Jim Long at Fort Worth 912 Project

Fellow Patriots:

Jim Long says OPERATION FIREWALL is a plan of action to take our government back from politicians who are working overtime to bankrupt our economy and steal our liberties.

You may remember Jim from the “Fort Worth 912 Project” from which he broadcast live to a conservative audience hungry for answers.

OPERATION FIREWALL kicks off at The Harbor in Rockwall and Jim needs our help. Below,  Jim describes the various components needed to get this patriotic event on the road, on its way to Tampa, Florida.

November elections may well be the point of no return for our beloved America and her Constitution. Therefore, voter registration, particularly registration of young voters, is paramount to our future.

Please take a moment. Read the flyer. Pray about how you can help – While it’s possible to do so.

Thank you,

Rockwall County TEA Party



My Fellow Americans,

On July 3, 2010 a national voter registration drive will start at “The Harbor” in Rockwall. This one will be different than any before. We will combine quality musicians to entertain those that wish only to listen; with a platform for those of us that have something to say! The goal is to raise awareness & encourage those that have not voted before (especially in a mid-term) to register, get informed and vote on November 2nd.

The event will be broadcast LiVE on OperationFirewall.com and the re-broadcast will be made available to various internet, radio and TV markets. It is my intention to repeat this model as my daughter and I travel from Rockwall to Florida along our Southern border to Phoenix and be at Harry Reid’s house ON September 11, 2010!

I have been in contact with the City of Rockwall Parks and Recreation Department. I have confirmed the bands and many speakers including Brian Malatesta to MC the event. Garland Sound is donating the PA system and stadium lighting system. This alone will leave a lasting impression. Lasers and rainbows incredible….even a popcorn machine!

We are all volunteering our time and equipment and even enlisting our children.

There are a few things I could NOT barter around.

  • The City of Rockwall grounds fee $100.00 per hour X 4 = $400.00
  • The City required insurance quote today = $383.00
  • One City employee $30.00 X 4 hours = $120.00
  • A power generator = approx $250.00 (I am still trying to trade for this)
  • Total $1,153.00 (including generator)

How can you help?

Jim Long

(214) 757-9447





    Hello My Fellow Americans,

    1st the update, the kickoff event in Rockwall has changed to the 17th of July. The Independence day celebration is just that – a celebration!
    Operation Firewall is a call to Arms!!!
    If you are concerned about our nations future but don’t know how to help, here is ONE ACTION on ONE DAY that can make a BIG difference. Come to this rally and BRING A FRIEND who has never before. This is NOT a political event …..it is a “Concert” with a twist. This World Wide Broadcast and our cameras are for you! We will open the stage between bands for you and your friend to speak your minds. It should be a fun and thought provoking experience with the intent to inspire YOUR FRIEND to register to VOTE, do a little research and VOTE on November 2, 2010. You bring them and we will try to hook them!
    NOW the Correction, the national voter registration drive is going to be in Nevada by September 11th as I will personally campaign against and confront Harry Reid. I have a question I would ask of him. Do YOU have a question YOU would like ME to ask him to answer? Email me your question and I will get as many answered as I can.

    Folks the fact is we need EVERY VOTE POSSIBLE on November 2nd and as I started “this IS a Call To Arms”! We built the stage, come take your place in history and tell Washington how YOU Really Feel …. LiVE on TV!

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