Ray Myers to Rep. Sid Miller – “We’ve got Donna’s Back”

January 7, 2011

Rep. Sid Miller
State Representative
District 59


I read your letter to Donna Garner that you managed to circulate to the left-leaning media.  You can twist the facts any way you want. Nothing will change the fact that Joe Straus has a 52% conservative rating from the Heritage Alliance , and Ken Paxton has a 92% conservative rating.

Nothing will change the fact that 100% of the Democrats are pledged to Joe Straus. That fact in itself is too much for conservatives to stomach.

Nothing will change the fact that Straus has a 100% rating from NARAL. He is lying when he says he is pro-life.  No pro-life person would be that popular with NARAL, an organization that prides itself in expanding access to abortions.  We also know about Straus’ Planned Parenthood ties.

It is also a fact that Joe Straus has given three quarters of a million dollars to State Representatives in what looks to be a case of “buying votes” for him to become the Speaker of the House.

Why all of this admiration for a man who would be much better suited to be a Democrat than a principled conservative Republican?

Again, why do all of the Democrats support Joe Straus? It is because he is a liberal, and he has sold us out.


He wants Texas to support a Constitutional Conventional, but we conservatives believe our U. S. Constitution is just fine the way it is , and we do not want Congressmen messing with it. All we want is for our country to follow it.

Could it be that Straus and his RINO and Democrat suporters want to increase the property tax?

Could it be that they want to expand gambling in Texas ? After all, Joe Straus and his family stand to make millions from slots at his race tracks.

Straus definitely believes in “spreading the wealth around” — but to RINO’s and Democrats.  In fact, he has hired 15 highly paid consultants to help him get elected to Speaker of the House again.  If he had done a truly great job as Speaker in the last legislative session, he would not have to “pay” to become Speaker again.

Lastly, I see that you don’t mind attacking Donna Garner for presenting the true facts. You might want to look over your shoulder. There are thousands of good people who see Straus in the same light that Donna Garner does.

I will tell you right now that I would rather be in a foxhole with Donna Garner watching my back than with a turncoat RINO any day.

Sid, you better get ready.  The Tea Party Revolution is coming after you in 2012.

Ray Myers, Coordinator
Kaufman County Tea Party

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