Brenda Zielke: GOP Chairman

Brenda Zielke




  • In which Republican clubs and/or meetings do you participate?
    • GOP Executive Board
    • Women’s Club
    • Men’s Club
    • Lunch Bunch
    • With what frequency do you attend meetings of one or more of the above?

    GOP Executive Board, Women’s Club, and Men’s Club.
    As Rockwall County Republican Women’s Club President  – Active Member, officer since 2007
    Men’s Club – Active Member
    GOP Executive Board – Ex Officio, as Rockwall County Republican Women’s president
    Attendance:  Regularly attend and volunteer


  • What are your feelings about raising property tax?

I support a commitment of government to exhaust all available resources in order to stay within a balanced budget with existing revenues before considering tax increases.  Our leaders face a big challenge of remaining competitive and providing services while not ignoring the financial crises of businesses and families.  We live in an electronic environment, providing almost instantaneous access to financial data.  This provides local governments with greater management tools in which  to make informed and prudent decisions. It also affords the opportunity to adjust to trends or financial forecasts quicker than in the past.  Given the current state of the economy and supporting data, we should expect a downward adjustment to property taxes.

  • Are you familiar with the budget for the office which you seek?

The GOP Party’s revenues and expenses are generally governed by statute.  However, it is the charge of the GOP county chairman to ensure the county party remains fiscally sound.  I support greater transparency in order to maintain the trust and support of all county Republicans. To my knowledge, over spending/over budget is not an issue.

  • What are you willing to cut out of your budget to limit spending?

The GOP has responsibilities of elections in cooperation with the Rockwall County Elections administrator, and oversight from the Secretary of State.  In addition, we are the local arm of the Republican Party of Texas. I take this responsibility very seriously.  We not only have a responsibility to the state, and the GOP Party, but to our own local clubs and fellow Republicans.  I am interested in maximizing the funds through prudent management that we, the Party, have raised for not only the required aspects of elections, but also to support our precinct chairmen, Republican nominees and campaigns to Get out the Vote.

  • What do you think will happen if the US government does not reign in runaway spending?

Fiscal restraint not only speaks well of a family, but also a nation.  We are on a disastrous course if we do not reign in spending.  If we continue, we will either assume more debt or have to raise taxes.


  • Will you have an open door to your constituents?


  • Presently, Commissioners Court meets during business hours, limiting participation by citizens. Will you support holding Commissioner Court evening meetings to facilitate citizen involvement?

According to the Texas Constitution, the Commissioner’s Court is the governing body of the County and is to carry out the administrative and judicial responsibilities for the State. It would not be practical to hold general sessions during the evening.  The hub of commerce that impacts the county is carried out during the business week. However, some issues warrant greater citizen participation or input. This could be done by appointing ad-hoc committees to study issues and report back to the court or by holding special open forums, providing the opportunity for greater interaction with the citizens of Rockwall.  There are other creative ways to ensure commissioners are aware of the opinions of the county residents.  I would encourage them to seek out those in their precinct and get better acquainted with their concerns and issues in order to intelligently represent them.


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