Kaufman County TEA Party Hosts Roger Williams

Taxed Enough Already

A new-found patriotism manifests across the nation as “TEA Party Patriots” – Taxed Enough Already. If more taxes could solve our financial problems, then all our problems would have already gone away. We are Taxed Enough Already and TEA’d off at government waste, inefficiency and corruption.

US Senate candidate Roger Williams understands issues of fiscal sanity and preservation of American liberty. Meet Roger, personally, Saturday, March 26 in Terrell, Texas

Kaufman County TEA Party Meeting

Occasion: Kaufman County TEA Party

Where: American National Bank – Community Room

Roger Williams - Candidate for US Senate
Roger Williams

Address: 102 W. Moore, Terrell, Texas

Date: Saturday – March 26, 2011

Time: 6:00PM

Community Room is on the second floor.

Roger Williams – Candidate for US Senate

As a successful business man and former Texas Secretary of State, Roger is imminently qualified for the office of US Senator. Roger knows how to create jobs and manage budgets and he knows the importance of low taxes and a business-friendly approach to governance.

Learn more about Roger Williams:

Roger is an engaging, intelligent Texan who knows the importance of Texas agriculture and our petroleum industries to the well-being of our great state.

John White

Rockwall County TEA Party


Connect with Roger on Facebook.

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