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I repost an appeal from Tom Tancredo who warns conservatives that the RNC works to exclude grassroots conservatives from the process of selecting conservative candidiates. The RNC strategy is a formula for disaster, because conservative Americans, Democrat and Republican, are becoming engaged at the grassroots level, educating themselves and participating in activism like the TEA Parties.

Case in point: the Florida US Senate GOP race where the RNC ‘anointed’ RINO Charie Crist, but the PEOPLE, grassroots conservatives, are going to elect a true conservative, Marco Rubio. In a radio interview, Glenn Beck remarked to Rubio that the RNC, “the last time I looked” has all the money. Rubio thoughtfully replied, “Yes, but the last time I looked, we (conservatives) have all the votes.”


 Team America works to preserve US national sovereignty.

Dear Friend,

I must tell you that we face a very serious threat to our goal of reversing open borders policies by electing men and women to office who will fight for our national sovereignty and for economic policies that will keep jobs here in America.

This threat doesn’t come from Barack Obama and the Democrats.

This time the threat is coming from within the Republican Party and its pro-open borders Establishment.

I am a Republican.  Every office I ever sought, from the Colorado legislature to the U.S. House of Representatives to the presidency, I proudly sought as a Republican. 

But I believe in a Republican Party that stands for the rule of law and stands up for American citizens . . . not in a party that sells our country out to the highest bidder, ships our jobs overseas and supports the same open border policies that the Democrats do! 

I am writing to you today with a special sense of urgency, because the Republican establishment is trying to clear the field of grassroots conservative candidates and to anoint their own favorites, months ahead of the first Republican primary, as the inevitable Republican nominees for both state and federal offices. 

Incredible as it seems, the establishment Republicans that run groups like the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) would rather get behind an almost certain general election loser like open-borders Republican Rob Portman than let a grassroots conservative like Tom Ganley win the GOP nomination. 

And the situation in Ohio is being repeated in other states, including Florida and my own home state of Colorado. 

My friend, we cannot let this moment of genuine conservative resurgence be co-opted by the same Republicans who drove our Party into the ditch during the last Republican administration and the last Republican-controlled Congress! 

This is our moment to reclaim the Republican Party on behalf of conservative principles and create a powerful Party platform from which we can offer the American people clear alternatives to Barack Obama and the Democrats:a real choice between open-borders and secure-the-borders policies;

  • a real choice between amnesty for illegals and no amnesty for illegals; and
  • a real choice between trade deals that sell out American workers or trade deals that keep jobs for Americans in America!

Conservatives constantly reach out to me and Team America co-chair, Bay Buchanan, looking for help and advice (recently including two former GOP congressmen who are with us 100% on immigration reform and jobs issues).  We are happy to travel and help them in any way we can.

But what populist GOP candidates really need right now is financial support

Team America endorses candidates based on their commitment to core conservative issues like border security and immigration enforcement that protects American jobs, property, and communities.  We give financial help to candidates based on their understanding of the threat Washington is to this nation and their willingness to fight to defend and preserve this great country, not on their adherence to the agenda of the corporate elites

Your most generous gift today — of $50, $100, or even $500 — would be a huge help to us as we help patriotic conservatives reclaim the Republican Party and stand firm against the pro-amnesty, pro-open borders agenda of the party establishment. 

You are a great supporter of Team America.  Bay Buchanan and I know you are a special friend of our cause, and we know that you will help us if you possibly can. 

We have it in our power now to finally unleash the GOP from the control of its establishment and offer voters a real choice on illegal immigration, one-sided trade deals and national sovereignty. 

But we must first give conservative candidates our financial helpWe cannot let good candidates be marginalized by the GOP establishment for lack of funds! 

I deeply hope that you will stand with me, Bay Buchanan and Team America in support of the courageous conservatives who are taking up our cause and running for office.  Thank you in advance for helping us at this critical time! 


Tom Tancredo

 P.S.  The GOP elite is literally moving heaven and earth to shut down primary challenges to their anointed candidates from conservative Republicans.  This really is the time that Team America’s support can help patriotic conservatives win big victories for our cause and our nation.  I urge you to help us with your best gift as soon as you possibly can!  Thank you, again, for your support and your friendship.


Paid for by Team America PAC

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