Net Neutrality – Tyranny or Liberty?

When powerful lobbyists like Google and Skype muscle in, bribing (legally with campaign contributions) lawmakers to craft legislation that gives these behemoth software companies special dispensation to overwhelm privately-owned wireless internet service providers, something that will dramatically increase operating costs, leading to increases in end-user fees, how does that serve the cause of making the internet available to consumers at “reasonable charges”?


“The American people sent a clear message on November 2. They are counting on Republicans in the House to cut federal spending, create jobs, make government smaller and more efficient, and hold this Administration accountable through strong oversight,” Hall said. “It is up to us to uphold their expectations and do better on their behalf.”

Kay Bailey Hutchison Indifferent to Our Complaints About TSA Sexual Molestation

Now we have TSA goons, yes, goons, that are not trained as law enforcement officers, have no experience as law enforcement officers, but doing the work of law enforcement officers. Their heavy-handed tactics are giving rise to a growing chorus of outrage by the flying public, including me. Marry this with fascist policies of the Obama administration and you have tyranny. There, I said it - tyranny.