95 Days, 95 Reasons to Vote Republican November 2

National Debt as a Function of Congress

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Congress, more specifically the House of Representatives, creates all spending bills. Not one dollar can be spent that was not authorized by the House, with concurrence ofthe Senate.

Little Known Facts

Over the last 65 years, 1945 to 2010, Democrats have controlled the U.S. House 58 times to the Republicans’ 7 times.  Across the same span of time, Democrats have controlled the U.S. Senate 55 times to the Republicans’ 10 times.

National Debt as a Function of Presidency

A subtle but easily discerned responsibility of the President is to limit spending, not initiate it. Hence: the veto power. He’s just an elected official, not a King. Therefore, he does not enjoy the “divine right of kings”. The only king in my life is Jesus Christ, the King of Kings. Learn more about the limited authority of the President of the United States by following this link to read more … History shows that historically party of President has had little effect on limiting federal spending. Sovereign debt grows without respect to presidency, until the Obama presidency, that is. Presidents should be responsible CFO’s working for government efficiency, not working to undermine state sovereignty.

Authority to Spend Federal Funds

The US Constitution – Article 1, Section 7

All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills. Follow this link to read more …

So, I ask: Which governmental entity or entities control taxes and spending? Is the obvious answer the House of Representatives?

Race for Our Lives

Back in 2009, when the TEA Party movement began, I and other TEA Party organizers across America held the first Tax Day TEA Parties on April 15th to say we are Taxed Enough Already, in the spirit of the Boston TEA Party of 1773. An awareness of national debt impelled us. The election of a Democrat presidential candidate of dubious birthright, known communist associations, concealed academic records and a product of the “Chicago Political Machine” was the event that triggered the movement.

Our Rockwall County TEA Party movement is a genuine grassroots movement in that no one controls us, we have no funds and we are not a PAC or political party limited by the IRS. All our TEA Party events and public meetings are due to the spontaneous and generous contributions of Rockwall County patriots.

Now, only 95 days from Election Day, November 2, 2010, there are forces that threaten to divide us and distract us. A new mantra from the Democrats, adopted by various fringe groups, is “The Republican Party has compromised the TEA Party.”

Point of order – the TEA Party movement is not a political party, at least the Rockwall County TEA Party movement is not a political party. True, the majority of our people, in fact, vote mostly Republican. Mostly? Yes, you see my neighbors are intelligent, thoughtful and generally well-educated, fully capable of making good decisions without the direction of an oligarchy. I deeply respect the judgment of Rockwall County eligible voters – we just need more of them to vote.

While I appreciate the folks who wish to nullify undesirable and un-Constitutional federal laws, why distract the people from the task at hand? November elections are our opportunity to replace liberal Democrats and RINO’s in US and State of Texas elected offices. We do this by uniting – E Pluribus Unum – a people acting as one.

Kick Out the Bums

To me, bums are the people eligible to vote but do not. Are Republican politicians imperfect? How about you? Are you perfect? Which persons in your family are perfect? None? That’s right – no one is perfect and for this reason we have a system of checks and balances built into our Constitution. Candidates for public office are just folks like you and me: imperfect. No matter how hard you try, you will vote for imperfect candidates. However, you can make informed choices to place in office the folks who best represent your values.

Some will continue to nabber the lie “the Republican Party has compromised the TEA Party” and, to be sure, they will either refuse to vote for some Republican candidates or vote another party. (No, ‘nabber’ isn’t a valid verb, I just think this colloquialism fits.)

When Obama was on the campaign trail he promised to fundamentally change America – he hasn’t changed his mind. The evil Obama-Reid-Pelosi triad has created a possibly irreversible economic disaster. Under their watch, our national debt has grown to astronomical and unsustainable proportions.

Nancy Pelosi promised to get rid of all “earmarks”, instead she shepherds 32,000 earmark requests through the House. For comparison, there were 13,000 in 2006. She promised “transparency and openness” to the budget process, then makes back-room deals.

At this moment, Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY-15), chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, the tax writing people, is going to trial in the House – For what? TAX EVASION on a grand scale. Charlie faces 13 allegations of ethics violations. If Charlie were a regular citizen taxpayer, the IRS would hamstring him.


With respect to preserving liberty and thwarting tyranny, races for the U.S. House of Representatives and the Texas House of Representatives are paramount. I urge my fellow citizens to vote Republican and to hold your elected officials accountable.

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4 thoughts on “95 Days, 95 Reasons to Vote Republican November 2

    1. Precisely, Jerry. The TEA Party movement is indeed moving the GOP back to its roots of small government, the rule of law, respect for the Constitution, personal responsibility, individual rights and traditional American values.

  1. I agree, stop spending. And we can start with the bloated military budget. We spend more on military pork than the rest of the world combined.

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