emancipation“. Claver broadcasts from KCHN radio, 1450 AM studios on Saturdays at noon. His “Martin Luther King Was A Republican” billboards draw a lot of attention in the Houston/Harris County area where his organization http://ragingelephants.org is working across Texas and America to strengthen the conservative movement. His eloquent, empassioned, intelligent presentation communitcates conservative ideas very effectively.

ArmstrongWilliamsArmstrong WilliamsMulti-Media Conservative Champion

Excerpt from Armstrong’s biography

“An entrepreneur and third-generation Republican, Williams has become a multi-media wonder, taking stands for what’s right on radio and television, in print and cyberspace. Focusing on issues such as the work ethic, personal responsibility, welfare reform, affirmative action, and especially the restoration of morality in today’s society, he brings an independent view with a refreshing twist to the central issues of our day.”

AlanKeyesAlan KeyesConservative Political Leader

Excerpt from Alan’s biography

“Seasoned statesman…Genuine conservative…Well-educated leader…Pro-life champion…Dedicated family man”

WalterWilliamsWalter E. Williamsdistinguished economist, author, college professor, public speaker

Excerpt from Walter’s biography

“In 1980, he joined the faculty of George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., and is currently the John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics. He has also served on the faculties of Los Angeles City College (1967-69), California State University (1967-1971) and Temple University (1973-1980). From 1963 to 1967, he was a group supervisor of juvenile delinquents for the Los Angeles County Probation Department.”

JamesDavidManningDr. James David ManningPastor, teacher, opponent of evil

Excerpt from Dr. Manning’s biography

“Manning is fiercely opposed to the gentrification of Harlem and calls for its residents to boycott its shops, restaurants, doctors, banks and churches. That action, combined with a general rent strike, would force all property owners out of Harlem, he said, leaving the neighborhood to its rightful inheritors: black people. Manning calls his plan “No Dew, Nor Rain,” after Elijah’s warning to Ahab, king of Israel, of a coming drought. “When there’s no dew, no rain, there’s a drought – there’s all kinds of suffering,” said Manning. The whole of Harlem, he said, is to be a “drought zone.”

HermanCainHerman CainFounder of the Intelligent Thinkers Movement

Excerpt from Herman’s biography

“Herman has been called a new voice for common sense, urging business leaders to stand up and fight against governmental over-regulation and over-taxation. His experience as Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and numerous economic growth and tax organizations has him engaged in national debates on fiscal and government policies.”

KenBlackwellKen BlackwellU.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Human Rights Commission 1991-1993

Excerpt from Ken’s biography

“Ken Blackwell is the Senior Fellow for Family Empowerment at the Family Research Council, and the Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow for Public Policy at the Buckeye Institute in Columbus, Ohio. He is a visiting fellow at the Texas Public Policy Foundation and the American Civil Rights Union. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Club for Growth, National Taxpayers Union and Pastors Retreat Network. Mr. Blackwell is also the Chairman for the Coalition for a Conservative Majority, and a member of the National Rifle Association’s Public Affairs Committee. He is a columnist for the New York Sun, a contributing editor and columnist for the conservative news and opinion site Townhall.com, and a public affairs commentator for the Salem Radio network.”

ThomasSowellThomas SowellEconomist, author, educator, conservative spokesman, columnist

Web site: http://www.tsowell.com/

Excerpt from Thomas’ biography

“Thomas Sowell was born in North Carolina and grew up in Harlem. As with many others in his neighborhood, he left home early and did not finish high school. The next few years were difficult ones, but eventually he joined the Marine Corps and became a photographer in the Korean War. After leaving the service, Sowell entered Harvard University, worked a part-time job as a photographer and studied the science that would become his passion and profession: economics.”

ClarenceThomasClarence ThomasAssociate Justice U.S. Supreme Court

Excerpt from Justice Thomas’ biography

“A relentless critic of abortion, affirmative action, church-state separation, and restrictions on presidential powers, but an equally relentless supporter of free speech rights, he is not a consistently right-wing justice–but he is more consistent in that respect than any of his peers.”

CarolynWrightCarolyn WrightJustice Fifth District Court of Appeals

Excerpt from Carolyn’s biography

“When asked what advice she would give to lawyers practicing in the Fifth District Court of Appeals, Judge Wright quickly responds that lawyers need to remember that oral arguments are for the judges, not the lawyers. Lawyers should be particularly prepared to answer questions if they argue a point of law that is not well settled. Justice Wright’s biggest courtroom pet peeve is inattention to the court’s standard of review and attempts to rely on the sympathy of the court. She notes that it is completely irrelevant whether she feels sympathy toward the appellant unless the appellant can show there are points of error within the court’s jurisdiction. “

HenryJacksonJrHenry R. Jackson Jr.Pastor, conservative broadcaster, columnist, author

Excerpt from Bishop Jackson’s biography

“As founder and Chairman of the High Impact Leadership Coalition (HILC), Bishop Jackson has declared that the church and its leaders must lead the way to protect America’s moral compass and heal our nation.  HILC has become an agent of healing to our nation by educating and empowering churches, community and political leaders to make grassroots influence in their communities, states and our nation.  His radio commentary “The Truth in Black and White” can be heard daily on 400+ stations nationally.”

