Federal Tax Liens Filed Against Rep. Mark Homer

Federal Tax Liens Filed Against Rep. Mark Homer
Liens Filed When Lawmaker Failed To Pay Over $145,000 in Federal Taxes

October 18, 2010

AUSTIN – Today, the Republican Party of Texas called on Democrat State Representative Mark Homer (D – Paris) to explain to the voters of House District 3 why he failed to pay over $145,000 in federal payroll taxes for a company he owns.

Steve Munisteri, Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, said, “It’s clear that Mark Homer has some serious issues related to these payroll taxes. District 3 voters deserve a representative who can be honest about his own taxes, before he votes on theirs.”

During the last legislative session, tax lien records on file at the Lamar County Clerk’s Office indicate that a federal tax lien in the amount of $67,704.80 for unpaid payroll taxes was filed against Homer’s company, Texida Fast Foods, on January 12, 2009. Just weeks later, another federal tax lien against Texida Fast Foods was filed on February 2, 2009, in the amount of $78,775.54 for unpaid payroll taxes – representing funds collected from employees, yet not properly remitted. Employers are required to withhold payroll taxes from their employees’ paychecks and pay this tax to the IRS on their employees’ behalf. The two tax liens were finally released 6 months after the IRS demanded payment and filed the liens (see attached tax lien documents).

Dodging taxes is just the latest ethics breach for the 12-year Democrat incumbent. Last year, Homer was fined $1,400 by Texas Ethics Commission for violating campaign finance laws. Munisteri added, “At a time when our state is facing fiscal challenges which will require legislators with the expertise of knowing how to handle money, Rep. Homer’s past track record indicates he will not be up for this task.”

4 thoughts on “Federal Tax Liens Filed Against Rep. Mark Homer

    1. Mr. Clark (assuming that is your real name),

      I have known many a young person who made bad choices early in life, later to become outstanding citizens, preachers, fathers and community leaders.

      Your slanderous timing was well calculated by the corrupt Homer re-election machine, but it’s too late and Erwin will replace your boy.

      Gov. Perry, in fact, needs true conservatives in Austin to root out corruption, overcome Democrats-RINO majority in the House and pass laws We the People demand and expect.

      You and your champion, Mr. Homer, live in a ‘glass house’ and the antics of corrupt politicians is coming to the attention of voters all across this great state.

      I know Erwin Cain and his wife to be outstanding people who want to make a difference in East Texas politics. The people of East Texas have had enough of business-as-usual by the Democrat-RINO machine.

      TEA Party Patriots and able citizens of District 3, I encourage you to not let last minute personal attacks on a wonderful family discourage you. Erwin Cain is the better choice who will give you a voice.

  1. I’m getting a liltte bit fed up with all the nonsense that is being spoken (and written) these days.I’m getting a liltte bit fed up with all the nonsense that is being spoken (and written) these days. First of all, at the beginning of this thread there is this big deal about e2€˜1+1=2e2€™, lemme just kill that thought. In math, 1+1=2 because we say it does. If someone doesne2€™t agree, well, let them propose something else and base some calculations on his thought. What I mean to say is this: e2€œMath exists independent of human existence!e2€9d Now I hear people go: e2€œe2€a6.uhhh, but we invented math man!e2€9dTo those of you who think math is created rather then discovered I want to say, get yourself a math-book, cause without at least some basic knowledge about the subjects you are dissing done2€™t speak up.The same goes for all those semi-philosophical statements posted. Every philosopher worth something agrees that his or her view will be outdated by the end of this decennium. The only philosophers not able to grasp the simple inadequacy of the human thinking process are religious instituted and their followers.We as a race have gone from e2€˜believinge2€™ that the earth was round, to flat, back to round but every religious statement (especially Christianity) has remained untouched by the basic foundations of doubt. Maybe thate2€™s what a religion is supposed to doe2€a6..take away doubts, but seriously. What God would be interested in a group of people unwilling to better their own independent reasoning? What God would be interested in a group of people unwilling to use the mental capacities given to them by Him!The most important part of being human is to doubt, the most basic addition to life is doubt, please done2€™t kill our humanity by destroying doubt.Tx for reading the ramblings of a frustrated believer ef81Š

  2. You’re famous, Mr. Hicham. So famous, God wrote about you in the Bible.
    Psalm 14:1 “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God…”

    Thank you for your incoherent comment (I think).

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