Ralph M. Hall – The Greatest Generation

Hon. Ralph M. Hall
Hon. Ralph M. Hall

I hold in my hands a campaign advertisement from Steve Clark. It came to my home via Parcel Post. Steve has gone overboard with disingenuous claims against my friend and revered Congressman Ralph M. Hall.

First of all, Steve Clark calls himself a “conservative Republican”. Ralph is a genuine Republican, my son David is a genuine Republican, Ken Dickson is a genuine Republican, and I am a genuine Republican. How do I know my fellow genuine Republicans? I regularly meet them at Republican meetings where we have genuine conversations about important issues.

To my knowledge, and to the best of my memory, I recall only ever seeing Steve Clark at the Men’s Club one time. Strong Conservative?

Second, let’s examine his implication that Ralph opposes term limits. Last month, I asked my Congressman about his stand on term limits. He sent me a large manila envelope containing copies of several documents pertinent to his actions on term limits. Sitting on my work table, fewer than three feet from my eyes, is that envelope containing a copy of an “Amendment in the Nature of a Substitute to H.J. Res. 2 Offered by Mr. Hall of Texas”, dated March 8, 1995. This amendment, had the bill become law, would have established involuntary term limits fifteen years ago. A copy of another document, a press release from the Term Limits Legal Institute, dated April 12, 1995, “applauds Rep. Ralph Hall for voting YES on final passage of congressional term limits”. In fact, he voted for four term limits bills. The bills failed due to lack of a super majority favoring them.

I asked Congressman Hall why he submitted the amendment. “Because my constituents wanted me to”, he answered.

Third, about Clark’s defamatory claim that Ralph Hall is “losing touch with us”, it is easier for me to talk with my Congressman than to get time with some folks who never leave Rockwall County. Indeed, I make it a point of visiting his Rockwall office, calling or sending email to comment on issues and I always get a reply. If the case is such that Steve Clark is not in touch with Ralph, it can only be because he doesn’t want to be. [Click here for Ralph Hall’s biography]

Hall Urges Democrats to Drop Government Takeover of Health Care
Hall Urges Democrats to Drop Government Takeover of Health Care

Tom Brokaw’s book titled “The Greatest Generation”, tells the stories of “individual men and women, the story of a generation, America’s citizen heroes and heroines who came of age during the Great Depression and the Second World War and went on to build modern America.” Among these, the Greatest Generation, were orchestra leader Glenn Miller, American Airlines President C. R. Smith, 41st President George H. W. Bush and Congressman Ralph M. Hall.

To Steve Clark I say, we in Congressional District 4 continue to re-elect Ralph Hall because he represents us and he works hard to maintain personal contact with the people of his district. As Dean of the House, no one has greater prestige among the members of the House of Representatives. We Republicans are poised to retake the floor of the House and Congressman Ralph M. Hall is prepared to demonstrate that The Greatest Generation has the Right Stuff to reverse the perilous course of action undertaken by the Democrat majority.

John White

Rockwall County TEA Party Organizer


13 thoughts on “Ralph M. Hall – The Greatest Generation

  1. I am amazed at this so called endorsement, the actuall Tea Parties don’t endorse, so this is just a made up anybody do Tea Party. I am assamed of such groups trying to claim Tea Party affiliations where none exist. What a load of horse you know what. Sounds like this guy just made up his own tea party and then endorsed someone he was afraid of.

    1. You have no need to be amazed. I am, in fact, the Rockwall County TEA Party organizer. Our team held outstanding rallies on April 15th at the Rockwall City Hall and on July 4th around the Rockwall County Courthouse. If you would like to test your theory about me being a fearful individual, I am delighted to meet you in person. We have several excellent Starbucks coffee shops in Rockwall where we can meet for coffee and make introductions. If helpful to you, here are three links to reports on some of the events I led:

      July 17th @ Sen. Hutchison’s office, our people joined with others to protest Obamacare http://bit.ly/cUeQX9

      July 4th TEA Party @ Courthouse http://bit.ly/bKWP0S

      April 15th TEA Party @ City Hall http://bit.ly/zBDxy

      Along the way, we participated in the 912 project and we are active locally fighting property tax increases.

      Congressman Hall was one of the protesters at the D.C. 912 Rally on the Mall.

      We hold three regular meetings in Rockwall County, all focusing on different issues.

      You are welcome to join us anytime.

  2. For all readers, certain persons have organized political groups calling them selves TEA Party by one name or another. The fact some group chooses to call it self a “TEA Party” is fundamental to the First Amendment and I applaud them. The First Amendment works for me, too. And, indeed, I do in fact endorse conservative candidates.

