How do you scream on Twitter?

“How do you scream on Twitter?” was one of the first messages I sent to discover the potential of expressing myself within 140 characters.

 Today, I have to ask: How do you sing the mobilizing anthem of a people on the web? How can I show to those people afar this desire to change (that I see) on faces around me? Before, the sound of trumpets, the galloping of horses and a few verses called the people of Bayamo (eastern Cuba) to “die for the homeland”; but now everything is different.

 It occurred to me to use the kilobytes, opting for the sword of the word to grow precepts that are sharper and more durable than the machete. These five points of the blog run around the internet so as to ‘slit the throat’ of (oppressive) control, authoritarianism and censorship:

 – Freedom of opinion

– Freedom of access to the Internet

– Freedom to enter and exit Cuba

 – Freedom of Association

– Freedom for prisoners of conscience

 – Freedom for Cuba

 Source: Blog Generation Y, Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez

One thought on “How do you scream on Twitter?

  1. Thank you for quoting Yoany Sanchez…she is very brave…I was born in Cuba and I know what communism is and what indoctrination is…I used to be “a pioneer”…thank you for your informative posting :0)

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