Ethics: Discipline for Moral Leadership

Ethic Defined by Moral Principles

People build everything on some foundation: houses, tall buildings, businesses, local churches and so on.

Here in the North Texas area we learn the importance of our homes’ foundations. Over time clay soil around here shrinks and expands as moisture content changes, moving concrete slabs, subsequently cracking walls, ceilings and floors. Uncorrected, the black land clay will eventually destroy a house.

If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? Psalm 11:3

A convergence of life-preserving principles, first things, came to American soil in the hearts of persons persecuted for their Christian faith. To be sure, other reasons motivated Europeans to colonize America. We know from history books various peoples came for three essential purposes: religious freedom, economic prosperity and escape from tyrannical government. By the unseen hand of God, they three eventually became inextricably intertwined. However imperfect our genesis, however flawed our progress, the fame of American colonists became known around the world as a refuge from religious persecution and a safe haven from tyranny.

America in Decline

Some hold “the media” culpable for moral decline. Is that reasonable? What is the root cause of moral decline in our beloved country? These questions moved me to clarify my principles, to articulate them.

My four conservative principles:

  1. An uncompromising belief in the Right to Life
  2. Acceptance of personal responsibility
  3. Unwavering respect for the Constitution
  4. Insistence on small government

I do not hesitate to identify myself as a Christian who believes in the deity of Christ, the only begotten Son of God. Our founding fathers, ordinary men with an extraordinary God-given mission, believed as I do. Individually imperfect and incapable of constituting this nation; collectively anointed to fulfill the mission.

Rockwall Conservative Forum

Rockwall Conservative Forum exists solely to reinforce and restore societal foundations through education and enlightenment.

And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free. John 8:32

What is Truth? Well, I think the simplest answer I ever heard is this: “Truth is the way things really are”. Merriam Webster says, “conformity to reality or actuality”.

Our Journey to Truth

Discussion facilitators will educate us and engage us in conversation across a broad range of topics: the family institution, history, the Constitution, how the insurance industry works, how to insert ‘planks’ into the ‘platform’ of your political party, comparative religions, racial and societal reconciliation.

Along the way, we will discover the role of the four conservative principles in marriage, family, community and government.

Our first forum is a discussion about the state of the American family, divorce and how to strengthen families. Todd and Deven Smith serve full-time in the FamilyLife ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. My wife and I invest into this ministry because we believe strong, healthy families are one of the foundations of American society.

One thought on “Ethics: Discipline for Moral Leadership

  1. I like John White’s note. Medina is a virtual candidate. We cannot know her other than through what she says, which may give a glimpse of her beliefs, but cannot reveal values and character. What will she do as governor? What can she do as governor? My mantra for candidate discernment is “Values, Character, Ability”. A…ll we can say about the new kid on the block’s capability is that there is no proven record, no relationship with lawmakers to effect legislation.
    We’ve seen what happens when voters get caught up and elect a virtual candidate, based upon newness and campaign slogans sans record of executive experience and accomplishment. Just smell the foul wind whafting westward across the Potomac, polluting the national commons and and devouring our withering land like a Biblical plague of locusts. God bless your perseverence in standing for values, character and ability!

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