Michelle Sutton: JP – Pct 1 & 4

Michelle Sutton

Website          www.michelleleeksutton.com

E-Mail             michelle@michelleleeksutton.com


  • In which Republican clubs and/or meetings do you participate?
    • GOP Executive Board
    • Women’s Club
    • Men’s Club
    • Lunch Bunch
    • With what frequency do you attend meetings of one or more of the above?

I plan to continue to attend the monthly Lunch Bunch meetings, be actively involved with the Women’s Club, and am considering joining the Men’s Club and offering my assistance in achieving their group goals.

I am a lifelong Republican.  I was a College Republican at Southern Methodist University where I was educated by (among others) Sen. John Tower.  I participated in the 1988 Bush/Quayle presidential campaign and have volunteered, contributed to, and promoted conservative values and candidates since that time.


  • What are your feelings about raising property tax?

I do not believe property tax rates should be raised.

  • Are you familiar with the budget for the office which you seek?

I am familiar with the Justice of the Peace Precincts 1 & 4 portion of the Rockwall County 2010 Proposed Budget Draft #2 filed August 21, 2009.

  • What are you willing to cut out of your budget to limit spending?

Proposed Budget Draft #2 indicates $600 (2010 001-471-415) is allocated for visiting judges/arraignments.  I would endeavor to make arrangements with the Justice of the Peace for Precincts 2 & 3 and the County Judge to ensure that it is unnecessary for the county to hire a visiting judge in the unlikely event that I am unavailable to perform my duties.

Proposed Budget Draft #2 indicates that there is significant inequity in salary and expense payments between Justice of the Peace 1 & 4 and Justice of the Peace 2 & 3.  Whether or not there is an eventual leveling of salaries and expenses between the two Justices of the Peace (because I will be performing all of the duties expected from the Justice of the Peace for Precinct 1 & 4), I promise to work hard and be a courteous, efficient, and productive Rockwall County official.  I will endeavor to perform all that is asked of me by the County Commissioners and citizens of Rockwall County.  I recognize that the needs of a county fluctuate and I will be flexible in the execution of my duties.

I am uncertain as to any other specific budget cuts I am willing to make to limit spending.  What I promise is that when I take office I will take time to evaluate how the Court is run, I will be open to suggestions for change from the County Commissioners, court staff, county employees, and citizens, and that I will apply my MBA, and business, law office and court management experience to develop a budget that is fiscally sound with a focus on efficiency and limiting spending. Additionally, I will apply county, state, and personal performance measures to periodically evaluate the effectiveness of my plans.

  • What do you think will happen if the US government does not reign in runaway spending?

The $1.417 trillion federal budget deficit will continue to balloon which could result in the eventual financial collapse of our nation.


  • Will you have an open door to your constituents?

Yes, absolutely.

I am subject to Rules of Court, Procedure, Evidence, and Judicial Conduct which may limit what I may hear or discuss, but I will respectfully notify a constituent if, or when, his or her concerns infringe upon these Rules.

Additionally, my court and staff with be courteous and respectful and will strive to be a model of competence and efficiency.

I will expect courtroom decorum and observing my court docket and other job duties will be paramount, but I will make myself available to constituents as I am able.

  • Presently, Commissioners Court meets during business hours, limiting participation by citizens. Will you support holding Commissioner Court evening meetings to facilitate citizen involvement?

I support citizen participation.  Citizens have the power to elect Commissioners willing to hold Commissioner Court evening meetings to facilitate citizen involvement.


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