Bob Amick – We Have a Choice

Editor’s note: I am pleased to re-print an email from Col. Bob Amick in support of Jerry Hogan for County Judge.

John Whte

Friends and Associates:

Tomorrow, we have a choice between two qualified candidates.

I have voted for my choice, Jerry Hogan, because I strongly believe that he is the BEST QUALIFIED.

Jerry completed a “first” career as an “authoritarian leader” in our Army Special Forces. Be assured that if he would have applied “Obama like” consensus building to his assigned missions, he would still be waiting to pursue the enemy…in the military and in the civilian world we don’t have the luxury of deferring decisions until we have “consensus of the committee”. Simply stated, a leader must lead…not wait on a committee to defer and delay. Jerry’s leadership style is such that he makes decisions that reflect the will of the people, and does so in a manner that is truly conservative…not progressive!

 My request to each of you is simple…please vote tomorrow…and if you agree with my position, vote for Jerry Hogan. His success in leading large groups of people (more than 2) is documented. Rockwall County needs Jerry’s expertise..NOW!


 Bob Amick

Fellow Authoritarian(by choice), Retired Army Colonel, and proud Rockwall County Resident

2 thoughts on “Bob Amick – We Have a Choice

  1. Bob Amick fail to understand that county government is lead by consensus. According to an e-mail I received today Hogan states that if he had led by consensus in the military he would be among the ranks of dead soldiers. Hogan has failed to realize that county government is lead by Consensus. County government is not the military. Unfortunately Hogan is the least qualified to lead the county. He fails to understand how real government works and believes that authoritarian leadership is the best leadership. If Hogan is elected he will not lead but be on the loosing end of many 4 to 1 votes. Hogans leadership style is not the type of leadership this county needs. Kevin Fowler has the qualifications and experience necessary to move Rockwall County forward.

    1. I, too, was a military leader in my day. In the time of the Vietnam War morale was low to non-existent. Consequently the “consensus” of the men with whom I served was a “short-timers” attitude – negative talk, low productivity, alcoholism, etc. I lead by being the best I could be, learning the most I could learn, out produce everyone around me. Consequently, I advanced in rank phenomenoly. I EARNED the respect of my men. And because they respected me the FOLLOWED me. You and a few others seem to have some false illusion of leadership whereby the leader is more of a goat herder. A leader knows where to go, what to do, how to get there, when to go. You apparently have either never understood or experienced true leadership. True: the commissioners court votes and a consensus of the vote carries the motion. For many years we have had a dearth of leadership where the court has had two or more “heads” and, as I remember the old Japanese movies, anything with two heads is a monster. Our “monster” conceived a multi-million boondoggle that we the voters opposed. Since the issue is unimportant to you, I assume you did not vote back in 2004 or 2005.

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