Republican Party of Rockwall County Announces Leadership Change

The Executive Committee of the Republican Party, elected Tony Fisk to fill the unexpired  term of Paul Wilson, after his resignation to  spend more time with his family.

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Mr. Fisk is currently the President of the Rockwall County Republican’s Men’s Club.  It is his intention to step down as the Men’s club president, after calling the Executive Committee of the Men’s club to order next week.  The Presidency of the Men’s Club will then be assumed by Brian Williams, currently the club’s vice-president.

Both men are notable leaders in Rockwall County with a long record of service to the community.  The Party made the following statement regarding the promotions of both gentlemen.  “The Republican Party of Rockwall County is a conservative group of people who are concerned about the expansion of the Federal Government, the constant intrusion of government into our daily lives and the loss of basic rights of individuals; which have been the historical cornerstone of our democracy and economic system.  We work at the county level, lend our support to district and state candidates, and promote federal candidates who protect our individual rights.  Tony and Brian are great examples of people who believe in limited government and living by the principles of an American work ethic, family values, and protecting individual rights.  We are fortunate to have two outstanding leaders like Tony and Brian in our community.”

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