David White – Place 6 Rockwall City Council

David White - Place 6, Rockwall City Council
David White - Place 6, Rockwall City Council

I cast my vote for David White, Rockwall City Council, Place 6.

Early voting starts Monday morning. Be sure to cast your ballot.

David is my choice because his conservative values mirror my own. He understands the times and he knows what to do.

How is it that I have known David for 35 years? That’s easy to answer: he’s my youngest son. David has worked with me for many years as project manager, estimator and computer programmer. He knows how to manage a budget and to control costs. It is fair to say, he attends more City Council meetings than most of the members of Council and regularly reports City activities at http://rockwallzoo.com

Too long, progressive liberals have held control over Rockwall City Government, exposing us to enormous financial risks. It’s time to reign in taxes and spending. It’s time for transparency in government. It’s time for accountability.

Vote David White, Rockwall City Council, Place 6.

Early voting starts April 26.

26 thoughts on “David White – Place 6 Rockwall City Council

  1. Other than being a resident of the city of legal age I see nothing that gives me confidence that David even understands the duties and responsibilities of the office he seeks much less has the qualifications. Attending meetings and writing about them in a Blog falls way short of what he needs. I’ll vote for Margo … better qualified by a mile.

    1. Bob,

      As always, I appreciate your comments and I can always count on a liberal bias from you. And your vote for Margo was a foregone conclusion.

      To be sure, you probably don’t understand why his dependable attendance at City Council and Planning & Zoning meetings are important. Transparency has been lacking in City government for a very long time.

      Never before, at least in the 25 years of our residency, has a citizen like David devoted so much of his time to communicate the goings-on of Council to his fellow citizens. And, that’s a big problem for liberals like you, but the conservatives thoroughly enjoy his sometimes humorous blogs.

      David is, undoubtedly, one of the best resources for Rockwall residents who want to know how City government works.

      He is an officer of the Republican Mens Club and is a regular attender of two local conservative forums: Mark Russo’s political forum in Royse City and my Conservative Leadership forum held at La Madeleine.

      David does his homework. He knows the City charter, front to back and is well-informed on every issue brought before P&Z and Council.

      I am very proud of my son. Apparently, many, many other Rockwall voters share my opinion of him, too, as we will see on election day.

      1. John,

        First, thank you for allowing anyone/everyone to post on this website. I appreciate the openness you have demonstrated in this.

        Just one quick question … is “Rockwall Conservative” intended to be a personal/family website or is it intended to be a website for political discussion?

        One quick comment for you … I have been a Republican since I was 18 years old (maybe even longer but didn’t know it). But, I do not automatically believe that an individual is wrong, corrupt, or otherwise unfit for service if he/she wears a different label than I do. I look at the entire package, make my assessment, and decide accordingly. That, and that alone, is my reason for taking the position I have.

        And a quick comment for Ms. Crow … Please re-read my earlier comments. They ARE NOT what you have interpreted them to be.


  2. So being qualified (as in currently holding the office) makes one the best candidate according to Mr. Cotti? I thought honesty, integrity, character, willingness to serve, and love of city would be more than enough to qualify one to run for council. Is there one thing so complicated about the duties and responsibilities of serving on council that most citizens couldn’t understand in short order? I think not. David’s opponent stated in the Dallas Morning News voters Q & A that a tax increase may be needed in order not to cut services. I would expect this council to cut any unnecessary spending on consultants, planning, landscape architects, trips, seminars, and future formation of any more TIF’s (such as a ballpark) before they asked their community to fork over more in tax money, especially since we are experiencing the worst economy since 1930 and people are struggling to keep their homes. A fiscal Conservative is sorely needed on this council and has more than enough qualifications to serve this city with or without experience!

  3. Just for the record, I cannot imagine going on a father’s webpage to make critical remarks about the father’s son. As a father himself, Mr. Cotti should know better.

  4. Just for the record, Ms. Crow, it is interesting to me you take offense that someone would respond to John White’s blog about his own son’s fitness to serve on the Rockwall City Council. Ms. Crow, when he put his name on the ballot, David White opened up his qualification, education, and yes, intellect, to scrutiny. He can’t hide behind mom and dad, and I find it amusing you can’t understand that.

