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Jerry Hogan - Rockwall County Judge-Elect
Jerry Hogan


Rockwall County Judge-Elect Jerry Hogan

Retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel Jerry Hogan writes articles on military personnel. You can read his articles in newsprint and at his website

Jerry is an active member of the Rockwall County GOP and regularly participates in the Rockwall County Republican clubs, including the Men’s Club, Women’s Club and Lunch Bunch. He has also served on the Rockwall County GOP Executive Board.

His life experiences uniquely qualify him to address his chosen topic.


“A look at the world trouble spots and how the Obama Administration is being tested…and  losing! A quick but detailed look at where the major trouble areas of the world are now centering and what has caused the shift in international perception of the United States.”

Meeting Details

Date: Saturday, June 5, 2010

Location: La Madeleine Restaurant Private Meeting Room

La Madeleine Restaurant is on the south side of I-30, accessible from the eastbound service road or from Ralph M. Hall Parkway.

Address: 987 Interstate 30, Rockwall, Texas

Time: 9:00 am to 10:00 am

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Gen. John M. Elkins – One Nation Under God

Gen. John M. Elkins and Mrs. Elkins

I am eighty – plus years old. Seventy of my years I have been above the age of accountability.

I am more scared today than I ever have been in my life. My fear is our leadership’s questioning our being “One Nation Under God!”

The continuance of the  freedoms we have known for 233 years before Obama is in serious peril.

Considering our highest court rulings, sanctioned by the President and his majority of both U. S. Houses of Congress, are as follows:

Our highest court ruled that our nation allows abortions (The murdering of millions of babies annually.)

Our highest court ruled that using God and His Ten Commandants in public places is unconstitutional.

Our highest court ruled that the destruction and abuse of the American Flag is “freedom of speech!.

Our highest court is about to allow perverts to be “protected” members of our All Volunteer Armed Forces. 

Our highest court is about to rule that the Pledge of Allegiance in our schools and public places is discrimination.

This type of crap coming out of our highest court could be stopped if we had a majority of elected, hired and appointed public servants who would follow their sworn oath of office…..they took and said, “so help me God!”.   

If we allow our selves to be led by this anti-God leader, his anti-God administration, his tainted anti-God judicial branch, ratified by his anti-God majority in both congressional houses of the United States Congress, this will be a “good bye to the edits of our founding fathers.”

We are now experiencing the darken shadows of the foundations set by dictators such as Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin,and Mao Tse-tungs who killed millions and millions of their own people.

Sign says, "Throw out the trash!"

Unless the majority of WE THE PEOPLE WHO DECLARE OURSELVES ALL AMERICANS wake up very soon and take action at the ballot box on November 2, 2010, the demise of One Nation Under God is imminent and within our life time!

Surely something must be terribly wrong with a man who seems to be far more concerned with a Jew building a house in Israel than Muslims building a nuclear bomb in Iran!



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Rights and Liberty – Rockwall Texas


America - Icon of Liberty to the World
America - Icon of Liberty to the World

What is liberty to you? Does your liberty give license for another’s bondage?

The world has never had a good definition of the word liberty, and the American people, just now, are much in want of one. We all declare for liberty, but in using the same word, we do not all mean the same thing. With some the word liberty means for each man to do as he pleases with himself and the product of his labor; while with others the same word may mean for some men to do as they please with other men, and the products of other men’s labor. Here are two, not only different, but incompatible things called by the same name liberty. It follows that each of the things is, by the perceptive parties, called by two different and incompatible names – liberty and tyranny.  Abraham Lincoln

Our Declaration of Independence states:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We have a right to liberty, but unlimited liberty? Only insofar as our personal liberty does not interfere with another’s. At this point, I probably approach the outer limits of libertarianism where unbridled libertarianism intersects the boundaries of republicanism.

Absent a definitive mutual understanding of individual rights, we as a society cannot successfully “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States”.

Individual Rights

Today, our nation rapidly moves to a conflagration as expanding “civil rights” encroach upon and diminish “individual rights”. Aren’t they the same? How are they different?

Let’s first consider the purpose of rights. Their purpose is, simply stated, to head off conflicts and to establish boundaries for liberties.

