Open letter from John Elkins to the Herald Democrat, 8-16-10

Gen. John M. Elkins and Mrs. Elkins


Sunday, August 15, 2010 Herald Democrat’s headlines read, “Obama claims GOP trying to destroy Social Security.”

It is no secret that Social Security is ALREADY DESTROYED. For more than two thirds of the seventy-five years of the Social Security Administration’s life, it has been under the control of the Democratic Controlled Administrations.

The so called “Social Security’s lock box” was robbed in 1962 by President Lyndon B. Johnson and his administration. They took their private key and unlocked the sacred “LOCKED BOX” of the Social Security “trust” funds. They transferred “trillions of Social Security dollars” to the “Nation’s General Fund.” (You may check the Internet for further informational history on “the LBJ administration’s grand larceny.”) During the cut-and-run-nine-year-war-in-Vietnam, the worker’s of America’s social security trust fund was robbed to buy bombs, ammunition while bank-rolling nine years of war.” Even today, if a penny becomes surplus, it is gobbled up and spent on “ear marks to every appropriations bill known or unknown” by the preceding administration as well as the present one lead by President Barack Hussein Obama.

I am sure that if each and every Social Security account holder across American were allowed to decide on privatizing his or her Social Security contributions under their own control, they would be better stewards of their accounts “by protecting their own key to their own locked box.”

There’s no doubt that the Democratic majority would like nothing better than to retain the key to the so-called locked box and all of the worthless I.O.U.s amounting to many trillions of we the worker’s money robber since 1935!

Let us REMEMBER Social Security’s “past-mass-rip-off” when you vote IN NOVEMBER!

John M. Elkins

4040 Luella Road

Sherman, TX 75090-5270

(903) 893-6400

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  1. You’re right. One thing many people overlook is that privatizing S.S. would also be better for the economy. It would create a much more stable environment.

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