Requiem for Democracy: Mel Zelaya Returns

Freedom Left Out

The Obama administration, in concert with leftist Central American and South American regimes, successfully broke the back of the Honduran economy – Mel Zelaya will return to power.

Facts – A Synopsis of Events

The Honduran constitution limits presidential terms to one four-year term. Leftist President Mel Zelaya, a man who gained his wealth in timber, became close friends with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. They two share common goals – they want to be dictators for life.

Honduras is a constitutional democracy, a government modeled after our own: Legislature branch, Executive branch and Supreme Court. Chavez conspired with Zelaya to hold a “referendum” on his re-election, an unlawful act. To this end, Chavez printed counterfeit ballots for a Honduran election. Zelaya’s party holds power in the Legislature and the Supreme Court. It was his own political party that kicked him out of office with assistance from the military and booted him out of the country.

Obama, working overtime to appease presidents of socialist countries, the likes of Lula (Brazil), Chavez (Venezuela), Ortega (Nicaragua), Castro (Cuba), Morales (Bolivia) and Correa (Ecuador), denied foreign aid and stifled Honduran tourism to break the back of one of the only two Latin American friends we had, Columbia the other.


 Today, it was announced that leftist Zelaya had reached some unspecified agreement with the ruling party to return him to the office of president.


 It is hard to understand the foreign policy of this administration.

They send their diplomats to Cuba to see how they can work with those who have been oppressing the Cuban people for 50 years, and they send their diplomats to Honduras to put pressure on those who defended the Honduran Constitution and democracy, refusing to let Honduras become another Cuba or another Venezuela.

Maybe having a foreign policy that works with anti-American tyrants and puts pressure on those who are pro-American and want democracy, is the only way a U.S. president can win a Nobel Peace Prize.

In that case, I hope that this is the last time that a U.S. president wins such a prize, otherwise, we could end up losing our biggest prize of all: Our own freedom.

The Real Cuba – 30 October 2009

It is hard to understand, indeed, how far left the government of the United States of America has swung. God, have mercy on America. – JW 

Further Study 

Library of Congress stands by report on Honduras coup – Miami Herald

 Beck criticizes Obama for being in the “company” of Cuba and Chavez in opposing Honduran coup

 Interview Roberto Micheletti Constitutional President of Honduras On The Record Fox News P1

 Interview Roberto Micheletti Constitutional President of Honduras On The Record Fox News P2 

2 thoughts on “Requiem for Democracy: Mel Zelaya Returns

  1. Good article! Actually, the US has at least three Latin American friends – Costa Rica being another. My wife is from there and it’s very pro-American.

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