Paul Wilson: GOP Chairman

Paul Wilson




  • In which Republican clubs and/or meetings do you participate?
    • GOP Executive Board
    • Women’s Club
    • Men’s Club
    • Lunch Bunch
    • With what frequency do you attend meetings of one or more of the above?

While living in Rockwall the past four years I joined the Rockwall Republican Men’s Club attending 2 out of 3 meetings each quarter of membership.  I have also had the wonderful opportunity to represent my Precinct as Precinct 3 Chairman, Election Judge and as a member of the Rockwall County Executive Committee, attending all but one committee meeting during my tenure.


  • What are your feelings about raising property tax?

I am adamantly against raising property taxes.  The 2009 tax rate for Fate-2.059 %, Heath-2.188%, Rockwall-2.348%, Rowlett-2.375% and Royce City-2.46% is more than adequate and will remain so for some time.  For year end 2008, Rockwall County was rated as the fastest growing county in Texas, the fastest growing state in the U.S.  As the population growth continues so will the tax base.  To supplement this population growth and increased demand for civil services (utilities, roads, etc..) I am of the strong opinion that current gasoline taxes, earmarked for TXDOT, should return to the county and remain there.

  • Are you familiar with the budget for the office which you seek?
  • What are you willing to cut out of your budget to limit spending?

The current budget is a zero sum game solely dependent on charitable donations and is not labeled as public money.  However, I am of the strong opinion that fundraising efforts must be improved in an effort to more effectively unite the Republican Party with the community through an extensive PR campaign designed to develop a positive image, recruit and nurture future candidates and ultimately expand on membership and volunteerism.

  • What do you think will happen if the US government does not reign in runaway spending?

Although, the challenges to our nation are many, I am convinced the out of control spending of our federal government is at the top of the list.  Our President and his administration have been responsible for increasing our debt ceiling to $13 Trillion in anticipation of more spending.  Or rather, printing of money we don’t have.  We are looking down a double barrel shotgun.  The barrel on the left brings us a devalued/destabilized dollar and the other barrel contains runaway inflation.  Simply put, if our representatives continue to sit idly by, the law of supply and demand for goods and services will apply to the dollar as well.  The more money printed and circulated, the less it will be worth.  We must exhort our citizenry to demand accountability.


  • Will you have an open door to your constituents?
  • Presently, Commissioners Court meets during business hours, limiting participation by citizens. Will you support holding Commissioner Court evening meetings to facilitate citizen involvement?


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