Jack James: JP – Pct 1 & 4



Jack James

Website          www.jackjames4jp.com

E-Mail             jackjames4jp@gmail.com


  • In which Republican clubs and/or meetings do you participate?
    • GOP Executive Board
    • Women’s Club
    • Men’s Club
    • Lunch Bunch
    • With what frequency do you attend meetings of one or more of the above?

I have attended the Republican Mens Club breakfast for the past 4 months.


  • What are your feelings about raising property tax?

I am not for raising property taxes because I believe that in most budgets there are enough discretionary funds to make up for any deficits. People as well as government agencies need to live within their means.

  • Are you familiar with the budget for the office which you seek?


  • What are you willing to cut out of your budget to limit spending?

Before cutting the budget of the office I am seeking, I would want to conduct an audit of how things are currently operating. I think to make cuts without evaluating the needs of the citizens would be detrimental to the county.  However, if I am elected and I see line items that are not necessary, I have no problem making the budget cuts.

  • What do you think will happen if the US government does not reign in runaway spending?

If the US government does not reign in runaway spending, the country will go bankrupt.  Our children and our grand children will suffer immensely.  The government needs to stop spending money they don’t have on programs and bailouts that we don’t need.


  • Will you have an open door to your constituents?

Absolutely.  I have only one campaign promise and that is, “I will never forget that I work for you”. (the citizens of Rockwall county)

  • Presently, Commissioners Court meets during business hours, limiting participation by citizens. Will you support holding Commissioner Court evening meetings to facilitate citizen involvement?

I am running for Justice of the Peace and would not want to make a decision for the Commissioners.


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