    Now, as for John’s comments about liberal control of the Rockwall City Council, I say John, you are, respectfully, incorrect. From 1995 to 2005, the City of Rockwall tax rate remained at about .36 cents per $100 of valuation, and we had the roads and infrastructure to prove it. We had two fire stations when we needed four; our roads were a joke; our animal services center was not just bad, it was disgusting.

    It was not until the citizens of the City of Rockwall voted in 2005 to spend approximately $70,000,000 to build two new fire stations, a brand new road, and a new animal adoption center (along with more parks) that the tax rate went up. Now fewer than 6 of the 7 current sitting council members are members of the Rockwall County Republican Men’s Club. That Margo Nielsen is not does not make David more qualified to serve on the council–membership in clubs does not make you smart or ignorant, or good or bad, right or wrong, nor does it make one qualified or unqualified.

    And before you make bold and ultimately flatly false claims of liberal control of the city council, I respectfully ask that you talk to some Rockwall County Republican’s who are not members of the TEA Party about what they think of the City of Rockwall, and why they voted to spend $70,000,000 to improve our community. Do you honestly think it’s because only Democrats voted in that bond election? I don’t think that is the case–hard working Republicans of the Reagan variety voted for those bonds.

    And yes, there are plenty of Republicans out there that are not members of the TEA Party. You don’t have to be a member of the TEA Party to know the Obama Administration is trying to destroy the country in ways that resemble European-style government; you don’t have to be a member of the TEA Party to know that socialized medicine (Obamacare) is bad for everyone, including doctors, hospitals, citizens, and tax payers.

    But not everyone who does not agree with far right extremism is a liberal. In fact, I don’t even understand how you or David can claim David is a Republican–he is a Libertarian by admission. But if being progressive means wanting to build a better community in which to raise my children, in the hopes that one day they return to Rockwall and raise their children, then I’ll take that moniker any day. Because being Republican and being conservative are about more than the tax rate; they are about being responsible with tax dollars, and about building families and communities. And that is exactly what the City of Rockwall has done since 2005, all with the voting approval of the citiens of the City of Rockwall.

    Matt Scott
    Rockwall City Council, Place 5

  5. MR. SCOTT,

    You are a Council MAN FOR THIS CITY?? I AM APPALLED AT YOUR COMMENT TO MRS. CROW…I will make sure to remember your name when you decide to run for Mayor NEXT YEAR!! I don’t know who you think you serve..but I can tell you sir you serve us.

    Sincerely your Constitute,
    Michelle Smith

    1. Correction..That would be “constituent” ..I was in so much disbelief by your comment, I misspelled the word…I honest can’t believe the RUDENESS!

  6. Big britches. “Far right extremism”???? Maybe you need to attend a rally and see who else attends. Last one I went to had Ralph Hall, Jodie Laubenberg, etc. Interesting choice of words you have there, Matt Scott Rockwall City Council, Place 5. I suggest you tell Ralph and Jodie what you think of them at the next Republican Men’s Club since you don’t mind being so frank, and don’t care about the venue. Now that would be “interesting”. But I doubt you will.

    Jim White
    Rockwall Resident

  7. Mr. Scott,

    Glad I amused you because you and Bob Cotti monitoring webpages astounds me. I am not voting for Bill Bricker but I would never, under any circumstances, go on his web page for the purpose of insulting him. Never! It would serve NO purpose, just as Cotti’s remarks served no purpose. It was classless. There is no other word for it.

    As a still young man, you may not realize it yet, but regardless of whether your children are 10 or 40, you feel the same way about them always. Did you see “The Blind Side”? If you did, recall the mother’s statement “you mess with my son and you mess with me”? It doesn’t change – ever. And of course, throwing ones hat in the ring opens one to scrutiny. It can be in the newspaper, in an ad, a flyer, or voiced to all that you encounter but you don’t insult a parent’s child to them personally. It’s not done and again, it is classless thing to do.

