Rockwall-County Republican Women Influence Civil Government

What does it mean to be Influential?

Latin: en (in) fluere (to flow)

You can’t do it without being “there” and “there” is at the forefront of leadership at every level of government.

Be a Woman of Influence

Rockwall County Republican Women’s Club (RCRWC) equips and empowers women to be leaders. Yes, women can make a difference and the RCRWC prepares Rockwall County women to be Women of Influence.

Saturday Luncheon

Borah Van Dormolen, National Committeewoman for the state of Texas to the National Republican Party will be speaking next Saturday at a “Woman of Influence” luncheon held by the RCRWC.


When: Saturday, April 2

Where: Home of Debra Harper

Time: 11:00 am

Address: 8622 Southbay Circle, Rowlett

Click on this link for Google Map

RSVP Jane Buie, VP of Membership

Or call (972) 772-0415 to let her know you’re coming.

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