MartinLutherKingDr. Martin Luther King, Jr.Pastor, civil rights leader, champion of freedom

Not finding a reliable on-line biography of Dr. King, I cobble together my own thoughts about this very important martyr for freedom. Liberals claim him for his dependence on  government to solve problems and conservatives claim him for his core beliefs.

Regarding his dependence on federal government for resolution of societal ills, I offer these first-hand observations.

Pastor Stephen BrodenPastor Stephen Broden – Pastor, Prolife Leader, Champion of Liberty, Motivator

Pastor Broden shepherds the Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas and head of the Black Prolife movement. His command of facts, his knowledge of history and his oratory skills uniquely qualify him as a major leader in the contemporary conservative movement. Experience examples of his leadership from these videos recorded at his church on September 11, 2009 and when he spoke at the September 12, 2009 Fort Worth 912 Project rally in Fort Worth, Texas. Stephen works to equip, educate and activate Americans to protect, defend and preserve the greatest nation on the face of the earth from the agenda of Marxists, socialists and “Darwin atheists”.

912FTW America’s Awakening – Pastor Stephen Broden – Part 1

912FTW America’s Awakening – Pastor Stephen Broden Part 2

Glenn Beck & Pastor Broden: “We Are Losing Our Freedom”

KevinJacksonKevin Jackson – Founder and host of The New Black Sphere, radio host of the Black Sphere Radio Show, leader of the new conservative movement

Unapologetically conservative, his radio show is based mainly on a satirical political blog of the same name. He educates his audience on conservative politics, and satirically comments on liberals. “Sometimes” he says, “it is necessary to ‘pimp slap’ them, too.”

Most recently, Kevin travelled with the TEA Party Express to motivate American patriots across the country.

Personal experiences with segregation

Mother heroically raised her three children under very difficult circumstances. A very successful business woman, father bankrupted her through sales of her properties and breaking her spirit. Yet, though not a confirmed Christian until two weeks before her death, she lived a principled life and imparted those principles to me. In my pre-integration hometown of Palacios, Texas, blacks did not enter the front door of a white-owned home. Segregated facilities, if any, isolated black Americans practically everywhere: restaurants, public restrooms, neighborhoods and public schools. However, mother insisted black guests enter through the front door. She did not believe in “separate but equal”; she believed blacks and whites were “separate and unequal”.

In 1963, while riding a New Orleans city bus with my older sister, an elderly black woman boarded our bus and I saw there was no available seat for her. I quickly jumped up and offered my seat to her. Her horrified look and immediate refusal surprised me. My sister hissed, “Sit down, sit down.” (Footnote: it was her custom to not explain her demands.) Confused, I returned to my seat. Later, sister explained the law: blacks could not share seats with whites on public transportation.

A few years later, while enrolled in NATTC Memphis (Naval technical training), I witnessed the “garbage strikes”, civil unrest and civil rights march through Memphis. I departed the day following the murder of Dr. King.

Along the way, on my last time to visit my father in Wiggins, Mississippi, my school-teacher Aunt Eve confessed to me her post-integration discovery. “John,” she said, “for over 20 years we (whites) believed our schools separate but equal. At the beginning of every school year I would teach children to tell time. Then, I discovered (black) children had to learn what a clock is.”

Our (Palacios, Texas) schools integrated in 1964. Older people warned us of all the evils we could expect to experience at the hands of blacks. Au contraire, we developed friendships and Jerry Hanes, an incredible running back, took us undefeated to 1964 UIL AA state football championship. It was all good, nothing bad.

Personal thoughts on Dr. King

  • He relied on the federal government, because state governments failed him.
  • I was “born” a Democrat and I voted Democrat until Jimmy Carter turned me into a Republican
  • Dr. King, like the freedmen who voted in the first two national polls following the Civil War (1866, 1868), was a Republican.
  • Although he accepted an award from Planned Parenthood in 1966, I believe he did not understand the history and goals of Margaret Sanger.
  • Remarks of Dr. King’s niece, Dr. Alveda King, August 23, 2007 – article from New York State Right to Life Committee, Inc.

Abolitionists inherently believe in the most fundamental of all rights – the Right to Life. Dr. King trusted first in God, second on the Constitution. He knew beyond all doubt that justice would prevail and the day would come when blacks participate equally of the opportunities and benefits of American citizenship.

For the above, I recognize Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as one of the greatest American conservatives of all time.

Health Insurance Reform Now – Counter Protest

912 Project Call to Rally

The President’s “Health Insurance Reform Now” bus tour, paid for by Organizing for America (a DNC project), part of a big 50-state push for President Obama’s Health Reform Plan, arrives in Dallas Monday, today, at 11:00 a.m. Doors open at 11:00 – meeting starts at 12:00. We arrive at 10:00 to start our counter protest.

The progressives/socialists/Marxists are highly organized and well funded. We must avail ourselves of every opportunity to oppose them! Stand with us! We must be seen and we must be heard if we are to reverse current downward-spiraling trends in American politics.

