Gen. John Elkins – USA Under Assault by Obama Administration

Gen. John M. Elkins and Mrs. Elkins

Does anyone give a damn anymore about “Homeland Security” and Sovereignty of the United State of American? 

Do any of the 535 members of both Houses of Congress and the Administration care about the defense of the United States of America like they do about Iraq and Afghanistan?

The past nine years hundreds of thousands of our American Armed Forces have been engaged in fighting insurgents half way around the world in two countries Iraq and Afghanistan  More than 6,500 Americans have been killed in action (KIA) defending Iraq and Afghanistan against insurgents. This month 68 American G.I.’s were killed in action (KIA) by “insurgents” defending freedom for Afghanistan. 

Meanwhile here at home, Mexican cartels (Insurgents) have taken over most of Pinal County Arizona. Government billboards have been erected in Arizona (Sovereign territory of the United States of America) warning Americans not to enter the area because of dangerous well armed and murdering cartel members controlling and protecting their drug business. Numerous American have been beheaded and shot.  Law enforcement officers have been threatened with assassination of their family members if the enforce the law in Arizona! 

Here at “home” in the USA, our leadership from the top on down keep their heads in the sand regarding the defense and integrity of our sovereign southern borders of the USA! 

One doesn’t have to be a “rocket scientist” to figure out what is going on considering the 2010 election coming up November 2, 2010, and their “Democratic legalization of Illegal aliens” (packed with murdering insurgents) adds millions of voters to the rolls in order to assure the uninterrupted socializing of the United States of America. 

Homeland Security’s current secretary was a former Governor of Arizona and apparently turned a deaf ear allowing the southern border to become the drug cartel’s (insurgents) largest free drug entry point to the United States of America. 

Meanwhile, our United States Attorney General is in the process of suing the state of Arizona to prevent their state from defending the remaining parts of Arizona that is presently sort of secured. 

Unless we the people wake up, we as a free nation are doomed! 

 John M. Elkins 

4040 Luella Road 

Sherman, Texas 75090-5270 

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