Sen. Deuell: No New Taxes, No Spending of Rainy Day Fund

Rainy Day Fund

Video: Bob Deuell says increase taxes and spend rainy day fund

Because of our 23-month Texas state budget cycle, the state legislature maintains a contingency fund called the ‘Rainy Day’ fund. As its name implies, it’s for the unexpected. Those items in the budget are, by definition, expected, planned for.

God knows the future. He knows the beginning from the end. If God were to recommend spending the Rainy Day fund, I would so, “go for it”.

This I know: God doesn’t work that way. Instead of revealing to us every detail of the future, God teaches us to set aside contingency supplies [Proverbs 6:5-8] and to acknowledge we do not know what will happen tomorrow [James 4:14]. The very reason our great state of Texas isn’t “under water”, as are so many others, is legislators in previous sessions understood these fundamental truths.


Most, not all, Texans have figured out one cannot long spend more than one earns. Sensible Texans also know overspending leads to indebtedness.

Current Economics

While new businesses have discovered the business-friendly climate of Texas and all manner of them move here to assure their prosperity, rising unemployment, bankruptcies, home foreclosures, depleted food banks underscore a poignant fact: our overall state economy is sinking, too. Many of those newly created jobs can be attributed to workers following their companies to Texas.

In Summary

Cut spending, regardless how much it hurts. Add to the Rainy Day Fund – it’s only going to get worse.


Contact Senator Bob Deuell, if you are SD-2. Tell him to cut spending and add to the Rainy Day fund.


The Honorable Bob Deuell

P.O. Box 12068
Capitol Station
Austin, Texas 78711
(512) 463-0102
(512) 463-7202 fax
2500 Stonewall St.
Greenville, Texas 75401
(903) 450-9797
Fax (903) 450-9796
18601 LBJ Freeway, Suite 400
Mesquite, Texas 75150
(972) 279-1800
fax (972) 279-1065

If you live outside SD-2, find your Texas State Senator here:

Contact your Texas State Representative using the same link above and tell him/her the same thing. Here in District 89, contact Jodie Laubenberg.


Representative Jodie Laubenberg

Room E2.902, Capitol Extension
P.O. Box 2910
Austin, TX 78768
(512) 463-0186
(512) 463-5896 Fax
Rockwall County Office:
603 N. Goliad
Rockwall, Texas 75087
(972) 772-8525
(972) 722-3377 Fax
Collin County Office
206 N. Murphy Road
Murphy, Texas 75094
(972) 468-4189 Phone

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