2010 Election Voting Guide – Rockwall County

It is lawful to have with you a voting guide, whether prepared notes or a published document.

What do I recommend? Voting all Republican candidates, save one: SBOE-12 (State Board of Education, district 12).

If you vote straight Republican ticket, you miss opportunity to elect a true conservative for SBOE-12 – Amie Parsons, Libertarian candidate.

Although running as a Libertarian, Amie’s values better represent the Republican Party of Texas platform. The Ellis County Observer says it all: Mr. Clayton is no true Republican.

What’s a significant difference between the two?

George thinks only professional educators should be on the board. – I strongly disagree.

Amie holds the position that parents should be foremost authority over their childrens’ education. -I strongly agree.

Read the Dallas Morning News Voter Guide to compare them side-by-side.

Please remember to vote “all the way down the ballot”.

You can print this as your voter guide and carry it with you into the polls. Please pass it along to friends and neighbors.


Rockwall County Ballot - Front Side (9 votes)



Rockwall County Ballot - Back Side (19 votes)


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