    As a Reagan Conservative, I indeed DID vote yes to the cities bonds. I wanted new roads and pot holes filled and for our citizens to have decent and working water and sewer. And if I had the opportunity to vote on The Harbor, I probably would have voted yes. But you on council didn’t feel that the taxpayers of this city deserved a voice or a vote. We weren’t asked our opinion yet we ultimately pay the dollars that keep this city operating.

    Debt is not a good thing. It enslaves businesses, governments, people, and families. It affects quality of life. My husband and I encourage our grown children to get out of debt as soon as possible and not to incur new debt. I’m sure that our police station is crowded but we just redid that building not more than about eight years ago and I bet we haven’t paid for that renovation yet. Can we not “make do” to keep from incurring even more debt at this time when people and businesses are struggling financially all over this city? Have a little compassion and mercy for citizens in your community, at least until this economy turns around.

    Furthermore, you really do sound like the Obama Administration by calling Tea Party participants right wing extremists. I went to both Tea Parties and saw half of this town there. I saw and heard Gov. Perry, Ralph Hall, and Jodie Laubenberg at the one on July 4th. Are they right wing extremists too?

    But back to going on a father’s website for the purpose of insulting his son, who is a candidate for public office. It was unnecessary, mean-spirited, and not done in civil society. I’m as plain spoken as anyone can be but I know better than to do something like that.

  8. I also cast my vote today for David White for Place 6 on Rockwall City Council. I haven’t known David for 35 years, but I’ve known him for over 20, and I know of his abilities from having worked with him for several years. David’s overarching goal on the jobsite is always to meet his commitments as efficiently and effectively as possible, and he is consistently successful in meeting his goal. As project manager with a small company that puts in some big jobs, he often juggles numerous responsibilities at once, including systems design, installation supervision, and troubleshooting, all while getting the job in on time and within budget. Many of the institutional occupancies he works with, due to their 24-hour nature, require “hot” work and cannot be shut down for leisurely contemplation when problems arise. Accordingly, David has little patience for duplication and wasted action, because in his world the job has to get done right and get done quickly.

    How does this relate to city council service? After all, city government isn’t like contracting, right? Well, maybe it should be. While it’s nice and fun to dream up new things we’d like to see in the city—especially when we can deem them “needs” and make everybody pay for them!—the city has an obligation to provide for the commitments it already has with the most efficient use of the taxpayer dollar. David takes that obligation seriously, and he realizes that government produces absolutely nothing on its own; resources come from the taxpayer. He’ll exercise the same thrift with taxpayer money that he does in his personal and professional life.

    But thrift isn’t everything, and I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Scott’s assertion that there’s more to being conservative than the tax rate. Indeed, perhaps more important are David’s principles. He respects private property, recognizes that businesses should be welcomed to our city, and sees that the role of any level of government is to protect the rights of all citizens rather than to create new “rights” for some; council has arguably strayed from those principles. While it might be easy to get off in the weeds throwing around party labels in a non-partisan election, principles are the key. (Just to clarify: libertarian-leaning principles do not equal membership in the big “L” Libertarian Party, just as the label “conservative” does not denote membership in the Conservative Party, and participation in grassroots T.E.A. Parties does not equal membership in a TEA political party. Don’t worry, though; many people confuse party affiliation with principle.) Writing as a Republican who attended some T.E.A. Parties, but is not a member of the TEA Party, I can state that the strength of David’s dedication to principle would earn my vote even if he had but little leadership and planning ability.

    Fortunately, though, David has principles,leadership ability,and problem-solving skills. Even so, based on what I’ve seen from a small minority of sitting councilmen, neither common courtesy nor adult behavior appear to be firm prerequisites for serving on council. It’s truly doubtful that someone with David’s abilities would be unqualified with such a threshold. I would tend to agree with Ms. Crow in that after 14 months, especially after attending more council meetings than many councilmen can trouble themselves to attend, the common citizen should have a pretty good grasp of the issues if council is indeed transacting all its business in those ostensibly open meetings. If that isn’t the case, I suspect that it has more to do with a lack of transparency on the part of council than it does with the ability of the citizen. In any event, David White will be a perfect fit in Place 6.

