Lively Rebukes Rockwall Council For Forcing PD-32 On Citizens

Open letter from Fred Lively to Rockwall City Council

Editorial note: We owe a debt of gratitude to the only two conservative council members who opposed this subterfuge – Mark Russo and Cliff Sevier. Before the vote, Cliff delivered a factual, concise report on the state of high-density, multifamily housing in Rockwall.

I offer a special thanks to Fred for his letter.


September 8, 2010

PD 32 has passed but at what cost?  Do the people of Rockwall even know what PD 32 entails?  Do the neighborhoods in proximity to the Harbor have a clue about the 1,161 multi-family units that have been zoned on the ‘Hill’, that area between the Harbor and Horizon and Summer Lee?  Does this community understand that nearly $25 million dollars of tax payer money are already in the Harbor development which is now in Chapter 11?  Has this council bothered to properly inform the voters that another similar amount could be involved in helping fund the development of the ‘Hill’?  Please, explain to the voters, Mr. Mayor and council members what Tax Increment Financing means. Explain what happens when property taxes don’t service the debt. Please, explain to the voters how the city will service the debt if a private developer is bankrupt.

Am I misinformed?  How would one know unless one attended every council meeting these past months or went and pulled the public document regarding re-zoning of the ‘Hill’?   Why has this council not been out there speaking to groups and sharing the good news of this massive government lending program? In my opinion, the specific re-zoning facts have been particularly vague through all of this.  What has happened to full disclosure?

In Mr. Cecil’s own words to me, this will be good for Rockwall.  Really?  How can this city continue to act like a developer?  Is that the role of government?  The citizens of Rockwall are no different than the millions of Americans across the country who are about to vote for limited government and reduced spending. Why must this city, Rockwall, be so arrogant as to think we can go on our merry way spending, raising taxes and ignoring the will of the people?  We vote locally too!

Respectfully submitted,

Fred Lively

1545 Summer Lee Dr

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