Straw Poll – Rockwall City Council Candidates

Rockwall voters go to the polls May 14, 2011 to elect representatives to fill four offices: Mayor, Council Place 1, Council Place 3 and Council Place 5.

How well do you know the candidates?

Please mark this straw poll with your choices, if you were voting today. All responses are anonymous and unofficial. Names listed in reverse alphabetical order.


Review current lineup of active members of Rockwall City Council:

Are you registered to vote?

Thank you for your input.

Rockwall County TEA Party

8 thoughts on “Straw Poll – Rockwall City Council Candidates

  1. Please tell me more about this group:
    Rockwall City Council – Place 3
    Bill Watts
    Michael Townshend
    Bennie Daniels

    None of these people are familiar to me

    1. Hi, well, what I can tell you is about me. You can read more on my Campaign Facebook page, Mike Townsend for Rockwall City Council.

      But I am Christian Conservative with long ties to the community and a desire to serve Rockwall. I believe in government being a resource for the people not using the people as a resource to draw from. Pirmiarily I think most people think of that in terms of taxes, I dont think we should raise them. But I also think of that as protection of the community while growing the resources of the community.

      I want to assist in drawing more family oriented business to Rockwall while growing our city services to better meet the needs of a growing thriving community. I will be happy to talk to you more and hear your ideas and discuss my feelings on any issue you would like to approach. Again, please feel free to reach out to me via my Campaign web page.

      Mike Townsend

  2. Just curious as to why you left the RISD candidates off the poll? Be interesting to take a pulse on the school board race I am running in without the need or use for Yard Signs. I am running purely online and speaking engagements.

      1. Thank you John, much appreciated. Although could be a slam to me after the results are posted. Careful what you ask for, you might get it. 😉


  3. I would never vote for Micheal Townsend. How can he be trusted, when he has cheated and stolen from his own Aunt and Family? Check the records on the Bettty Jane Gunnin Estate. He has at least 20,000 of items and cash that were not left to him in the will, because he stole them and threatened his aunt physically.
    He is a hot tempered bully, who was kicked off of his high school base ball team for punching the coach, and got a girl pregnant.

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