A message to all members of TEXOMA PATRIOTS

Stephen Broden

On Saturday July 17th at 5pm, he’ll be a guest on the Wayne Richard Radio Show on Dallas station KSKY, NewsTalk 660 AM.  Support the campaign by tuning in.  That’s 5:00 pm Central Time.

Fellow Patriots, here’s our chance to reach outside our community.

Let’s help defeat Eddie Bernice Johnson, one of the most liberal democratic Representatives in the U S Congress.  Stephen Broden is the Republican candidate opposing her in the General Election this November 2nd.

This congressional fight is not in our district, but we can have a huge impact on it.  Congressional District 30 is in central and south Dallas.  And even though we cannot vote for Pastor Broden, we can support him through a money donation or we can volunteer to help his campaign.  We can block walk in his district, make telephone calls to his constituents asking for their vote, and we can contact anyone we know who lives in District 30 and encourage them to support him.  Let us know or contact his campaign directly if you are willing to volunteer and/or donate:  www.brodenforcongress.com or 214-717-1315.

Eddie Bernice Johnson is a tax and spend liberal who has been in Congress for 18 years.  She has consistently voted for job killing taxes, for Big Government control of health care, to keep the status quo education system, for Government handouts and bailouts, and for more abortion.

Pastor Stephen Broden is a conservative Republican who is right on both fiscal and social issues.  He would be the game changer.  He believes in small business as a way to create jobs, and he supports a good education for our children.  He adamantly opposes abortion.

The Dallas Morning News voter guide, published Feb 17, 2010 wrote:  “STEPHEN BRODEN is the most viable GOP candidate in a district that has kept incumbent Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, a Democrat, in office for 17 straight years.  Broden, a Fair Park Bible Fellowship pastor, has a 32-year history of community involvement and leadership unmatched by his opponents.  Broden’s business-friendly outlook and emphasis on job creation provide voters an option worth considering to shake the 30th District out of its political lethargy.”

Stephen Broden is committed to returning America to the founding principles which made our nation the greatest in the history of mankind.   You might have heard him speak at any number of venues.  He was the keynote speaker at the Salute to Our Military put on by the Texoma Patriots last November 7th.  He has appeared on national television several times.  A principled, informed, and steadfast Conservative, he has the courage to stand up for his convictions.  This remarkable man does not hesitate to challenge those who violate our Constitutional principles.  For example, last year he was arrested as he knelt in prayer for our nation outside the White House in protest to President Obama’s refusal to participate in the National Day of Prayer.  He felt the need to take prayer to the President.

This seat matters to EVERY person, no matter where s/he lives, because it is one of the seats that will ensure that Nancy Pelosi does not return as Speaker of the House.  Our country simply cannot afford to give the Obama administration 2 more years of Pelosi to ram through the leftist’s extreme agenda.  They will do irreparable harm to our country.  And Eddie Bernice is a 100% guaranteed “rubber stamp” for anything Pelosi wants.

We request you support this fellow Patriot.  He needs our financial, physical, and spiritual help.  There is little doubt that his opponent will be well supported as an incumbent who has amassed a sizeable ‘war chest’ and one who enjoys the allegiance of her loyal Progressive allies.  Please join us in supporting Stephen Broden.  For additional information you can go to his website www.brodenforcongress.com or Google his name Stephen Broden.  Thanks.

Beverly Naud

Kaaren Teuber

Visit TEXOMA PATRIOTS at: http://texomapatriots.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network


    1. Don Lake,

      Our July 17th TEA Party welcomed all freedom-loving Americans. In fact, Several Democrats and one locally well-known Libertarian participated in the event.

      It was specifically focused on the US House of Representatives and held at the home of Cong. Ralph Hall.

      Dwayne Hall was welcomed when he and I spoke by telephone. He asked to distribute literature. In reply, I wrote the following on 7-15-10 at 2:02 pm to Dwayne Hall:

      “Regarding you question about literature, if it’s Republican literature and/or promotes Ralph Hall, literature is welcome. Literature for opposing candidates will not be permitted. If you have TEA Party literature promoting conservative values, that will be welcome, also.”

      Apparently, you wrote your comment from hearsay, else you would have actually replied to the appropriate blog posting.

      The Bible offers wisdom for you the next time you hear a one-sided complaint.

      “He who states his case first seems right, until his rival comes and cross-examines him.” Proverbs 18:17 Amplified version

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