A Word On Elections From The Greatest Generation

Gen. John M. Elkins and Mrs. Elkins

October 18, 2010

Dear Editor:

This morning, I exercised one of the privileges earned by serving some 45 years on active and reserve duty. I was among the first dozen who voted in Grayson County’s early voting program.

Our right to vote is a right that more than three million patriots who have made their ultimate sacrifice while serving and defending it for us during the past two and a half centuries we have enjoyed as a nation of free people.

However, we the people of these United States of America face the most perilous period we have endured in our 234-plus years of freedom.

In my own 80-plus years of age, I am more insecure today than any period of time including the darkest days of WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and now in Afghanistan.

So many men and women of my age have served in the many wars of our time and they are dying at a rate of 1,500 each day.

Today In Afghanistan, our most current indecisive war, has endured more than nine-years of killing our Armed Force’s men and women in action. Just this year 2010, in Afghanistan more than 600 have been killed in action, and thousands wounded…some maimed for life!

The war in Afghanistan is a war that even the mighty armed forces of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic could not win.

On top of the current war, we have found ourselves in $14 to $16 trillion-dollars-financial-mess.More than these United States of America have ever experienced.

Under the leadership of the current administration, the legislature and the judicial branches, we are doomed to complete collapse should we allow a failure to vote IN a REAL CHANGE between now and the evening of November 2, 2010!

Let is be reminded, dictator Adolph Hitler “who was elected by one vote” promised a “change!”

Fellow Americans, let us pray we don’t allow history to repeat itself!

Your vote is most important.


John M. Elkins

4040 Luella Road

Sherman, TX 75090-5270

903 893-6500

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