UPDATE: October 7, 2010 0550 hours


Obama is growing the government while his policies are shrinking the economy. It’s a perfect storm that threatens more than our standard of living, it threatens our liberties.

What will Obama be doing on October 14? MTV will host “A CONVERSATION WITH PRESIDENT OBAMA” when the president will “rock the vote” in a town hall-style meeting, preconfigured, well rehearsed and set up to appear spontaneous.


While Democrats are pouring on the campaign dollars to expand their control of the House of Representatives, We the People still have our votes. Too long Democrats and their RINO (Republican In Name Only) compatriots have blocked conservative legislation. It’s time to grow our conservative majority and take back OUR House.


Join us on October 14th in Greenville to meet with conservative members of, and candidates for, the Texas House of Representatives. Master of Ceremonies, Gary Freedman, “The Voice of Rockwall”, will welcome speakers and guests and move the program along for an interesting and engaging evening.

This will be an UN-rehearsed, spontaneous “rock the vote” for patriots all over East Texas, from the eastern side of Dallas County to the borders of Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.


Jodie Laubenberg (District 89) and Dan Flynn (District 2) co-host the event at the campus of Crossroads Assembly of God Church, 1501 Joe Ramsey Blvd., Greenville, Texas, at the southwest corner of the intersection of I-30 and US Highway 69, next to Greenville Chrysler. Click here for Google map.

Featured speakers are Erwin Cain (District 3), Cindy Burkett (District 101), David Simpson (District 7) and Congressman Ralph M. Hall (CD-4).

After individual presentations, the speakers will form a panel to answer questions. If you have questions, John Stacy, our moderator, will be accepting written questions for the panel.

This all-weather, indoor, air-conditioned venue with ample parking, assures an evening uninterrupted by whatever weather that comes our way.

DATE: October 14

TIME: 6:30 PM

Rockwall County TEA Party Patriots

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