Take time and make the effort to let the “powers that be” know that we don’t want government to control healthcare or our lives. Bring your signs. Be heard. Be seen. Every time we do so, we encourage others to stand with us. When we get enough like minded people to stand up, we will surround and stop them. Please help us encourage others to participate. Everything depends on We the People!


Location:       Gilley’s Dallas

Time:             10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Address:       1135 South Lamar Street (South of Convention Center)

City:              Dallas, TX

Parking:        Free Public Parking

P.O.C.:          Deborah TeSelle

MAP              Click Here For Google Map


Gilley’s also can be reached by taking DART light rail to the Cedars station (red and blue lines) and walking approximately one block north on Lamar. Deborah TeSelle with Fort Worth 912 Project will be there at 10:00 to get a jump on the competition.


Telephone:  817-768-7783

Email:           info@912ftw.org

Facebook:    http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=147423095072


We the People fund our 912 Projects, not any political party. Therefore, all we do is genuine grass-roots. The DNC funds the “Health Insurance Reform Now” bus tour – in other words, it’s Astroturf.

Our Friday Rally and March in downtown Fort Worth and at other locations across the country were fueled by fired-up American patriots. Our people are civil, orderly and law-abiding. At this last-minute rally, remember who will be there: paid thugs, SEIU paid protesters and the like. Have cameras at the ready to provide evidence of criminal behavior to the authorities, if necessary. Please do not engage in debates with the opposition – you will never persuade them to change their thinking and it will only frustrate you. Do as you did last Friday: just the facts – WE DO NOT WANT SOCIALIZED HEALTHCARE. Above all, respect the authorities; they are there for your protection.

Ronald Reagan on Socialism

“You and I are told we must choose between a left or right, but I suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There is only an up or down. Up to man’s age-old dream — the maximum of individual freedom consistent with order — or down to the ant heap of totalitarianism. Regardless of their sincerity, their humanitarian motives, those who would sacrifice freedom for security have embarked on this downward path. Plutarch warned, ‘The real destroyer of the liberties of the people is he who spreads among them bounties, donations and benefits.'”

MyFoxDfw.com Link

Unlawful Orders – The New Orleans Gun Grab

Due to failures of public trust, national media have not adequately publicized the Great Gun Grab in post-Katrina New Orleans. Independent writers and the National Rifle Association work to inform citizens of one of the most onerous miscarriages of justice ever perpetrated on American citizens.


“The Great New Orleans Gun Grab tells the story of New Orleans residents who legally defied mandatory evacuation orders to protect their property, and who were subsequently beaten, harassed and robbed of their guns by the very civil authority that was funded and charged to protect them.”

  • YouTube video Gordon Hutchison dispels the myth that New Orleans was under martial law and relates the story of Patricia Konie who was brutally assaulted by three California Highway Patrolmen who were directing residents to evacuate from New Orleans.
  • YouTube video NRA: The Untold Story of Gun Confiscation After Katrina (7:49) tells the story of Patty Konie. Patty did not want to evacuate because of her pets. She had ample food supplies and water. Witness for yourself a brutal assault on a harmless elderly woman. Other testimonies of victims of gun confiscation will anger you. Baptist minister Marie Galatis shares a story similar to countless other victims of law enforcement thugs who unlawfully seized defensive weapons from law-abiding citizens. NOPD threatened to take her gun, but she retained it and was not forcibly evacuated. “They didn’t care what your rights were. They were going to deny them.”
    • YouTube video National Guard Confiscating Guns in New Orleans “no orders to use force just strong persuasion”. In one neighborhood, one similar to Heath, residents chose to arm themselves and stay to protect their homes. These residents were handcuffed on the ground, weapons seized and they were released.

On September 12, 2005, a federal restraining order to end illegal gun confiscations went unheeded. NRA filed a motion for contempt against the city and its mayor, Ray Nagin. Quote: “Ray Nagin is a colossal disappointment,” said NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox. “During a federally declared emergency, he abused his power and abandoned the very people he was sworn to protect. He took away the victims’ freedom and their basic means of self-defense during an ill-fated and perilous time.”

Points of Order

  1. The Second Amendment has nothing to do with weapons and everything to do with the Right to Life that encompasses the Right to Survival, the Right to Self-defense against unlawful foes.
  2. NOPD law enforcement, aided by national guardsmen, confiscated weapons from law-abiding citizens who possessed lawfully-purchased weapons, some for hunting, others for self-defense. Not once did they seize weapons from criminals.
  3. District of Columbia v. Heller decision
    1. “… the Second Amendment protects a pre-existing, private, individually-held right, to keep arms and to bear arms, without regard to a person’s relationship to a militia”
    2. “The decision struck down the District’s bans on handguns and on having any gun in operable condition as violations of the Second Amendment, and prohibited the District from denying plaintiff Dick Heller a permit to carry a firearm within his home on “arbitrary and capricious” grounds.”

The Big Question

What would happen in Rockwall County if an unlawful order by Rockwall Chief Moeller or Heath Chief Garrett directed law enforcement officers, with or without the aid of military personnel, to seize lawfully owned firearms?