Wilson Condemns Racially Divisive Cartoon

Mike Wilson Rep. Candidate Ohio CD-28

Calls for Immediate Reprimand of Democrat Aide

Springfield Township, OH– On July 1st, the Assistant Director of the House

Democratic Communications Office distributed an email to all staff and members of the Ohio House of Representatives containing a cartoon portraying Tea Party members celebrating the 4th of July in Ku Klux Klan robes.

“The Democrats use of race for political gain is offensive and insulting,” said Mike Wilson, founder of the Cincinnati Tea Party and candidate for Ohio’s 28th House District. “Bigotry such as this falsely smears good people and is used to distract from the failure of big government policies in Columbus. My liberal-minded opponent and her colleagues in Columbus have demonstrated their approval of these kinds of revolting cartoons and caricatures by enabling them to be widely distributed.”

Wilson is referring to a cartoon disseminated by Dave Isaacs on July 1 to Ohio House members. The cartoon depicts a white couple dressed in stars and stripes talking to a white male dressed in traditional Klan garb while carrying a pistol and holding a placard parodying those traditionally carried by Tea Party members at marches and demonstrations. The couple says to the Klan member, “Didn’t you get the word? Glenn Beck on Faux (sic) News said this time not to wear our robes, carry placards or pack heat.”

In a letter sent to Representative Connie Pillich (D-Montgomery), Wilson referenced Tea Party and fiscal conservative support for African-Americans including Ohio Gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell in 2006, Justice Clarence Thomas, and the influx of conservative African-American candidates on the Republican ticket in 2010.

In the letter, Wilson says, “An apology is owed to the good people of the Tea Party movement. They have legitimate concerns about out-of-control government spending and the size of government. This false caricature cheapens our political discourse and should be out of bounds. I am disappointed in your silence to date, and I call on you to join me in denouncing these offensive cartoons.”
Tuesday, the National NAACP passed a resolution condemning the Tea Party movement as racist. “It is troubling that an organization that purports to stand against bigotry and unfair stereotypes is now engaging in that behavior,” said Wilson. “The Tea Party movement is organized around a set of principles that are universal and apply equally regardless of skin color. The three core values of the Tea Party – free markets, limited government, and fiscal responsibility – all derive from a belief in the shared dignity of all human beings.”

Wilson pointed out that the tactic of using race by the Democrats and practicing prejudice and bigotry is an attempt at misdirection to the voters. “This fall, the voters of Ohio understand that things are getting worse, that we are losing major businesses and jobs to other states,” said Wilson. “Meanwhile, those same voters are able to observe that Tea Party members are concerned about big government, outrageous spending and the inability of liberal politicians to properly manage the state.

Wilson is running for State Representative in Ohio’s 28th District. This seat is currently held by Connie Pillich. Wilson is also the founder of the Cincinnati Tea Party and led several of the largest Tea Party demonstrations in 2009.

Candidate Profile

Position | Ohio Representative, District 28 Affiliation | Republican Party Family | Married 13 years to Joni; three children Community | Springfield Township Education | BS Applied Mathematics – University of Cincinnati Profession | Technical Services Manager for PCMS Datafit, based in Springdale, OH Organizations | Member, Sacred Heart Parish; Track Coach, Sacred Heart; Founder/Former President, Cincinnati Tea Party; Lifetime Member – National Rifle Association; Founding Member/Board Member, Ohio Liberty Council Endorsements | Ohio Valley Associated Builders and Contractors, Ohio Tea Party PAC, Family First PAC, COAST

Campaign Contact Information

Website | http://www.citizensformikewilson.com
Communications Director | David Watkins | david@citizensformikewilson.com
Campaign Manager | Maggi Cook | maggi@citizensformikewilson.com

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