  9. Ms. Crow, I did not go to a father’s web site to criticize his son. I went to a citizen’s web site who was publicly championing a candidate for public office, and was allowed to publicly post my own impressions of the candidate. And to say half the town was at the first TEA Party at Rockwall City Hall is almost too funny to read–a few hundred people out of a town of 35,000, and a county of over 60,000, is not half of anything.

    Jim White, I’ve never called Congressman Hall or Representative Laubenberg right wing extremists because I don’t believe they are. And their attendance at the first TEA Party gathering does not change that. In fact, even Mr. Weible makes that point–attending a TEA Party does not make one a TEA Party member, nor does it make someone a right wing extremist. My reference to right wing extremism was directed to John White and David White. Both are right wing extremists based on their comments, etc., and both are TEA Party members. I am a Republican, I am not, and have no interest in becoming, a TEA Party.

    Mr. Weible, I have to chuckle that you think I’m immature. Just out of curiosity, have you ever read David White’s blog? Are his condescending and snide comments about everyone and everything your idea of maturity? If so, then I can see why you think I’m immature and he is not.

    Ms. Smith, first, I too am a citizen and I too get to vote in this election. That means I am also entitled to my opinions about the candidates. Apparently you believe only those that love your candidate should express their opinions. Many elected officials won’t give you an honest opinion anymore becuase they are too worried about keeping their job. But I’ve never wanted any office so bad that I stopped doing my job, or stopped speaking my mind, and that includes the office I hold now and any other office I might seek. I never have and I never will. I understand you disagree with that, and you have every right to vote against me whenever you see my name on another ballot. That’s your right.

    Matt Scott
    Rockwall City Council, Place 5

    1. Mr. Scott,

      Glad to give you a chuckle. You’ll notice, though, that I neither called you immature nor even mentioned your name other than when I agreed with your statement about conservatism. Whether you see yourself in my other descriptions is beyond my control, but please don’t let your emotions or misreading create things in my comment that aren’t there.

      In order to satisfy your curiosity, yes, I have read David’s blog. Sometimes I enjoy it so much that I read his posts twice, one right after the other. It’s satire, and I find it quite entertaining. Others don’t. I’ve already given you my assessment of David’s attitude and abilities, so I’m not going to get into a petty, schoolyard contest of “Oh yeah? Well, what about HIM?!” I’m simply pointing out that the standards for service on council may not be quite as high as some would have us to believe, and David easily exceeds them.

    1. I notice you finally realized you were breaking the city charter by using you title to influence city politics. Nice. Someone as qualified as you should have known that long ago.

  10. Glen Beck Rule #6 – Observe with both friend and foe the ordinary rules of courtesy.

    You Mr. Scott Could learn a thing or two from him. I see your comments as RUDE and Disrepectful!

  11. David has known me all my life and I have never seen him, and to quote Matt Scott, “hide behind mom and dad.” wow you have that wrong. David is not a “right wing extremist,” again quoting Matt Scott. If loving the constitution and wanting to lower taxes and cut spending in the city that you live makes you an extremist, then I guess I am a homemaking extremist since that is how I run my household especially since I chose a sabbatical from teaching to raise twins and now live on one income. Whoo hoo a new label.

  12. Matt,

    What constitutes an “extremist” in your view, you didn’t define it completely. You said, “And yes, there are plenty of Republicans out there that are not members of the TEA Party. You don’t have to be a member of the TEA Party to know the Obama Administration is trying to destroy the country in ways that resemble European-style government; you don’t have to be a member of the TEA Party to know that socialized medicine (Obamacare) is bad for everyone, including doctors, hospitals, citizens, and tax payers.

    But not everyone who does not agree with far right extremism is a liberal.”

    You can see the implication, can’t you? Hence my comments. And what is this “membership” to the tea party thing anyway? It is concerned citizens meeting to protest excessive spending, which will and is leading to tax increases. Anyway, your implication was interpreted to mean, if one attends a tea party, one is a far right extremist. Anyone reading that would come to that conclusion.

    I would like to hear how why you claim that David and John are far right wing extremists. I have sat in on several meetings and forums with them and they are nothing if not patriotic, conservative in fiscal and social matters, and believe the Constitution should be the law of the land (interpreted as the founders intended). How exactly is that “far right wing extremism”?

