Dallas TEA Party for Rockwall?

TEA Party Rockwall
TEA Party Rockwall

Several of you are receiving appeals from the Dallas TEA Party to join the Dallas TEA Party. You ask, “Who is this guy?” – I don’t know him, but I know his organization.

 2008 Elections spawned a plethora of “TEA Party” groups around the country. Collectively and independent of one another, we held Tax Day protest rallies April 15, 2009.

 Our April 15th rally drew over 2,000 conservative Americans to City Hall in Rockwall. It was a glorious event because it was a spontaneous movement by concerned citizens. We collected no fees, rented no equipment, paid no salaries and we left the property undamaged and clean. Local leaders like Col. Jerry Hogan, Rockwall City Council members and other conservative spokesmen inspired our people to resist socialism and radical government spending.

Our July 4th Independence Day rally around the Historic Courthouse was, likewise, a stellar event where we were encouraged and inspired by Gov. Perry, Cong. Ralph Hall, State Rep. Jodie Laubenberg and other conservative leaders. Once again, we collected no fees, rented no equipment, paid no salaries and we left the property undamaged and clean. It was a genuine grassroots production.

The Dallas TEA Party started off right with its first rally at Dallas City Hall on April 15th. But, what happened next? Ironically, the Dallas TEA Party held its July 4th rally in Collin County.

What’s the difference between the Dallas TEA Party and the Rockwall TEA party? We are a grassroots organization of independent citizens who work to promote conservative legislation by involving ourselves in the government process by communicating with and influencing lawmakers and other elected officials. The Dallas TEA Party claims to stand for conservative principles and expects to influence government apart from working with elected officials. How is that possible?

Before I went abroad in April, I encouraged Rockwall County conservatives to participate in the Lone Star TEA Party. About 27 area TEA Party groups were planning to attend. At the last moment, the Fort Worth 912 Project withdrew from the event. Why? The Fort Worth organization, like our Rockwall group, understands how government works: we must elect conservative candidates and give them a forum to lead. The Fort Worth 912 group wanted to feature Stephen Broden, an eloquent conservative statesman and political candidate. That experience discourages me from future participation with the Dallas TEA Party.

What is the strategy of the Dallas TEA Party if not to support conservative candidates? I truly don’t know, but they behave a lot like a third party. Third party? Do we need to split the conservative vote, thereby facilitating Democrat victories? I think not.

Should you join the Dallas TEA Party? This is America, friends – we are still a free people. If you need “marching orders”, it’s probably a good fit for you. On the other hand, if you are an informed, independent-minded conservative voter, you might want to investigate the organization.

Meanwhile, what is the Rockwall TEA Party doing?

 April 15th, 2009 – TAX Day rally in Rockwall County

July 4th, 2009 – Independence Day rally in Rockwall County

July 17th, 2009 – joined with other TEA Parties to protest Obamacare in front of Sen. Hutchison’s Dallas Office

September 4th, 2009 – Participated in the TEA Party Express in North Dallas

September 9th, 2009 – Protested Obamacare in front of WFAA studios

September 12th, 2009 – Participated in the Fort Worth 912 Project

April 15th, 2010 – Participated in the Lone Star TEA Party (and, yes, I also made a financial contribution, even though I was not in attendance)

 Along the way, we held a Property Tax TEA Party at the Rockwall County Library where State Rep. Jodie Laubenberg and Cong. Ralph Hall led the discussion on property tax.

 Many of us worked to re-elect Cong. Ralph M. Hall who won the Republican primary election.

 We meet every month, the first Saturday, 9 am to 10 am at La Madeleine Restaurant in Rockwall, where we educate and inform conservative leaders on important and relevant issues.

7 thoughts on “Dallas TEA Party for Rockwall?

  1. One can only effectively be a member of so many groups, however Tea Party folks need to understand we can do nothing for change without a structured party system, electing CONSERVATIVE, freedom-loving people to office. We must unite behind those people & not go off the track with a third party or we are “lost” in this next election cycle. We must educate non-joiners of the issues & not fight among ourselves to promote personal agendas that change nothing & weaken the cause! Obama-types & tax & spend liberals love to have the opposition to have no direction! Freedom is not free!

