Confession Time

Sure, I have shared around the internet satirical and humorous tidbits that place the president’s shenanigans in the public spotlight. It is true, I laughed along with the rest of you at trite phrases like “change you can believe in”. Perhaps most ubiquitous is the LOL (laugh out loud) logo that mocks the president’s star-spangled ‘O’ public relations campaign.

No Laughing Matter

In light of impending disastrous legislation like the Democrats’ health care bill and the ‘cap and trade’ carbon tax, two constitutional blunders likely to destroy not only the American economy, but also the global economy, reasonable Americans slowly awaken to reality: we rapidly approach the point of no return.

Time for Partisanship

Democrats think they own the black vote. They also believe they own the Hispanic vote. They even believe they own the woman vote. Just to set the record straight – THEY DON’T OWN ANYTHING! But, they have successfully deceived and seduced a lot of gullible Americans. How did this happen?

Well, when Republicans tax and spend like Democrats, the two parties simply seem to be equally inept and corrupt. Although I voted for President George Bush, he greatly disappointed me with his eagerness to run with socialist programs and deficit spending. For the record, I am a Republican.

Third-Party Thumping

Historically third-party candidates have significantly influenced electoral outcomes they have never won the office of president and third-party candidates have not significantly challenged mainline candidates for either the US Senate or the US House of Representatives.

Ross Perot and his exuberant Reform Party garnered the highest ever percentage of the popular vote, but they won no electoral votes, the votes that count in the presidential race. Indeed, I believe Perot ran only to spoil the re-election chances of President George Herbert Walker Bush. At the end of the day we older folk remember trite Perot-isms like “the giant sucking sound as jobs go south” and “war has rules, mud wrestling has rules – politics has no rules”. Perot was a leader, a maverick leader, unfortunately. I say ‘unfortunately’ because he diluted the Republican vote and discredited President Bush whom he resented for denying him access to top-secret information. The outcome? President Bill Clinton. By no means do I impugn his patriotism. Ross Perot loves America. He championed the cause of MIA’s and valiantly rescued EDS employees held hostage by Iranian Islamist captors.

GOP: Natural Home for Conservatives

Agitated, activist conservatives, many who never became involved in political campaigns before, no longer sit idly by while ‘ivory tower’ Republican leadership picks candidates for the top jobs. We coalesced around the theme of Taxed Enough Already (TEA) Party events, demanding new leadership and adherence to conservative principles. They are people like me. Rockwall County conservatives united at two TEA parties that I organized. I quickly point out that I only organized the TEA parties; it was the valuable contributions of speakers, Tom Taylor’s sound system and professional skills, and support from local and state Republican leaders that made the April 15th and July 4th events successful.

I strongly encourage GOP leaders to build their ‘Big Tent’ with room for TEA Party conservatives instead of following the business-as-usual approach of trying to appeal to liberal Democrats.

According to a national Gallup Poll, 40% of Americans interviewed call themselves conservative. We conservatives are the “single-largest ideological group” in America.

I invite Republican club members and Republican leaders to get out of the box and get to know conservatives in their respective communities. I likewise invite my fellow conservatives to join and participate in local Republican Party clubs. The word ‘influence’ derives from Latin: to flow in. You cannot be influential if you do not have a presence among people.

Failure Is Not an Option

If the GOP ignores the conservatives, the party invites disastrous third-party candidacies. We Americans are in crisis. I understand the Chinese symbolic compound meaning for crisis is “danger and opportunity”.

Danger – if we do not reverse our political slide into the abyss of socialism now, we will never recover.

Opportunity – united conservatives can revitalize the Grand Old Party, the Republican Party to restore Constitutional Rule of Law and fiscal sanity.


JOIN your local Republican clubs, VOTE Republican in the March primaries, PARTICIPATE in Post-primary Republican precinct caucuses where you can PROPOSE PLANKS for the Republican Party platform, and COMMUNICATE with your elected representatives.

Rockwall County Republican Party – online community

Contact: RockwallCounty@gopzone.net

Headquarters – 105 South San Jacinto Street, Rockwall, Texas 75087, 972.771.9195

Rockwall County Republican Men’s Club

Tony Hayes, President

Meets every second Saturday, Harry Myers Park Recreation Center

8:00 AM to 9:30 AM

Rockwall County Republican Women’s Club

Brenda Zielke, President

Meets monthly

Contact: rcrwtexas@gmail.com

Rockwall County Young Republicans

Aaron Moore, President

Meets monthly

Contact: amooreyr@yahoo.com


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