A Warning to America from a True Patriot

Letter to the Editor

Gen. John M. Elkins and Mrs. Elkins (US Army, retired)

Our administration has a lot of gall to send Vice President Joe Biden to Russia to “help” that nation become a member of the World Trade Organization. President Barack Hussein Obama directed Biden to advise Russia’s President Medvedev to integrate Russia into the world economy as key to its development and stability!

Do you suppose Biden should be at the Capitol? I thought he was directed by President Obama to oversee the United States Senate in the woes of both sides of the isle in coming up with a national budget to stave off a national economic disaster right here at home.

Our nation is at the edge the cliff of bankruptcy. Some 16 trillion plus national debt while this very day our congress is pussy footing around trying to spend more instead of working together for we the people in lowering our national debt.

The Obama administration’s “fuzzy math called stimulus “Obama Stash” is major causes of a  states to mirror the national economic dilemma. Yes, Obama and the liberal congress’s brain dead money deal called stimulus a bribery of a majority of our individual states to take the sucker bait. More then a trillion dollars were doled out. This is like giving a losing gambler more money to lose.

The Governors knew the stimulus was a onetime deal. Many greedy governors failed to realize they had been taken for fools and continued their “bridge to nowhere” spending. A majority of those states are having the “Wisconsin, Egypt and Libya type unrest”. Civil unrest may be just around the corner here in our once peaceful, patriotic and God fearing existence.

Vice President Biden is also putting pressure on Russia regarding their civil rights violations. However our civil rights here in our United States are slowly being eroded by political correctness and dictator-like rulings.

Our nation’s first lady is on a rampage telling us how to feed our children and also what we adults must eat. Restaurants and fast food businesses are restricted of what they may serve. A no smoking law is in congress today to forbid anyone from smoking in their private automobile.

Our once respected United States Constitution is laughed at and declared an old outdate document by a majority of the elected, hired and appointed public servants in our administrative, legislative, and judicial branches of the USA.

Even the desecration and rioting at the funerals of our fallen war veterans was declared ‘freedom of speech’ by the highest. We can’t even say the word Jesus in public. However, porn videos flow on the national televisions and the Internet, and even printed or sewn on merchant’s clothing to wear out in public.

Should the Supreme Court continue to rule their majority liberal mind-set, we the people will no longer exist, taking us back to the days when we were ruled by a King!

I could fill pages and pages with the violations of our civil rights right here in the United States of America!

Should we keep our heads in the sand, we are heading toward Hitler’s Germany, Gadhafi’s Libya, Mubarak’s Egypt and yes, Wisconsin whose democrat state senators ran off from the state of Illinois to hide out. They were absent without leave (AWOL), failing to represent the people in their districts. Action in Wisconsin and many other states will prove that, divided we WILL fall with rising uncontrolled gangs rioting like they are doing in Wisconsin. They are trashing their state house with more than a million dollars damage INSIDE and outside of the Capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin.

The beginning of the demise of the USA is the lead story on every new broadcast as well as printed media around the world.

John M. Elkins

4040 Luella Road
Sherman, TX 75090-5270

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