Think in terms of private ranches where barbed-wire fences define boundaries. A rancher’s livestock freely roam wherever they please, as long as they do not breech the fence. Once over the fence, one rancher’s liberties now violate the individual right of his neighboring rancher to preserve, protect, and defend his private grasslands for his individual benefit.

Any discussion on rights and liberties must, for Americans, be framed by the language of our founding documents. I quote, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” These priceless words are in the context of “the laws of nature and of nature’s God” – Natural Law, unalienable rights.

Civil Rights

Refer back to President Lincoln’s remarks on liberty at the beginning of this article.

The Thirteenth Amendment came about because the liberties of white American slave owners, and proponents of slavery, differed starkly from their definition of liberties for African-American slaves, eschewing the concept “that all men are created equal”.

Congress passed the post-Civil War Fourteenth Amendment to assert the lawful, natural citizenship of freedmen, those born on American soil and freedmen born abroad. In a sense, it restated the principles of liberty and natural rights stated in the Declaration of Independence – I emphasize “natural rights”.

And that all men may be restrained from invading others’ rights, and from doing hurt to one another, and the law of nature be observed, which willeth the peace and preservation of all mankind, the execution of the law of nature is in that state, put into every man’s hands, whereby everyone has a right to punish the transgressors of that law to such a degree, as may hinder its violation“. John Locke Second Treatise, Chapter 2

Pseudo Civil Rights

I believe individual rights and civil rights were synonymous, initially. Special interest groups have ignorantly, possibly maliciously, compromised the Constitution and undermined its principles for the purpose of acquiring special status that infringes on the rights of all individuals not a part of the special interest groups.

Our Congress has many ignorant lawmakers like Hank Johnson (D-GA) who imagines Guam can “tip over and capsize”.

Other lawmakers defy the biblical injunction against holding progeny guilty of the sins of their fathers. Rep. John Conyers, for example, introduced H.R. 40 “Commission to Study Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act” in 2009. Don’t laugh – he had 28 co-sponsors.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 dramatically improved opportunities for African-Americans. I know first-hand this to be true, because I grew up in the fifties and sixties when schools, public restrooms, public transportation and restaurant dining rooms were segregated. During the time leading up to the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr., I witnessed great injustice in Memphis, TN while stationed at Millington Naval Air Station. Never was there doubt in my mind that black Americans lived under a separate set of standards than everyone else.

Today, Hispanic activists have successfully created a new “race”. For the record, we in South Texas were not segregated from either Mexicans or Mexican-Americans – in all respects, they were considered “white”. “La Raza” demands special rights for all Hispanics. LULAC pushes political correctness – a Marxist ideology.

As this video from the Free Congress Foundation explains, Marxist theory was that all workers would unite. When that worker unity failed to materialize, Marxists changed strategy: “before a Marxist revolution could take place, Western culture had to be destroyed.”

The Civil Rights Movement was compromised by Marxists to destroy western culture – capitalism, individual rights, and Christianity.


Our only defense against this Marxist agenda is an educated, informed and motivated voter.

The racial composition of American society is such that race must be made irrelevant and knowledge of history and government made paramount. Our president had a white mother, a black father. Why does he call himself “black”? Solely to divide us as a people and to further his Marxist agenda. He declared we are no longer a Christian nation to further destroy our western culture. Along the way, the President and his Democrat co-conspirators are destroying our economy.

Optimists want to persuade us to believe everything is going to return to normal: full employment, good government and a growing economy. Facts speak to the contrary.

Knowledgeable and courageous financiers and economists predict “double-dip recession”, collapse of sovereign debt ‘bubbles’ and a collapse of the American greenback. Gold bugs say you can protect yourself by hording gold – not so. Even the gold ‘bubble’ will collapse.

America, and indeed the entire world, will fundamentally change.

Political and economic refugees from all over the world rush to get here to American soil to live out “the American dream”. God has uniquely positioned us as a beacon of hope to oppressed people everywhere. Never in all history has there been a nation like the United States of America.

What are you willing to do to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States”? Are you willing to educate yourself? Are you willing to participate in your own communities? Do you even know the names of your city council members or the names of your county Commissioners? Do you vote in every election? Really? If you answered yes, I say to you, “I don’t believe you!”

