TEA Party Rockwall – Taking Back the House Floor

Rockwall County TEA Party

Theme – “Taking Back the House Floor”

Date – July 17 (Saturday)

Time – 9:00 am to 10:00 am

Map to TEA Party

Location – 1500 Sunset Hill Dr, Rockwall, TX  75087-3215

UPDATE: Parking is available on site. Mr. Hall’s property covers about 8 acres. Additional parking is available along side streets and in the shopping center. DO NOT ENTER via Sunset Hill Drive. Parking entrance will be off North Lakeshore Drive, north of Sunset Hill Drive. Signs and helpers will direct you to parking area.

Three reasons why you should attend:

(1) Barack Obama, (2) Nancy Pelosi (3) Harry Reid

Fellow Patriots:

Liberal Democrats and RINO Republicans are yielding to a campaign by the three Democrat leaders to nullify the Constitution and to reform our free society into a socialist “paradise”.

At the moment I write this, our national debt is $13,174,755,192,406.00.

More than $13 trillion! $43,000 for every living man, woman and child! The Congressional Budget Office numbers indicate it may grow $1 trillion between May 1 and Labor Day.

Taxes on EVERYTHING dramatically go up after the first of the year. You will even be taxed on MEDICAL INSURANCE BENEFITS. A proposed Value Added Tax (national sales tax), or VAT, will apply to everything you purchase and does not replace the progressive income tax.

Charities and local churches will have much less to work with, because you will have much less to contribute to them. We’re facing a double-dip recession and probable depression, due to the failed fiscal policies of the current socialist regime.

Official unemployment = 14,491,153 | Actual unemployment = 25,268,311

The Obama-Pelosi-Reid cabal has grown the federal government beyond its constitutional boundaries, progressing toward nullification of state constitutions.

Liberal Democrats and RINO members of the US House of Representatives have passed legislation that now controls your garage sales, school lunch menus, personal choices for medical insurance, and confiscates more of your hard-earned tax dollars than ever before.

Everyone knows someone who has been unemployed for a very long time.

Meanwhile, back at our other house, the White House, a president of dubious citizenship stocks his staff with non-vetted communists, socialists and homosexual activists. It’s looking grim, friends.

Pelosi has even delayed passing a budget until after the fall elections to conceal the Democrat tax-and-spend strategies concocted behind closed doors.

If liberal Democrats and RINO’s continue to expand their tyranny, all hope of preserving our unique, God-given way of life may be lost forever.

Not worried? You should be. Don’t care now? You will care later.

Join with hundreds of other freedom-loving Americans next Saturday, July 17th, to learn what we can do together to save our beloved country.

Rockwall C0unty TEA Party

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As you arrive, look for John Stacy, our Q&A moderator, who will accept your written questions for the speakers.

Q&A Moderator John Stacy

Event Leaders:

Cong. Ralph M. Hall, State Rep. Jodie Laubenberg, Jordan Williamson, David White, John Stacy

Rockwall County Republican Women’s Club will be registering voters.

Remember to invite at least one friend or one neighbor – most of your friends and neighbors don’t vote and we need them now, more than ever before.

Congressman Ralph M. Hall
Texas State District 89 Representative
Jodie Ann Laubenberg

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