    Enlighten me.

    Jim White
    Rockwall Citizen

  13. Matt, I didn’t see your shining face at the first Tea Party so your assessment of a few hundred people is not correct. And my term “half the town” was not correct either, forgetting of course, that I am addressing a LAWYER…. But alas, I am not on a witness stand, as you seem to think, so pick, pick, pick and attempt to cross examine me and you’ll still get nowhere. I also didn’t see you at the second Tea Party where Hall, Perry, and Laubengerg SPOKE to the CROWD – they were not merely attending. But I can see your tact when you attempt to worm out of the extremists statement. Wouldn’t want to insult Hall or Laubenberg, would you??? Done like a true lawyer, Matt.

    So you troll the internet, going on websites of “citizens” with whom you disagree and make snide remarks. You went on a “citizens” website my left hind leg. You went on a candidates father’s website to insult his son and to defend your friend’s rudeness. And your condesending comments about always being amused is – well, amusing….

    John and David White are actively working to counter the socialist takeover of our country in the only way any of us know how – by public protest, and of course by vote next November. John brought Rockwall their first Tea Party. I have attended both of our local Tea Parties to show my support. What are YOU doing personally Matt to contribute to this battle besides belittling those who are trying to help preserve our freedom?

  14. And Matt, you didn’t answer any of my questions… Instead, you zeroed in on my “half the town” statement. Ah, ha! Got you, as in a Perry Mason moment. Out of all I wrote, that’s what caught your eye??? So here goes again… Can we not “make do” until this economy turns around to go in further debt for a new police station? Have we paid off the millions spent on the renovation of old city hall to make it a police station? Do you have any mercy or compassion for struggling businesses and families in this community who are hanging by a thread to their homes, cars, and jobs? Why didn’t council ask the voters in the city if they wanted to have a TIF for The Harbor before committing the city to this debt? (I know how a TIF works so please don’t go into all of that). Is there something wrong with bond elections? What constitutes an extremist? Why would Perry, Hall, and Laubenberg agree to address a crowd of extremists (or extremists organizers) at a Tea Party? See Matt, you are not the only one who can ask questions. Let’s see if you can answer them.

  15. To address Jim White’s (no relation to John White) latest comment regarding violations of the City Charter by “using a title to influence city politics,” … this matter is not addressed in the City Charter. Never has been to my knowledge. It is addressed in the City Ethics Ordinance 85-27, as amended, as follows:
    Section VI.A. states, “In elections other than City Council of the City, a member of the City Council may not: 1. Use the prestige of his position with the City on behalf of a candidate; 2. Solicit or receive contributions; 3. Serve as the designated campaign treasurer for a candidate as required by Chapter 14, Texas Election Code; or 4. Serve as an officer of a political party, except as a voting delegate.” The operative term here is ELECTIONS OTHER THAN CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY. If Mr. White (not related to John) has other information, I would appreciate an update. One VERY interesting matter is the one addressed in subparagraph 4, as pertaining to ‘serve as an officer of a political party.’

    Last comment … congratulations to all four of the candidates who ran for Rockwall City Council. Each candidate campaigned on what he/she believes … the matter now is getting everyone to “work together” for the betterment of Rockwall.

  16. Hey! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok. I’m absolutely enjoying your
    blog and look forward to new posts.

  17. I have seen this reference to “Too long progressive liberals …” many times and I am not certain to whom David refers. As far back as I can recall there have been NO progressive liberals in control of anything in Rockwall. From the time of my first involvement (1999) through today, I’ve seen a very conservative approach to government here. Sure, there have been occasions to bring improvements before the public in the form of Bond Elections … but every one of those have been introduced by citizens of Rockwall who believed these improvements were necessary. Some of them met approval of the majority of those who voted … some did not. Regardless, the city and its elected officials have acted in the best interest of the citizens of Rockwall. So … for clarification, would you please enlighten me?

    Thank you.

  18. Does your website have a contact page? I’m having a tough time locating it but, I’d like to shoot you an email.
    I’ve got some suggestions for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great website and I look forward to seeing it grow over time.

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