Texas 82nd Legislature – Republican Majority Ruled By Democrat Minority

Yesterday, 100 Republican Texas state representatives met in caucus. 70% apparently do not yet understand that the people of Texas whom they are supposed to represent want a conservative Speaker for the Texas House of Representatives.

In the course of visiting lawmakers’ offices, I encountered true representatives who did get the message that came out of the 2010 elections. Representatives Leo Berman, Erwin Cain, Cindy Burkett and Jodie Laubenberg listened to our collective voice. We can depend on them.

Tim Kleinschmidt represents District 17 covering Bastrop, Burleson, Colorado, Fayette, Lee and (part of) Brazos counties. His spokesman Eugene Seaman admitted Tim is “getting a lot of heat” from constituents over his undying support for Joe Straus. Eugene related how Tim thinks his commitment to Mr. Straus is more important than the will of his constituents.

“Where were these Republicans two years ago?” he asked. By implication, Mr. Seaman made the point that challenges by Leo Berman, Warren Chisum and Ken Paxton are not legitimate.

I explained to Eugene Seaman that we didn’t have a TEA Party movement two years ago. Thanks to the election of a president of dubious birthright that was sired and mentored by communists, a great, nationwide groundswell of grassroots activism arose to turn America around, to defeat liberal politicians that have been working contrary to the will of the American people.

Eugene further assured me that I will be pleased with the outcome of the 82nd Legislature. Will I, indeed? He tells me we will have Voter ID and the sonogram bill.

Really, Eugene? How will Tim vote on the gambling issues when that comes up? I see justification for Texas State Lottery Deux. Lawmakers promised way back then a bounty for Texas Education. How did that turn out, Mr. Kleinschmidt? Earnings from the Texas Lottery fund merely TEN DAYS of state education. But, isn’t gambling good for the economy? If yes, why is unemployment in Nevada just over 14%? Mississippi and Louisiana have casino gambling and the highest unemployment rate growth in the nation.

The left says we shouldn’t have a litmus test to determine candidate eligibility. I and hundreds of thousands of fellow Texans say otherwise. NARAL rates Joe Straus 100% on pro-abortion issues. Planned Parenthood lauds his contributions to the baby murder business – abortion.

How do conservative organizations compare Straus and Paxton on broad issues? Ken Paxton earns a sterling 97% conservative rating by the Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT). Conservative Heritage Alliance gives Mr. Straus only a 52% rating.

If Tim Kleinschmidt is representative of his fellow representatives who support Straus, despite opposition by their constituents, then we can expect business as usual. Straus and the Democrats will have their way. By the way, Straus is the choice of Democrats.

Grassroot voters – those are constituents, Mr. Kleinschmidt – across Texas worked hard for victory this session and we brought forth a new generation of true conservative Texans while keeping in office conservative legislators. Erwin Cain, David Simpson, Cindy Burkett, Jodie Laubenberg, Dan Flynn are in the conservative camp.

What’s a Texan to do? Call your Texas State Representative to express your demand for a conservative Speaker of the House and tell them it’s not Joe Straus.

At the conclusion of the Republican Caucus yesterday, Joe Straus was heard saying the TEA Party will go away. I have news for you, Joe Straus, we are here to stay. We are going to hold the 82nd Legislature accountable. We will not cave under your sneaky intimidation tactics. Your RINO lap dogs will here from us, too.

Kyleen Wright, Linda Harper Brown, Debra Medina, Lance Gooden, Larry Phillips  and Doc Anderson may be in your camp, Mr. Straus, but now we know better who they are.

Borrowing a derogatory Army term, a legislator who fails to listen to his constituents is a “legislature of one”. The floor vote comes today. Contact – call – Texas State Representatives. Tell them you have not changed your minds.

6 thoughts on “Texas 82nd Legislature – Republican Majority Ruled By Democrat Minority

  1. I am afraid that the above post may be articulate (that’s debatable) but it is embarrassingly erroneous. First of all, Tim Kleinschmidt won his re-election with more than 65% of the vote in a contested race with both a Libertarian and Democratic candidate. He was widely supported by Tea-Party, Pro-life and other conservative organizations. Further, Gene Seaman is a former State Representative and is the Chief of Staff to Freshman Rep. Raul Torres, not Tim Kleinschmidt. If you want to be taken seriously and ensure your voice is heard, it is important that your facts are correct.

    1. For the record, Scott Gilmore: My wife accompanied me as I visited the offices of House members on Monday. She reminded me that the receptionist asked if we wished to speak to Tim Kleinschmidt’s chief of staff. It was Mr. Seaman who was presented as Tim’s chief of staff.

  2. Mr. Seaman was in Tim Kleinschmidt’s office when he said what he said. I assumed he worked for Tim.

    Linda Harper Brown was likewise heavily supported by TEA Parties, including our Rockwall TEA Party. We conservative Republicans and TEA Party patriots were surprised by her support for Straus.

    1. It is possible Rep. Harper-Browns’s loyalty is tied to the more than $300,000 in campaign contributions from Speaker Straus.

      Rep. Kleinschmidt took at least $75,000 from Straus.

      1/11/11 will not be forgotten come primary season. Straus’ deep pockets cannot always buy every race, especially in the primaries.

  3. To: The Fifteen Honorable Representatives,

    Thank you from the bottom our hearts for having the courage to vote your convictions. It was far more than just a vote. It was a clear signal that your are honorable servants who are willing to stand for what is right even if you have to stand alone. No doubt you will be punished by Straus and his band of thugs. But know this, we the Christian Constitutional Conservatives who helped each of get elected, will stand firmly with you. Just as our Constitution says, “WE THE PEOPLE” are in this battle with you for the long haul.

    There is no doubt that the enemy (the enemy is everyone who sold their soul by voting for Straus) knows we out here. They had to expend millions of dollars and cut lots of heinous deals to get those votes. They may have lots of money but our ranks of true conservatives are growing and the truth will prevail.

    May God continue to bless you in all that you do,
    Bob Hall

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