  3. In 1995 Ralph admitted his constituents wanted term limits, yet he went on to run again and again,16 terms so far! Like most Washington insiders, he makes laws that will affect someone else (cut Medicare, slash the defense budget, then vote themselves a fat raise). Senator Edwards “believed” in fidelity! Bobby Kennedy “believed” in planned parenthood. Actions speak louder than words.
    I’ve been to Republican meetings in other counties, I’ve talked to people in Rockwall county. Not all of them have as prompt access as you do to Mr. Hall.
    I attended a TEA party rally, but didn’t realize it was suppose to be another party to which I owed allegiance and affiliation. I made the naive assumption it was a group of people like myself who had tired of “business as usual” in Washington, who were tired of sending the same people and expecting different results. It is time to listen to the constituents.

  4. If a Rockwall County resident does not have access to Ralph Hall, it can only be because he hasn’t wanted it. The reason I know Ralph is because I want to. I also know my State Representative Jodie Laubenberg and my State Senator Bob Deuell. All three know me by sight and know my name – not because of any reason other than I make it a point to be in contact with them. All laws affect all Americans. If you attended one of my TEA parties and left with some notion you were obligated to pledge your allegiance to it, you misunderstood the reason we came together. I became a TEA Party organizer last year to restore the influence and authority of “We The People”. Anyone with the naive understanding that all elected office holders should be replaced with novices, doesn’t appreciate the power of the bureaucracy. It is also helpful to understand that all elected officials have “term limits”. Ralph Hall’s term is limited to four years. The reason he has repeatedly returned to office is because we re-elect him. In this community of Rockwall, he is highly respected and he is loved.

    I suggest you try to contact him personally and not rely on the negative heresay of his few critics. Anyone can be one of thousands of callers or a faceless sender of email, but you can visit his distric offices and make an appointment to visit with him just as I do.

    Of course, you can follow the blind leaders who think the solution is to “sweep them all out of office” and suffer the consequences.

    At this critical juncture, our liberties and our properties face unparalled perils at the hands of the Democrats and a White House staff are working to set up a fascist government with central planners and “czars” in charge of every aspect of our lives.

    The astronomical debt the Obama-Reid-Pelosi cabal are building up has the potential to push us into a dark age where I money will be worthless, and unemployment will continue to rise – everywhere except in government.

  5. John, I concur, Ralph has always returned my mail with a personal letter directly answering my questions. It is very rare to find that he has voted any way other than the way I would vote myself. I feel honored to have Ralph as my representative in congress.

    1. I cast my vote for Ralph Hall. He takes the time to listen and always, always responds to our notes. Recently, I spent over an hour in his office asking questions. He never looked at his watch once. He gets A+ in communication and honoring what we want. We need him another term fighting for us in Washington. His concerns are not just for our counties, but for the entire country.

  6. I was at a republican dinner last weekend and I am sorry Ralph might of been a great congressman in the past but its time for him to step down. Just because he might sit down and talk with a few select does not mean other canidates would not do the same. He could not even stand for long periods of time! There are rumors that he has had mini strokes and after last weekend I think it might be true. When asked questions like why do you vote the way you do. He said because I vote the same way Sam Johnson tells me to vote. If he can’t make his own decisions ITS TIME TO RETIRE!!!! Do you really think at age 86 he takes the time to read 100 pages Health Care Bills? I think not! People are wanting change. Its time to elect new fresh faces that do not rely on others to tell them how to vote.

    1. A Droste this is totally not true and I have spent extensive time with Ralph over the past year and have even takin a jog with him. I am a 21 year old college athlete and had a hard time keeping up with him through the jog and the distance he ran. He is in great shape and is sharp as he has ever been. Also, dont make assumptions if he has read the health care bill or not. State fact not ur assumptions. U are letting your personal feeling cloud ur judgement and allowing it to corrupt ur judgement. This has led u to state opinions that you have no knowledge on. Ralph u will get my vote again for the simple fact that you understand that you vote for the people of the 4th district and you represent us very respectable and with great dignity.

  7. One more thing. You said that Ralph is a genuine Republican. Why is it that he has only been a republican for 6 years. Most of his time in office has been a Democrate?

    1. Ralph represents his constituency and his constituency was not ready for him to change parties for some years. All of the time he has been in office he has been a great American patriot and a conservative lawmaker.

      Ronald Reagan and I were Democrats before we became Republicans, too.

      For Reagan, Ralph Hall and for me, in a sense we did not leave the Democrat Party – the Democrat Party left us. It was Jimmy Carter who caused me to become a Republican.

      1. Ronald Reagan became a Republican before 1976. It took Ralph 30 years later to catch up. So don’t call Ralph a Reagon Republican!

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