Federal Tax Liens Filed Against Rep. Mark Homer

Federal Tax Liens Filed Against Rep. Mark Homer
Liens Filed When Lawmaker Failed To Pay Over $145,000 in Federal Taxes

October 18, 2010

AUSTIN – Today, the Republican Party of Texas called on Democrat State Representative Mark Homer (D – Paris) to explain to the voters of House District 3 why he failed to pay over $145,000 in federal payroll taxes for a company he owns.

Steve Munisteri, Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, said, “It’s clear that Mark Homer has some serious issues related to these payroll taxes. District 3 voters deserve a representative who can be honest about his own taxes, before he votes on theirs.”

During the last legislative session, tax lien records on file at the Lamar County Clerk’s Office indicate that a federal tax lien in the amount of $67,704.80 for unpaid payroll taxes was filed against Homer’s company, Texida Fast Foods, on January 12, 2009. Just weeks later, another federal tax lien against Texida Fast Foods was filed on February 2, 2009, in the amount of $78,775.54 for unpaid payroll taxes – representing funds collected from employees, yet not properly remitted. Employers are required to withhold payroll taxes from their employees’ paychecks and pay this tax to the IRS on their employees’ behalf. The two tax liens were finally released 6 months after the IRS demanded payment and filed the liens (see attached tax lien documents).

Dodging taxes is just the latest ethics breach for the 12-year Democrat incumbent. Last year, Homer was fined $1,400 by Texas Ethics Commission for violating campaign finance laws. Munisteri added, “At a time when our state is facing fiscal challenges which will require legislators with the expertise of knowing how to handle money, Rep. Homer’s past track record indicates he will not be up for this task.”

A Word On Elections From The Greatest Generation

Gen. John M. Elkins and Mrs. Elkins

October 18, 2010

Dear Editor:

This morning, I exercised one of the privileges earned by serving some 45 years on active and reserve duty. I was among the first dozen who voted in Grayson County’s early voting program.

Our right to vote is a right that more than three million patriots who have made their ultimate sacrifice while serving and defending it for us during the past two and a half centuries we have enjoyed as a nation of free people.

However, we the people of these United States of America face the most perilous period we have endured in our 234-plus years of freedom.

In my own 80-plus years of age, I am more insecure today than any period of time including the darkest days of WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and now in Afghanistan.

So many men and women of my age have served in the many wars of our time and they are dying at a rate of 1,500 each day.

Today In Afghanistan, our most current indecisive war, has endured more than nine-years of killing our Armed Force’s men and women in action. Just this year 2010, in Afghanistan more than 600 have been killed in action, and thousands wounded…some maimed for life!

The war in Afghanistan is a war that even the mighty armed forces of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic could not win.

On top of the current war, we have found ourselves in $14 to $16 trillion-dollars-financial-mess.More than these United States of America have ever experienced.

Under the leadership of the current administration, the legislature and the judicial branches, we are doomed to complete collapse should we allow a failure to vote IN a REAL CHANGE between now and the evening of November 2, 2010!

Let is be reminded, dictator Adolph Hitler “who was elected by one vote” promised a “change!”

Fellow Americans, let us pray we don’t allow history to repeat itself!

Your vote is most important.


John M. Elkins

4040 Luella Road

Sherman, TX 75090-5270

903 893-6500

2010 Election Voting Guide – Rockwall County

It is lawful to have with you a voting guide, whether prepared notes or a published document.

What do I recommend? Voting all Republican candidates, save one: SBOE-12 (State Board of Education, district 12).

If you vote straight Republican ticket, you miss opportunity to elect a true conservative for SBOE-12 – Amie Parsons, Libertarian candidate.

Although running as a Libertarian, Amie’s values better represent the Republican Party of Texas platform. The Ellis County Observer says it all: Mr. Clayton is no true Republican.

What’s a significant difference between the two?

George thinks only professional educators should be on the board. – I strongly disagree.

Amie holds the position that parents should be foremost authority over their childrens’ education. -I strongly agree.

Read the Dallas Morning News Voter Guide to compare them side-by-side.

Please remember to vote “all the way down the ballot”.

You can print this as your voter guide and carry it with you into the polls. Please pass it along to friends and neighbors.


Rockwall County Ballot - Front Side (9 votes)



Rockwall County Ballot - Back Side (19 votes)



UPDATE: October 7, 2010 0550 hours


Obama is growing the government while his policies are shrinking the economy. It’s a perfect storm that threatens more than our standard of living, it threatens our liberties.

What will Obama be doing on October 14? MTV will host “A CONVERSATION WITH PRESIDENT OBAMA” when the president will “rock the vote” in a town hall-style meeting, preconfigured, well rehearsed and set up to appear spontaneous.


While Democrats are pouring on the campaign dollars to expand their control of the House of Representatives, We the People still have our votes. Too long Democrats and their RINO (Republican In Name Only) compatriots have blocked conservative legislation. It’s time to grow our conservative majority and take back OUR House.


Join us on October 14th in Greenville to meet with conservative members of, and candidates for, the Texas House of Representatives. Master of Ceremonies, Gary Freedman, “The Voice of Rockwall”, will welcome speakers and guests and move the program along for an interesting and engaging evening.

This will be an UN-rehearsed, spontaneous “rock the vote” for patriots all over East Texas, from the eastern side of Dallas County to the borders of Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.


Jodie Laubenberg (District 89) and Dan Flynn (District 2) co-host the event at the campus of Crossroads Assembly of God Church, 1501 Joe Ramsey Blvd., Greenville, Texas, at the southwest corner of the intersection of I-30 and US Highway 69, next to Greenville Chrysler. Click here for Google map.

Featured speakers are Erwin Cain (District 3), Cindy Burkett (District 101), David Simpson (District 7) and Congressman Ralph M. Hall (CD-4).

After individual presentations, the speakers will form a panel to answer questions. If you have questions, John Stacy, our moderator, will be accepting written questions for the panel.

This all-weather, indoor, air-conditioned venue with ample parking, assures an evening uninterrupted by whatever weather that comes our way.

DATE: October 14

TIME: 6:30 PM

Rockwall County TEA Party Patriots

Texas TEA Party Alliance Endorses Bob Fillmore

Letter from

Clyde G. Goodnight to Justice Bob Fillmore

September 27, 2010


Congratulations!  You have been TEA Approved by the Texas TEA Party Alliance!!

You may use the Tea Approved designation (attached) on all of your campaign literature and on your website.

We do require that you adhere to and support the five principals of the Texas TEA Party Alliance:

  • Limited Government
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Rule of Law
  • National Sovereignty


We believe that adherence to these five basic principals by every American, citizen as well as public servant, would greatly reduce the severe economic problems in our nation as well as the intrusion into our constitutional freedoms by all levels of government. Should your actions at anytime be found by the Candidate Recruiting and Vetting Committee of the TTPA to be inconsistent with the above principals, the Texas TEA Party Alliance reserves the right to revoke this grant of the use of the TEA Approved designation.

Again, congratulations on your TEA Approval!!  We wish you well in your public service ambitions.

Yours truly,






Clyde G. Goodnight

Candidate Recruiting and Vetting Committee


The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. (Anon)

[Widely attributed to but not authored by Edmund Burke]