Changing Fate in 45 Minutes

How often does one have opportunity to change fate?

Fate, Texasis now home to hundreds of new residents. Our beloved Congressman Ralph M. Hall was born and raised there. Its distinction of being

John Stacy - City of Fate Place 3 City Council

“the smallest city in the smallest county in the biggest state in the union” (before Alaska joined the union) no longer applies. It is arguably the fastest growing city in the smallest county of Texas. Fate has never looked so good.

Emerging Leadership

Fate, Texas has a new future naturally fueled by quality growth, new neighborhoods, greater tax base and increasing demands for municipal services. Citizens of Fate are in good hands. High quality leadership comes with the growth. John Stacy is at the forefront of emerging leadership and John Stacy can’t do it without your help.

Taking Control of the Future

Today, April 16, John Stacy invites you to take 45 minutes to change Fate. John invites you to help get the word out about upcoming municipal elections by simply going door-to-door in the Woodcreek Neighborhood with flyers announcing John’s candidacy for Fate City Council, Place 3.

John has a strategy and a simple plan. Meet him at the main entrance to the Woodcreek neighborhood, in the parking lot next to the amenities center and swimming pool. Take hold a packet of flyers and an organized map and within 45 minutes you will be changing Fate forever.

Contact John Stacy With Questions

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