Reprinted from email by “We The People”



TX Party Constitution Nation Citizens & EVERY Legal Citizen Taxpaying Voter, of all Color… from 18 to whateverbe prepared for OBAMA & PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST LIBERAL CONTROLLED SENATE & HOUSE…LARGEST TAX HIKES IN AMERICAN HISTORY…COMMENCING JANUARY 1, 2011…JUDGMENT DAY ELECTIONS NOVEMBER 2, 2010.

Seems the Obama Administration will do whatever it takes to attempt totalitarian socialized governance against the will of  Majority of Legal Citizen Voters 3 out of 4 Citizens…who say NO. Their militant radical activist unions & cadres of Illegal Aliens demonstrating & demanding social justice are bussed into Arizona…in an attempt to intimidate Arizona Citizens and by doing so…every Legal Citizen in USA!

Who is spearheading this injustice in the Sovereign State of Arizona, by doing so, every state in our REPUBLIC, while Legal Citizens demand our laws be enforced…Who are these entities and/or people ignoring our Legal Citizenry? The president…progressive democrat party…progressive elitist George Soros Militant Radical Activist Union Army…many not Legal Citizens!

Today George Soros SEIU Militant Radical Activist Union released a Hollywood type film depicting USA Legal Citizens demands to enforce OUR borders to Germany’s Berlin Wall…hello Mr. Soros & SEIU, you need a history lesson…Germany’s Iron Curtain separated Germans from Germans…USA borders separate Mexico from USA…USA is a sovereign REPUBLIC has the right to protect it’s borders from illegal aliens…breaking our laws to enter the USA ILLEGALLY. SEIU compared USA retention of Illegal Aliens to Japanese Americans during WWII…this was wrong because 95% of Japanese Americans were USA Citizens, in same light Italian American Legal Citizens were not permitted to fight in Europe, rather South Africa. Illegal Aliens are illegal’s breaking our laws, as such, must be returned to their Country of origin…IT’S THE LAW!

This administration along with the progressive socialist democrat party & Soros militant radical activist unions ACORN…SEIU…TIDES…APOLLO…AFL-CIO…UAW…Black Panthers…ACLU, etc. are bent on doing anything to get their union numbers up, which continue to fall. They must be challenged & defeated, they are no different than the KKK…NEO Nazi White Supremacists and those individuals and organizations who gain their wealth from dividing blacks from whites. DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO UNDO THE PROGRESS MADE IN LAST 20 YEARS…interracial marriages [Asian & White, Asian & Black, Asian & Latino, Black & White, Black & Latino, Latino & White, Christian & Jew, alike]…Small Business Owners sweeping increases…33% minority…35% woman…32% all other 32% …interracial communities asians, blacks, latinos, whites…rich-middle-poor communities…race is no longer an issue…those who pursue racial segregation know their days of getting rich there from are OVER!!! DO NOT allow them to reverse all the good that has been done by decent hard working Legal Citizens, of all Color…to live-work-pray in harmony…in the past 20 years!!!!!!!

Obama’s dwindling polls has nothing to do with race…our President was created with both Black & White genes…elected by CITIZENS OF ALL COLOR…so lets stop the spin non sense race card, it’s just not going to work anymore, SORRY! This has to do with the beginning of a ‘totalitarian executive branch’ headed by Obama & progressive elitists w/anti-Constitution/American agendas…which Legal Citizen Taxpaying Voters, of all color, will not accept and/or tolerate!  Mr. President it’s WE THE TOTALITARIAN LEGAL CITIZENS, of all Color…NOT me the totalitarian socialist president…the latter unconstitutional…illegal and if you don’t wisely ‘back off completely,’ impeachable.