The latest City of Rockwall election was decided by fewer than 5% of all registered voters.

All around folks are clamoring about Obama and his communist minions. Listen, folks: “ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL”.

Lamar Smith Introduces Bill to Reduce Deficits

House of Representative Lamar Smith

2409 Rayburn House Office Bldg.  

Washington, D.C.     20515  


Congressman Lamar Smith Texas CD-21
Congressman Lamar Smith Texas CD-21

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 18th, 2010                                            

Contact: Sally-Shannon Scales (202) 225-4236

Smith Introduces Bill to Reduce Deficits

Washington, DC – Congressman Lamar Smith today introduced legislation to stop runaway government spending and rising deficits that threaten economic growth.  HR 5323, the SAFE (Saving America’s Future Economy) Act, will limit annual increases in federal spending to the sum of percentage increases in population growth and inflation.  Smith’s bill currently has 34 co-sponsors.   “Our national debt has reached a crisis level, yet government spending continues without any meaningful limits in place,” said Smith. “We cannot afford to wait any longer and need to put a stop to runaway spending in Washington. Our debt threatens our economy and our national security. We must take the necessary steps today to ensure the economic future of our nation. Putting spending limits in place will reduce deficits and lead us towards a balanced budget.”  Background:  Smith’s legislation, which limits total spending to population growth plus inflation, will reduce the deficit each year until a balanced budget is reached in six years.   Between FY2008 and FY2010, the federal deficit tripled.  According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), these budget deficits will force the U.S. to borrow nearly $9.3 trillion over the next decade. That is a drag on the economy and a burden on every American family.   The Treasury Department reports that the U.S. posted an $83 billion deficit in April, nearly four times the $21 billion shortfall recorded in April 2009 and the largest on record for that month.   This proposal is a component of the Tea Party’s “Contract from America.”  Here is what the Heritage Foundation has to say about the SAFE Act.            

Ø  “Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) has proposed a commonsense approach to avoid such ruinous spending hikes. The Saving America’s Future Economy (SAFE) Act of 2010 would limit the annual growth of government to the inflation rate plus population growth rate (typically around 3.5 percent annually).”

Ø  “Lawmakers must rein in spending in order to prevent a debt crisis like the one spreading through Europe. This requires a budget process compatible with our budget priorities. The SAFE Act provides a strong first step by capping the growth of government, and creating a framework for priority-setting and trade-offs.”

# # #

 ¨ Ranking Member, Committee on the Judiciary ¨ Committee on Homeland Security ¨ Committee on Science and Technology ¨

Help Stop Socialism – Work for Liberty in Your Community

Genuine Money - not Monopoly Money
Zimbabwe Money

Third-party candidates assure a Democrat majority in government at every level – destiny of disaster. In the years leading up to our great Civil War, liberty-minded Democrats worked to reform the party to no avail. Consequently, a new party, the Free Soil Party, came to life. This breakaway group of conservatives later became known as the Republican Party.

While it is still impossible to reform the Democrats, it is totally possible to reform the Republican Party. How does one go about reforming the GOP?

As the late Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neil famously said, “All politics is local.” If you have no influence in your city, your county, why would you expect to have influence in Washington, D.C.?

I know, I know. Thousands of you write your U.S. Senators and your Representatives – keep it up. But, do you even know the location of your local GOP headquarters? What about the Republican clubs: Men’s, Women’s and Young Republican’s?

Do you vote? And, I mean in ALL elections? Really? … Really? I don’t think so. In fact, I know you don’t all vote in every election. I see records from our local Elections Office – all a matter of public record.

Choices are simple: continue to be ignorant of issues and uninvolved in your community and you will reap the consequences. Or, you can get away from your televisions, video games and favorite sports activities to invest some of your life, your time, in becoming connected with community leadership.

Liberals, communists, socialists and all manner of radical persons have taken up residence in our federal government and many state governments.

Texas has the most Fortune 500 companies of all these 50 states. We have no income tax and the legislature and Gov. Perry passed tort reform that contributes to a healthy business climate.

However, we are not insulated from, nor immune to, economic “bubbles” that have popped in 41 other states. Highly respected economist, the late (2006) Milton Friedman, predicted our present fiscal circumstances: Massive deficits, countries no longer buying our treasury bills (our debt), dramatic increase in the money supply – all leading to massive inflation. Milton predicted that our government would say inflation is no problem at all.

