URGENT – Call your Texas state rep TODAY to preserve our conservative majority

Fellow Texans:

Although we elected a supermajority to the Texas House in 2010, subsequent re-election of RINO Joe Straus as Speaker of the House allowed the Speaker, a  known liberal, to appoint RINO’s to chair key committees. Rep. Burt Solomon, a known liberal, drew up a map that diminishes our conservative majority, if adopted.

Former State Representative and attorney, the Honorable Joe Nixon, has developed a better map. His proposed map H155 conforms to federal and state laws, while preserving our conservative majority.

View this 13-minute video to hear the details from State Rep. Wayne Christian. Click on the picture, or on this link, for video.

Wayne Christian's Texas Legislative Update: April 21, 2011

Please call your state representative today, Monday evening. Call them again tomorrow morning. Tell him/her to support redistricting map H155. If you do not get to talk with a person, be sure to leave a voice message.

Suggested message:

My name is ________________ and I live in _____________ county. My home address is _________________________ and my telephone number is _________________________. I ask you to vote FOR Redistricting Map 155.

District 89
Jodie Laubenberg
(512) 463-0186
District 62
Larry Phillips
(512) 463-0297
District 2
Dan Flynn
(512) 463-0880
(800) 734-9515
District 3
Erwin Cain
(512) 463-0650
District 7
David Simpson
(512) 463-0750
District 4
Lance Gooden
(512) 463-0458
District 101
Cindy Burkett
(512) 463-0464
District 1
George Lavender
(512) 463-0692
District 11
Chuck Hopson
(512) 463-0592
District 56
Doc Anderson
(512) 463-0135

Thank you,

Rockwall County TEA Party

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