Economy in Crisis – How Will You Cope With It?

Our Speaker

Edward A. Baxter
Edward A. Baxter

Edward A. Baxter is a 25 year veteran of the securities markets concentrating on asset management and financial counseling. He has worked at some of the largest investment firms in the industry and maintains 5 securities registrations including Registered General Securities Principal.   

He has lectured on financial subjects at major corporations, churches, non-profits, civic organizations, women’s groups, schools and investment clubs.   

His independent financial practice focuses on retirement income planning, asset protection, estate transfer, active asset allocation.   

Mr. Baxter has appeared on radio and television programs and is available for presentations and lectures to your group on financial topics.   

Rockwall Conservative Forum

Meeting Place:              La Madeleine Restaurant – rear meeting room   

When:                          Saturday, April 3, 2010   

Address:                       907 East I-30 –  Rockwall, TX   

Time:                            Opens promptly at 9 am, closes promptly at 10 am   

Cost:                             Free   

Come Prepared

Meeting is open to everyone, no age restriction. Bring a notebook and pen. How will you, your family and your business cope with economic uncertainty? Learn from an expert.   


Contact :                       John White   

US Economic Situation

A leftist federal government, controlled by a Democrat majority and led by a socialist president, has incurred national debt in one year that increased gross national debt over $2 trillion! For up to date numbers on the national debt, read  

Ed Baxter’s Outlook (added 4-5-10)

  • Lower global standing
  • Inflation
  • Devalued dollar
  • Poor treasury auctions
  • Lowered standards of living
  • Sky-high taxes to pay for entitlement spending
  • Higher commodity prices
  • Slow/low economic growth


Adios to Easy Credit

Subprime credit card companies like Premier Bankcard feature unimagineable interest rates as high as 79.9%.   

Double-dip recession forecast by big firms

“Nearly 40 percent of major companies in a survey said that the economy is “highly likely” or “likely” to fall into a double-dip recession…”   


Security and Medicare: The Twin Disasters That Will “Break the Bank”   

Medicare and Social Security Are Going Bankrupt And Obama Isn’t Even Trying To Fix Them

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