  2. The Dallas Tea Party is largely a coalition of many local groups including cities like Garland, Arlington, Lewisville, Carrollton, Plano and many, many others. The five principles that guide our actions are:

    1. Limited Government
    2. The Rule of Law
    3. Fiscal Responsibility
    4. Personal Responsibility
    5. National Sovereignty

    Dallas Tea Party and Common Sense Texans (a coalition of 40 groups throughout Texas) are non-partisan and do not endorse candidates. We provide voting records and ratings and let people decide for themselves whom they support. Bluntly, a large percentage of DTP members did not support Governor Perry nor Ralph Hall in the primary. Strong arguments could be made that both have strayed from conservative values.

    I’m not sure who from DTP is appealing for Rockwall members to join Dallas Tea Party. If the Rockwall Tea Party wants to continue partnering with the Republican party, that’s fine. We believe Republicans share much of the blame for the current situation we are experiencing. Dallas Tea Party prefers to endorse fiscally conservative ideals, not politicians.

    As for our July 4th Tea Party being held in Collin County. The majority of DTP members live in Collin County, as do I. We held a tremendous event at Southfork Ranch with 37,000 patriots attending from all over North Texas and beyond. We enjoyed a great show with nationally known speakers, musical acts and a 25 minute fireworks program.

    Also, the Dallas Tea Party began on February 27, 2009 and not April 15th. We were one of the original 22 American cities that began the movement. Also, there are inferences in the article that salaries are paid to members of DTP. That is not true. We also are a grassroots movement managed by volunteers.

    I agree with the author that the approach between DTP and Rockwall Tea Party is different. There are two large differences between DTP and Rockwall Tea Party. We do not endorse candidates or allow them to speak from the microphone at events and DTP has been called by at least two national groups the largest and most effective tea party group in the United States.

    Phillip Dennis
    Dallas Tea Party
    Steering Committee

    As for giving “marching orders,” it is hard to defend Rockwall’s putting Perry, Hall and others on the stage for campaign stops and not calling it marching orders. Did you ever consider that maybe someone in your group supported another candidate?

    1. Ken Dickson is correct, we must work to get conservatives in office. As I often tell a die-hard libertarian friend, it is easier to affect change from the inside. I was at the lone star tea party, and the same question I have at every gathering is the same when I hear people complaining about “Obama” or “Pelosi”: what about LOCAL elections? Obama didn’t build a $40 million county courthouse against our will, Pelosi isn’t trying to build a $30 million dollar athletic complex and Reid doesn’t want to landscape a scant-used road in town for $27 million.
      We can all agree and complain that “Washington” is broken. Well, “we the people” broke it. We allow the liberal mind set to run rampant in our local elected offices that works its way up the ladder to Washington.
      You want to change Washington? Start in Rockwall, Rowlett, Frisco, Mansfield, etc. Demand conservatism in the municipalities, the people we send to Washington get their start locally in the party activities and offices. And if they won’t do: RU FOR OFFICE AND DO IT YOURSELF.
      Is the party system perfect? Hardly. Even G. Washington warned us against the perils when he left office. But it exist and is right now impossible to topple, but things can change if “you” change it.
      It is irrelevant how many ten’s of thousands show up for any rally if at the conclusion they do nothing.
      That’s why I filed to run in a local election. How many other “tea partiers” have done the same?

  3. How is working to reelect Ralph Hall helping put conservatives in office?
    I smell a high jacking.

  4. I a member of the Dallas Tea Party, have been since the first rally in feb at victory plaza. Listening to the Mark Davis show I heard Ken and Phil urge people to get involved locally. I live in Rockwall and wanted to learn more about the local group.
    I was surprised to see the groups support for Mr. Hall.
    I’m not sure how more of the same will help us once we’ve taken back the House. I did indeed support Steve Clark in the primary. It’s kind of funny that you asked so many questions of me. Are those 3 groups, Dallas Tea party members, Steve Clark supporters and Libertarians to be dismissed out of hand? Are these groups of people not welcome in the Rockwall Tea party? I noticed the articles on the interweb reported that a Libertarian was told that literature supporting Mr. Hall would be allowed but no other candidates? The first rule of “good ole boy” politics is to exclude all the new guys.

    1. I asked the questions simply because I wanted to know. The Libertarian dishonestly reported that I kept him away. In fact, we had several local Democrats and a Libertarina, Rick Donaldson, at the TEA Party. Everyone is welcome to Rockwall County TEA Parties and no one is turned away. With respect to ‘good oloe boy’ politics, perhaps you would entertain a visit with me over coffee at a local Starbucks. I would like to visit with you about that and Steve Clark.

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