Mark Russo – Still On Track

Just over one year ago, we held our first ever Rockwall County T.E.A. Party around Rockwall City Hall. A lineup of conservative speakers was essential to encourage and animate fellow patriots. Mark Russo was a “first choice” speaker.

Mark Russo with Gov. Rick Perry
Mark Russo with Gov. Rick Perry

Immediately following that first historic T.E.A. Party, Mark asked, “What do we do, now?” The answer – a public forum where citizens communicate one on one with elected officials.

Mark continues to host the weekly Rockwall County Conservatives and Coffee meetings where he connects citizens with political leaders and informs them on important issues. Initially, his meetings were confined to the City of Rockwall, but, by popular demand, he spreads his time between Royse City and Rockwall to help incorporate all Rockwall County citizens into the government process.

What can I say about him? Awarded “Volunteer of the Year” for Senate District 2, faithful Rockwall City Council member, fellow conservative – an all around good citizen who selflessly represents his constituents.

Until this afternoon, I genuinely had nothing to say about his opponent. Nothing, that is, until someone forwarded an email from the dark side that accused Mark of every unholy deed except the conquest of South America by the Spanish Conquistadors.

Unlike his mud-slinging opponent, Mark is someone to be counted on to make tough decisions in City Council meetings. Mark’s strategy is, and continues to be

  • serve the people
  • be responsive to their concerns and their needs
  • reign in taxes and spending

Vote Mark Russo – Rockwall City Council, Place 2

2 thoughts on “Mark Russo – Still On Track

  1. Beautifully said, John. I don’t know how any person could do more than Mark does. I don’t know when he sleeps!

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