Bill Hybels Endorses Obama Immigration Reform – An Open Letter

Bill Hybels 

Hybels Introducing Obama at American University


Senior Pastor 

Willow Creek Community Church 

67 East Algonquin Road 

South Barrington, IL 60010 

Subject: Immigration Reform and Your Endorsement of President Obama


I reference my remarks to a C-SPAN video titled “Obama Remarks on Immigration at American Univ.” 

President Obama and your fellow Democrats, with respect to the presence of undocumented aliens, incorporate a number of important issues as “immigration reform” 

You spoke warmly of Latin American members of your church and how in a moment of time you discovered they were unlawfully living in these United States. 

That “recurring triad, a mandate from God” to show “appropriate concern for widows, orphans and aliens” is, in fact, valid. My wife and I wholeheartedly agree with you and we have served Latin Americans in our community for many years as distributors of food and clothing and working in medical clinics whose sole purpose is to provide medical care for them. 

I suggest you a division of issues: (1) border control, also known as national security and (2) illegal alien residents. 

Bill, calling illegal alien residents immigrants is oxymoronic. Only Cuban refugees are permitted to enter this country without prior permission of the US Government. 

Illegal aliens, you see, are, well, illegal. That means, unlawful, here without prior permission of the US Government. Surely you believe Hebrews 13:17 don’t you? If yes and under the law it’s a no-no to enter this country without prior permission of the US Government, then do you agree that someone is, well, violating a Biblical mandate? 

Immigrants, by definition, are folks who move from one country to another to become citizens of the country to which they move. Here a lot of laws come into play, but a discussion of them would probably only bore you to death. 

Here in Texas, as well as in New Mexico, Arizona and California illegal aliens cross the international border by the tens of thousands. 

Among their number are girls and women who undergo a brutal rape by “coyotes” who then hang their undergarments on “panty trees”. These defenseless girls and women are destined to be sold as sex slaves – yes, Bill s-l-a-v-e-s. 

Illegal aliens are bankrupting cities, causing crime waves of rapes and robberies as far north as Washington State. Along the way, they become majority inmates in jails and prisons. 

Illegal aliens, not legal immigrants, crowd out legal resident children from our schools. As nearby to me as the Dallas Independent School District, as much as 80% of school student populations are Hispanic – nothing wrong with that – but most are illegal aliens – plenty wrong with that. Their presence has a deleterious effect on the quality of education and the cost of operating public schools. 

You see, Bill, the way legal immigration works, is we set standards for immigrants to minimize the financial impact on American society and we establish quotas to assure assimilation of legal immigrants into our society. 

Radical, racist Hispanics in Southern California are actually calling for armed takeover of lands they claim as Mexican territory. Children of illegal aliens pledge allegiance to their native country Mexico, even placing the Mexican flag above our flag, you know, a flag with 50 stars on a blue field with red and white stripes. I’m sure you will remember when you see one. 

We Americans have always welcomed productive, law-abiding immigrants. You mentioned Nikola Tesla, a Serbo-Croatian, one of my heroes of industry. Nikola, you may not know, invented some of the most important things in the history of the world: AC Power, transformers, radio and fluorescent lighting. When George Westinghouse was in competition with Thomas Edison to provide the Niagara Falls power generating equipment, Tesla gave his patent rights to Westinghouse as a selfless sacrifice to his beloved new country. 

On the other hand, no, we do not want neither more free-loaders nor criminals. 

We who live along the US/Mexico border have one solitary priority: SEAL THE BORDER. No one I know has any interest in denying food or medical care for illegal aliens. 

It’s not that we are disinterested in the welfare of Mexican citizens, it’s a simple matter that we think we ought to care for our own citizens, first. By the way, that principle is also in the Bible – Galatians 6:10. We are commanded to care for the poor, orphans, widows and aliens – but we take care of our own people, first. 

My wife and I readily care for all these others, but not at the expense of our family. We care about the folks in nearby Dallas, but we care for the folks in Rockwall, first. We care about the folks in Mexico, but we care for Americans, first. 

The year you invited Jimmy Carter to speak, I stayed away. Later, at an international leadership summit, you hailed Obama as the right man in the White House, something that suggested to me a “yellow dog Democrat”. 

Your endorsement of Barak Hussein Obama’s plan to legalize millions of illegal aliens who will become Democrat voters says to me you will readily support abortion. Any man, who does not respect the life of an unborn child, will have no respect for our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

You see, Bill, when you endorse someone without qualification, you embrace all his values and actions. 

Over the years, I have participated in your Leadership Summits at Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall, an affiliate of the Willow Creek Association. Never will I participate, again. 

John White 

Rockwall, Texas