Don’t Mess With Texas Event and BBQ – Sept. 18, 2010

Let’s see a show of hands from those who think the future of Texas is in no danger of takeover by the socialist Democrat party. None? Good, I knew I wasn’t alone.

Leo Berman - District 6

The socialist Democrat party is investing millions on political races in Texas.  The Texas Democratic Trust has accumulated over $10,000,000 to take over Texas government. When you include RINO (Republican In Name Only) legislators like Speaker Joe Straus, you come to realize that Democrats actually control the Texas Legislature, now. You didn’t know?

What happens when socialist Democrats control the state legislature? Let me count the ways.

  • Joe Straus appoints liberal RINO’s and Democrats to the most powerful committees
  • Joe Straus appoints Bert Solomons as Chairman of the State Affairs Committee to keep ALL legislation to control the presence of illegal aliens in Texas
  • Joe Straus appoints Todd Smith as Chairman of the Elections Committee thereby keeping the Voter ID Bill from the floor, despite the fact 93% of House Republicans supported it and the Senate had already passed it.
  • Joe Straus appoints Delwin Jones Chairman of the Redistricting Committee from where Democrats can re-draw legislative lines, further moving Texas to the left.
  • Key issues like the anti-abortion legislation Texans want go wanting.

What can we do? Let’s set in place a genuine conservative Republican as Speaker of the House – Leo Berman is our man for such a time as this.

Don’t Mess With Texas Event and BBQ

Kaufman County TEA Party Patriots invites you to a BBQ and silent auction at Kaufman High School, 3205 S. Houston Street, Kaufman, Texas. Keynote speaker is Texas State Representative Leo Berman.

High School seniors, you need to take charge of your future. Did you know that over 48% of teens could not find employment this summer? What happens when you go out on your own? It’s time for you to be thinking about your future and how you can influence Texas state legislation to create a prosperous environment for your generation.

Tickets are only $25 per person. I encourage you to contact a member of the Kaufman County TEA Party Patriots steering committee for tickets. In Rockwall, call John White at 972-771-3514 for tickets – “We Deliver”.

Kaufman County TEA Party Patriots

2 thoughts on “Don’t Mess With Texas Event and BBQ – Sept. 18, 2010

  1. You’re a retard. Solomons is one of the most conservative members of the legislature. And the consolidation of the committees was to see if something could get out onto the floor. Smith, also a conservative Republican, got the voter ID bill onto the floor but the Ds used stalling tactics to kill it. Delwin Jones was chair of redistricting in a year when…get this…there was no redistricting. The committee existed in name only.

    Take your own advice. “Be an informed voter.”

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