The Obama Administration has challenged Arizona Citizens for endeavoring to do what the Obama Administration federallies has failed to do, and 67% of Citizens demand…ENFORCE THE LAW! Obama & Progressive Democrats want Immigration Amnesty/Reform for 15 to 20 million illegal aliens, most of which come from Mexico, to seek jobs… education…medical care…welfare from $500 to $800 billion annually…paid for on the backs of Legal Citizen Taxpaying Voters, of all Color. Progressive Democrats want illegal aliens to enhance their political numbers…Soros wants illegal aliens to join his militant unions and someday after Obama, Soros king of the hill, SEIU is in Arizona today and Sheriff Joe Arpaio is ready, willing and able to arresting those who break the LAW…Note Mexican Drug Lords posted $ 1 million to murder our USA Sheriff. Progressives…Obama-Soros-Democrat Leaders Reid & Pelosi motives have all to do with political gain and to hell with Legal Citizens, of all Color, who will pay the price via taxes and possibly tilting power to socialized governance.

Do Legal Citizens want fate of our Republic dictated by illegal aliens who will do anything to stay in USA…make mockery of our LAWS? Is this what we tell our children grandchildren-great grandchildren…we literally sat back, let government take Our FREEDOMS away?

Legal Citizens tried of this attempt to change our governance from the Citizenry Governance to the Socialist Governance along with this Immigration Amnesty folly should well understand…over 20 years ago…Senator Teddy Kennedy, a progressive socialist liberal, introduced a Immigration Amnesty Legislative Bill, stated…the federal government would secure the borders [1990 to 2010 not done]…federal government would ensure no more illegal’s enter our country [from 2 million to 20 million 2010]…+ 2 million illegal’s were given amnesty…more than 1/3 were drug smugglers-killers-rapists-thieves-kidnappers…further impacted our jail system…Today we have 15 to 20 million illegal’s…all at the cost to Legal Citizen Taxpaying Voters, of all Color…once is more than enough.

Obviously Senator Kennedy’s Bill did such a good job of telling illegal’s…don’t worry about USA’s laws…they don’t mean a thing…today they are all over the USA ‘demanding Immigration Amnesty’ spearheaded by militant radial activist unions…this is anarchy. It was a farce 20 years ago…it’s a farce 2010…Enough is ENOUGH!

In the past 18 months from 67 to 70% Majority Legal Citizen Voters [democrats, independents, republicans], of all Color, have said NO to our elected Representative’s [primarily progressive democrats who control the White House…Senate…House 100 % of socialist government striving for Supreme Court control]… president…governors… mayors… senators…house members…judges don’t seem to understand the meaning of NONO TARP bailouts…NO bailouts for any business too big and/or too small to fail…NO nationalization of ANY businesses and/or lending institutions [including Freddie & Fannie]…NO borrow-print-spend-tax…NO porkulus spending…NO cap & trade energy tax…NO carbon credit energy tax…NO green energy subsidies and/or grants [free market needs to invest not taxpayers]…NO obamacare tax…NO unnecessary regulations [enforce regulations in existence bring the crooks both public elected representatives & private sector CEO’s to trial]…NO progressive socialist government…NO Immigration Amnesty/Reform…NO TAX HIKES. Legal Citizens have been demanding our government to cut government expansion…cut government spending…cut taxes for all tax payers by 25% across the board MINIMUM 2 YEARS…extract more coal…natural gas…oil rather than buy foreign energy @ $ 1 trillion annually [includes military usage]… you have ignored the will of Legal Citizen Taxpaying Voters. For this we will punish democrats November 2010, as we punished republicans in 2008.

We encourage every Legal Citizen Voter, of all Color, Christian & Jew, alike, who believes in The Constitution & Bill of Rights therein…THE LAW OF THE LAND to come join TEA Party Constitution Nation to…replace every elected Representative running in 2010…who ignored the will of it’s Citizen Majority…replace them with new candidates, male & female, of all Color…Christian or Jew, alike…and every Representative who listened to US running for re-elected [democrat-independent-republican] with financial support & vote them into office. We will elect candidates with core principals & valuse…HONSESTY…INTEGRITY… MORALITY…RESPECT…ACCOUNTABILITY who honor…defend…legislate-govern-judge from THE CONSTITUTION and FIRE those that don’t!

Aforementioned will send a CLEAR MESSAGE to our government…it’s WE THE LEGAL CITIZENS…not we the government. Lets roll…just under 98 days to NOVEMBER JUDGMENT DAY.


Contact: wethepeople@freedom

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