Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives – You have a role

Fellow Patriots:

Are you tired of politics? Are you happy the 2010 election season ended? If you answered yes, I have important news for you – IT’S NOT OVER until January 11.

On January 11th Texas state legislators elect the Speaker of the House, the most powerful, most influential office in State government and the most important leader in Texas.

Unlike our federal legislature, where the majority party elects the Speaker, ALL legislators, Republicans and Democrats, elect the Texas Speaker of the House.

The Eyes of Texas are on the January 18th inauguration in Austin. It promises to be a fun party with great B-B-Q, music and lots of back-slapping good times. Indeed, we have cause to celebrate. But, it’s just a party.

Preceding that Texas-style party are two important events that actually shape Texas government: a Republican caucus on Monday the 10th and election of the Speaker of the House on Tuesday the 11th.

While the January 10th caucus is not public, conservative Texans from all across the state will unite to demand a conservative Republican Speaker. Again, on the 11th, we will be in the House to witness the election. In between those two critical events, there are organized lobbying activities where we visit the offices of Republican legislators to deliver letters and communicate verbally that we conservatives want a conservative Republican for the Speaker’s office.

Who is “we”? We are TEA Party patriots, Republican leaders from many counties, CWA (Concerned Women for America), and folks from all manner of other conservative organizations. “We” are “We the People”.

East Texas Republican Party leaders have united behind the cause and practically all county parties have issued resolutions calling for a conservative Republican Speaker and many have named Ken Paxton. Rockwall County GOP issued the resolution and names Mr. Paxton. [Click on this link to read the Rockwall County GOP Resolution.] Take note that our own State Rep. Jodie Laubenberg also endorses Mr. Paxton.

Your participation in Austin is important. Contact one or more of the below listed organizations to learn how you can “plug in”.

Rockwall County GOP Contacts: Tony Fisk or your Rockwall County Precinct Chair [click here for more information] – If outside Rockwall County, contact your GOP Chairman or Precinct Chairman to learn the plans of your local party.

Concerned Women for America Contacts: Ann Hettinger, Michelle Smith & Frances White [click here for more information]

TEA Party Patriots will hold a march on the front (south) steps of the capitol on Monday the 11th at 10:00 AM. Bring your signs, but DO NOT MOUNT THEM ON POLES, STICKS OR STAKES. Only hand-held signs and banners will be permitted on capitol grounds. Connect with us at the nearby La Quinta Inn, 300 E. 11th Street, where we have a meeting room reserved for rest, refreshment and to connect with other TEA Party Patriots.

Heritage Alliance will host a prayer vigil on the 9th Contact: Johanna Runnels [click here for more information on Facebook]

Rockwall County TEA Party
January 5, 2011

2 thoughts on “Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives – You have a role

  1. Thank you for this post. I was delighted when the Rockwall Republican Party endorsed Rep. Paxton. I agree 100% that he is best qualifed to become our next Speaker of the House. I have taken the liberty of forwarding that Resolution to a number of friends around the State, encouraging them to contact their Representatives to also support Rep. Paxton. We will keep a watchful eye on the events between now and January 11th. Thank you again.

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