Book recommendations:

Get Involved!

GOP clubsclick here for GOP Headquarters website

 Women’s Club (meets tonight)

 Men’s Club – every second Saturday, Myers Park, 8 am

 Young Republicans

 Lunch Bunch – First Wednesday – Luigi’s Restaurant, 11:30 am

Sobering Demographic Problem – A Call to Action

This is a call to action for Christians.   

Europe is becoming Islamic through immigration and high Muslim birthrates. Within about 30 years, Italy will cease to be Italian, France will cease to be French, Holland will cease to be Dutch and Germany will cease to be German.  

Click on the Crescent Moon for the video …  

Video: Demographic Problem

Quote: Lybian leader Muammar al-Gaddafi: “There are signs that Allah will grant victory to Islam in Europe without swords, without guns, without conquest. We don’t need terrorists, we don’t need homicide bombers. The 50+ million Muslims [in Europe] will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.” 

To sustain itself, a culture must have a birthrate of 2.11 children per family. Canadian fertility rate is 1.6 and Islam is now the fastest growing religion in that country. 

Here in America, fertility rate of citizens is, like Canada, also 1.6. Even with the influx of Hispanic immigrants, our birthrate is barely 2.11, just enough to sustain a culture.

In 1970, there were 100,000 Muslims in America; over 9,000,000 in 2008. 

Islamic Strategic Conference in Chicago: “We must prepare ourselves for the reality that in 30 years there will be 50 million Muslims living in America.” 

Our sitting president, Barak Hussein Obama told the Islamic world: “Whatever we once were, America is no longer a Christian nation – at least not just.” It would seem he is Islam’s foremost evangelist in America. 

This is a call to action. Christians must pray for Muslims and share their faith with them. God is bringing them to us because we haven’t gone to them. 

While Muslims make inroads in America through evangelism, public and in prisons, Christianity is growing explosively abroad where Jesus reveals himself to Muslims in dreams and visions. 

I close with an end-times scripture that, to me, is the last chapter of the history of the world. 

From Isaiah, chapter 19:22-25 (Amplified) 

And the Lord shall smite Egypt, smiting and healing it; and they will return to the Lord, and He will listen to their entreaties and heal them.  In that day shall there be a highway out of Egypt to Assyria, and the Assyrian will come into Egypt and the Egyptian into Assyria; and the Egyptians will worship [the Lord] with the Assyrians.  In that day Israel shall be the third, with Egypt and with Assyria [in a Messianic league], a blessing in the midst of the earth,  Whom the Lord of hosts has blessed, saying, Blessed be Egypt My people and Assyria the work of My hands and Israel My heritage. 

John White 

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Texas Senate


State Senate

District 2


AUSTIN – –  The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has announced that its latest statewide Click it or Ticket campaign will run between May 24 and June 6, 2010. During that time, TxDOT will partner with local and state law enforcement agencies to increase the number of officers issuing citations for not wearing seat belts on Texas roads.

A number of important state laws regarding seat belts have changed within the last year and I want to make sure that my constituents are aware of these changes so they can be properly comply with them. The most significant change now requires all occupants of a vehicle — regardless of age or where they are sitting — to buckle up. Previously, anyone over the age of 18 could legally ride in the backseat without wearing a safety belt. Also, the law for buckling up young children has changed. Beginning June 1, children younger than 8 years must be in child safety seat or booster seat unless they are taller than 4 feet, 9 inches.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the first safety-belt laws in Texas and the 8th year of the Click It or Ticket initiative. According to TxDOT, safety experts estimate that 2,404 lives have been saved and 56, 344 injuries have been prevented since the campaign began. In addition, the State of Texas has saved an estimated $10 billion in medical expenses, property damage, and other expenses.


To contact Sen. Deuell about the legislative process or if you have a suggestion for a future Capitol Update, please contact the Capitol office at (512) 463-0102 or send mail to Sen. Bob Deuell, Texas Senate, P.O. Box 12068, Austin, TX 78711.  The website for the Texas Senate is  The e-mail address for Sen. Deuell is: